Theory of a live man

Shane woke up instantly when he heard the explosion as did Rike. Rike in fact fell off the couch hitting his head on the table as he fell.

"Fuck! Ow!"

Shane shook his head and got out of bed, he walked to his bedroom window and looked out, nothing but snow. He soon looks at Jade, she was still sleeping so he snuck into the living/dining/kitchen. Rike was rubbing his head as Shane walked out onto the small deck, Beast was already out there smelling the air and surveying the buildings.

"What happened Beast?" Shane asked.

"A chopper crash, Umbrella agents, Jack Krasuer, and there's a new scent."

Shane showed terror on his face and in his eyes, Umbrella found him again. He shook his head and walked back inside.

"No, not again. How could they have found me?"

Beast walked in and closes the door, he stood at the door as Shane paced the room. Rike looked at him oddly and spoke up.

"Well, it's simple man. Umbrella has developed a device that sniffs out 'T', 'G', 'V' and 'P' traces."

Shane and Beast both give Rike an evil look, Rike holds his hands up in innocence.

"Hey, I'm still a logged member in their data network, I found that they developed it so they can find those carrying any of the three. They developed it mostly to find Albert Wesker."

"Yeah, my father. What's 'G'?"

"The G Virus, the virus Doctor William Birkin developed, it surpasses the Tyrant Virus." Beast answered. "You and I both have it in us as well, Sofia didn't know all the facts. When Birkin was killed, samples of him were collected. Some were stored at the asylum and injected into the patients there. When you came they injected you as well, but since you had the T and Veronica Virus' in you, the G virus improved you much like the other two did."

"Doctor Birkin was a good man. It's sad he injected himself with 'G'. He was a smart man, maybe too smart, much like you Shane. I guess you have two fathers, Wesker and Birkin. Now when I think about it more, it's creepy!" Rike joked.

Jade pushes open the bedroom door and walks into the room still half asleep.

"Daddy, what's wrong?"

Shane walks over to her and hugs her.

"Everything's okay. We were just talking and getting ready to back to sleep."

Jade knew her dad but said nothing about the problem so she said something else.

"No sleeping on the job Beast."

Beast smiles and nods his head, Shane carries Jade back to bed and soon came back.

"Listen, we are going to have to find someone who witness what happened out there. We have to be sure they are looking for me, if not then we're cool."

Rike rolls his eyes and looks at the ceiling as he laid back down, Shane loomed over him.

"That means you too, Rike. You'll be helping."

"Oh boy, here I thought I can relax."

Shane ruffles Rike's hair up and looks at Beast.

"You said Jack Krasuer, who is he?"

"... Jack Krasuer, are you sure?" Rike asked, his voice was shaky.

"I know his scent well, he visited the asylum in the disguise as a guard, he visited me often." Beast replied.

"Who is he?" Shane asked again.

"A merciless killer, he's been experimented on and is extremely strong. He joined forces with my uncle, I met him a few times and I was terrified of him, he is sexy looking, err I mean... He is extremely dangerous! Keep away from him." Rike warned as he rubbed his head.

Shane nods his head and yawns.

"We better get to sleep, we got to work tomorrow and Jade has school."

Shane walked back to his room and plopped onto the bed, Rike looked at Beast and Beast looked back.

"I'll keep watch, it's what I do." Beast reassured.

"Right." Rike said pulling the blanket over his head.

Beast looked out the window and soon walked around the room. A bodyguard, loyal and strong.


As they prepare to leave, Jade ate breakfast with Beast while Rike finished his shower. Shane soon joined Jade and Beast at the table. Rike walks out and shakes his wet hair, Shane shook his head and continued to eat. Rike joins them and no one talked, soon it was time to leave. As they descend to the garage Jade ran to the H3 and hopped into the back waiting for Rike to join her, soon everyone was in the H3 and Shane drove into the cold snowy streets of New York.

Shane pulled up to the school and helped Jade out, he shares a moment with her. He hugs her for a good long minute and watches her enter the school building unaware that Krasuer was watching.

Krasuer was told that the guy he was looking for had a kid, that's what the papers told him, so he figured he wait at the middle school for a guy with a scar on his head and sure enough he found him. But he had to make sure so he followed close behind them in a taxi. Shane pulled over to the side of the road, the cops were still investigating the crime scene and they had no way to get back there. Beast spots a homeless person standing next to the yellow tape, Beast makes the window to roll down.

"Mister? Hey, mister."

The homeless man looks at him and walks over calmly.


Rike opens the passenger door and motions the man inside.

"We need to ask you a few questions." Rike said.

"You cops too?"

"FBI agents."

"Finally!" The man gets inside, he reeked badly. "These dang blasted cops won't listen to me. So, what do you want?"

