Theory of a live man

He has survived the asylum and is now living a new life. He has started a family but his wife was killed leading him to think Umbrella has return to claim what is theirs, him.

It has been over twelve years since Shane Burns discovered the truth of who he is and what he is. Umbrella and 'the others' are still looking for him as well as Albert Wesker. Shane has been living in the small town of McConnellsburg and has done well working at their major business. He got married to a wonderful woman, Lean Nye. Soon after the birth of their only child, Jade, Lean was killed in a suspicious car accident, leading Shane to believe that Umbrella found him, he takes his daughter to New York where they reside now.

Twelve years has passed since the asylum incident...

Shane looked out the massive window looking out at the snow-covered city of New York, his new job was working as computer maintenance. Mostly computer and paper work, he has worked hard enough to get his own office with a fellow employee. Over the years Shane hasn't aged at all, he still has the looks of a twenty year old, he is able to change his looks as he pleases to hide his true idenity.. His appearances now are that of a twenty-eight year old single father, with a short black goatee. His hair still spiky and now is brown with black lines. His eyes faint blue and grey looked out at the frozen streets of New York City.

Shane rubs his hands together, he could feel the coldness outside.

"They said it's supposed to drop ten more degrees in the next few days, it's so lifeless when it gets so cold. It just keeps snowing..."

His fellow employee spins in his chair and looks at Shane. He was thirty and single, his medium tan skin told of his heritage, his family was from India who came to America. He wore glasses and has a small beard and moustache. He adjusts his tie and fixed his glasses.

"Don't worry man, it's not like this winter storm is going to last forever."

Shane looks at him and sighs.

"You're right Greg, it's been a good bit since we had any good snow."

Greg looks back at his computer and does his work, Shane looks outside then the clock.

"I have to go pick up Jade from school, I'll be back."

"I'll cover for you."

Shane chuckles as he walked to the coat rack, he puts on his leather coat and walked into the business area. Fellow employees and their cubicles, Shane walked all the way to the elevator and pressed the down button. Soon after riding the elevator down twelve floors to the first floor Shane walked outside into the snow. He puts on his sunglasses and walked up the street, a man watches him and soon follows. Shane knew someone was following and turned into the ally-way leading to the bank's garage, the man follows. Shane picked up the pace and entered the garage and hides behind a pillar, the man runs inside and looks around. Shane recognizes the smell, plus the small symbol on the man's coat gave him away.


The man turns and looks at Shane, he pulls down his ski mask and pushes his hood back, revealing his Spaniard looks.


Shane looks' around then at Rike, he walks over to him and hugs him.

"Rike you ass."

Rike pushes Shane away and studies him.

"Well you're making it in the world."

Shane punches Rike on the arm.

"Ass, I thought you be back at Spain, finding a chica and settling down."

"A chica? You loco man, I'm here on vacation. Making it easy back home keeping my uncle in check, he still wants to take over the world with the power of Las Plagas. Loco bastard."

They both shared a few good minutes laughing.

"Pity, he should really get in works with Umbrella if he wants to take over the world."

"I know but he wants to do it himself. Hey I heard you had a kid."

"Yea, Jade. She's my little girl, twelve years old. I was going to pick her up you come with?"

Rike gives Shane an American nuggie.

"Got nothing else to do. You still need to introduce me to the misses."

Shane looks at the ground and then Rike.

"She died in a car accident, I believe Umbrella was behind it."

"You honestly still think their looking for you?"

"Then what else could it be? I can feel their eyes everywhere, it's driving me nuts."

Rike puts a hand on Shane's shoulder this made Shane feel better.

"I know, come on I bet Jade is getting cold."

As they walked to Shane's Hummer (H3) corn ethanol. It was dark blue with black and white flames on the sides. Rike got in and looks around.

"Nice man, where did you get the money for this?"

Shane starts it and smiles at Rike, he was looking at all the high-tech stuff in the Hummer. GPS, CD player, many things, even a built in computer in the back. Rike notices that the back seats could be filliped turning into a small bed or table, he looks at the ceiling to see a pull out TV screen and a few compartments. He opens one to find a PS3, it looked like it was tampered with.

Geek, he sure does love electronics. A PS3 is nice but he could have bought the other systems.

"It's my own home away from home, and yes I love electronics. I tend to take them apart and make them way better than they will ever be, that PS3 is also a Xbox 360, GameCube, Wii, and all those other game systems out there."

Rike looks at Shane and chuckles.

"I forgot you read thoughts."

"I'll tell you how I got all the money to but this stuff if you promise me that you won't tell."

Rike looks at Shane and crosses his heart.

"I hacked the money, no traces. They'll never find me, for I leave no traces or signs. Not even Umbrella can find me!"

Rike busts' out laughing and buckles up, Shane does too and pulls out of the garage into the streets of New York City.

"So Rike, how did you recognize me?"

"How can't I? You're the smart ass kid from the asylum, I can still tell if it's you by your eyes. Even if you can change them, I still know it's you."

- - - -

Jade ran outside into the snow in her snow boots, blue jeans and white winter coat. Some of her blonde hair came out from the sides of the hood. She held her backpack strap frim in one hand, she looked up the street to see that Hummer coming. She waves and runs to the side walk, Shane pulls over, he got out and greeted his daughter.

"Jade how was school?"

"I think you need to pull me up to twelfth grade, tenth grade is too easy!"

Shane takes Jade's backpack, it was light as a feather.

"No homework! I did it during class and study hall."

"Your Spanish homework?"

"No problemo!"

Shane laughs and opens the rear passenger door, Jade climbs in and buckles in to one of the seats, she pressed a button and the seat next to her flips over giving her a table. Jada opens the floor door under her feet and grabs some food and a drink. Rike looks back at her as Shane threw the backpack in the back, Jade looks up at Rike.

"Hi Rike!"

Rike looks at her in surprise.

"How do you know my name?"

"Dad told me about you and his adventure at the asylum."

Rike looks at Shane a bit confused, Shane smiles and closed the door. He walked to the drivers side and got in.

"You told her?"

Shane buckles in and pulls out the school lot.

"I had to, she wanted to know about it. She's seen the scars."

Rike looks at Shane, he just noticed the scar on Shane's head.

"That's when the bullet hit you."

"Yeah, then I broke my leg saving you and Kevin's butts from Wesker."

"Wesker is a jerk! Dad whooped his butt!"

Shane looks at her in the mirror and smiles. Rike looks at Jade and smiles.

"If it wasn't for me, your daddy would still be back at the asylum."

"You're half right Rike."

Rike looks at her confused.

"If it weren't for you, Uncle Kevin and Beast, my dad wouldn't be here."

Rike looks at Shane.

"You told her about the Tyrant?"

Shane stops at a red light and looks at Rike.

"I'll tell you when we get home, Jade need's to study for college."

Rike sat back in his seat and looked out his window looking out at the cold world, the radio playing 'Santa Monica' by Theory of a Dead Man.

How could Shane tell his daughter these things without scaring her? What have I been missing these past few years?

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