"We'll pay you very well and get you your own place if you help us solve this crime scene." Rike said with his Spanish accent.

"Oh, yes! I will tell what I saw! Okay, where to begin."

"Last night." Beast said calmly looking around as Shane drove off to a nearby café.

"Last night, I lived in that ally way. The cops didn't bother asking me questions. Anyway, there I am, sleeping in my cardboard box when a loud nosie woke me. I looked out to see theses sneaking agents with some kind of symbol. I saw that same symbol a few years ago. Red and white, in the shape of an octagon."

"Umbrella Corporation?" Shane asked.

"Yes! That's them. As I watched them surround this man in a red hat, he was all calm when the Umbrella agents aimed their guns at him, he then attacked. His arm liked transformed into some strange blade. I was terrified as I watched him slay all the agents, he looked up at the sky and I looked too and there was a black helicopter! I never heard it! It was silent! He attacked it too, when it crashed he changed his arm back to normal and walked away. I've haven't seen such carnage since Korea and Vietnam!"

They arrive at the café, Shane parked and they all enter the café, the same café Krauser was in before.

"Would you know him again if you saw him?" Rike asked as he got his coffee.

"Most certainly! I'll never forget that scarred up face."

Beast pulled out a sketch book and a pencil, he and the man sat at a table and Beast drew Krasuer's face. Beast showed it to him.

"Wow, you do draw fast, and yes that's him!"

Rike looks at the picture and his face became pale.

"He's more cut up than he was the last time I saw him. In fact I saw him at the airport!"

The man looks at him and coughs.

"You know this guy, are you going to arrest him?"

"Better, kill him." Beast said coldly.

After spending long two hours in that café talking to the man about what he saw, they got all the detailed information they needed. When they walked outside Shane gave the man over 3,000, he got it from the ATM machine in the café.

Krasuer watched them and followed them by taxi to the apartment that the boys have bought for the man. After dropping the man off they drove to the park and Krasuer to the school yard, there he'll be waiting for Jade.

Hours of waiting in the cold wind, the school lets out. Jade came out and looked around, her father hasn't arrived yet so she went back inside. Half-hour passed and still Shane didn't come so she called him.


"Dad, where are you?"

"Oh dang, sorry honey. We're at Subway chatting up a storm and lost track of time. I'll be there shortly."

"Hurry, it's getting boring over here. I need to read new books, I already read all these."

"Okay, see you in a little."

Jade looked out into the streets and noticed a man standing next to a tree as the wind blew.

"Must be a homeless."

After a few minutes Jade walked outside and looked around, she spots that H3 coming around the corner. She smiles but soon turned to a frown as that man walked over to her. The first thing she noticed was his scarred face. Jade quickly took defensive.

"May I help you?"

Krasuer knew it was her for she was the last student to leave. He quickly grabs her arm and pulled out his knife as Shane pulled up. Everyone jumps out of the H3.

"Jade!" Shane yelled running toward her only to halt as Krasuer placed his knife on Jade's throat.

Rike looks around as a cop car turns down the road coming toward them, he gets their attention. Krasuer knew that the situation was becoming complicated, he grabs Jade, he tossed her onto his shoulder and leaps to the school roof and disappeared into the blinding snow. Beast held Shane back knowing that if Shane followed that Jade could be killed.

"Officers you have to help us! My friend's kid was just kidnaped at knife point!"

The officers got on the radio, called in back up and did many other things as well. In half an hour Shane was holding Jade's picture in the principle's office as the cops questioned him.

"Do you know the man?" An officer asked.

"I've never seen him before but my friends have. He just took her and ran off into the blinding snow." Shane said holding back his rage. "He had a large knife against her throat, my friend held me back, he knew if I tried to stop that man my daughter would have been killed."

"Do you know what he looked like?" Asked another officer.

"Yes, my friend Bates made a sketch of him and told me if I ever saw the man to watch out." Shane promised Beast that he would call him 'Bates' in the public for a reason.

"Why is that?"

"I heard he was a killer in Spain, he somehow came back to the States. He killed lots of people and got away with it, I even heard he kidnaped another girl but she was rescued by a Government Agent named Leon Kennedy. Please, we have to find her."

"Don't worry." The first cop said.

While Shane was being questioned, Rike and Beast were as well. Rike was hating and liking it at the same time. He was being questioned by young sexy cops.

"Rike ...??" The cop reading Rike's passport was having a hard time trying to read his last name. "Sad... Saddler? Saddler, right? Did I say it right?"

"Aye. Rike Saddler. I come to America to visit my friend plus I'm here on vacation in New York, Capital of the Universe! Heh..." Rike said making it seem like he hardly spoke proper English. He looked at the cops, they were giving him funny looks.

"Now Mr. Saddler, tell us what you - - -"

"No, no, no, no. Don't call me by my last name Señ?or, it reminds me too much of my Uncle Osmund Saddler. Aye, no need to bring him up. Just call me Rike, it sounds hotter!" Rike said grinning.

"Okay, Rike. What did you see."

Rike slumps back in the swivel chair and spins a little.

"As we pulled into the school, Jack grabbed Jade and held a knife to her throat. I saw those two cops coming down the road so I flagged them, when I turned around Jack and Jade were gone. I could tell Shane wanted to go after Jade but I know Jack. He would kill her if Shane tried."


"Yeah, that's his name. He is a famous killer in Spain, I can't believe he survived, I was told he was killed in a bomb explosion on a near by island."

"You said that you know him, how so."

"I just told you... Well, there is one detail I left out, he used to work for my uncle till he started killing people so I was an acquaintance of his. I only knew his behavior, face and name. That's all, I swear! That body of his is a work of art, he must workout constantly to be that fit!"

The cops talk to each other, in the room across from Rike, Beast was being questioned. They were looking at his Drivers License.

"Michael Bates?"

"Yes?" Beast replied.

"What do you do for a living?"

"I'm a bouncer and part time bodyguard." Beast said calmly.

"Where are you a bouncer?"

"At Night Life."

One of the cops gets on the radio to confirm what Beast said, he soon looks at the other cop and nods his head. Beast shook his head. They asked him the same questions they did to Rike and Shane.

"How do you know Shane?"

"He's my friend and I'm was hired by him to protect him." Beast answered.

"Protect him from what?"

"Thieves, robbers, criminals." Beast answered.


"He works at the bank, he's probably afraid that they might need information out of him since he works there."

"You know Todd, the security guard at the bank did call and tell us that some Government Agent came by with a scarred up face."

Beast listens intently to their whispering.

"Is he on film?"


They look at Beast.

"You're free to go."

Beast left the room and join up with Rike and Shane outside.

"They got a report that Krauser might have been at your bank Shane." Beast said.

"Shit! They must really know I'm here!"

"Shh amigo. Don't want the cops to question you again, do you?"

"No, but we have to find Jade."

Meanwhile with Jade . . .

"Let me go you jerk!" Jade yelled hitting Krasuer on the back.

As Krasuer walked Jade kept screaming and yelling, giving him threats that if her dad or her bodyguard catch him that he was dead. Krasuer shook his head as he arrived at the warehouse near Brooklyn Harbor. As he opened the door Jade bit him on the back of the neck and he didn't even flinch as blood ran down his back. He lifts Jade from his back and sat her down on the floor and she bolted to the door only to be halted by him.

"Let me out!"


Jade began to scream and her scream was very loud, Krasuer grabs Jade by the throat to shut her up which work for a little bit since Wesker walked into the room.

"That's enough Krasuer."

Krasuer lets Jade go, she quickly turned around with a smile on her face, Wesker sounded a bit like Shane.

"Dad? Crap, who are you? Where am I?!" Jade demanded stomping her foot on the ground.

Wesker bends down to her and shakes his head with that famous laugh.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha. You remind me so much of him."

"You're Wesker, dad told me about you. You're a mean man!"

Wesker smiles at Jade even more, she was trying to scare him or was she complimenting him? Jade then gave Wesker an evil look.

"Should we tie and gag her?" Asked Krasuer.

Jade shot a frightful look at him and then Wesker.

"No need, just lock her in that room we discussed earlier."

"NO!" Jade yelled as she ran from them.

Krasuer and Wesker knew Jade won't be able to leave with all the doors and windows locked and with Umbrella Experiments inside this warehouse, Jade was in total danger.

Jade frantically tried to open every door she came across, she already figured out she was in a warehouse. Jade grabs her cell phone and dials his number.

"Come on, come on."

She looks around as she hid behind some giant metal containers.


"Dad." Jade whispered. "I'm okay, Wesker is here."

"Wesker?! Jade, where are you?"

"In a warehouse, I guess near a harbor or a factory."

Jade's cell phone was ripped from her hands by Wesker.

"Jade? Are you there."

Wesker covers Jade's mouth and speaks into the phone.

"Is this Shane? Well hello, Shane."

On the other end of the phone. . .

Shane's eye open widely and panic along with anger appeared.

"Is she hurt?"

"No. She's your splitting image as well as mine."

"If you even scratch her I'll break your bones."

Other end . . .

Krasuer remembers hearing those words from Leon, when he threaten Salazar.

"We shall see." Wesker said hanging up.