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Title: Missing You

Summary: The East High gang started senior year in an amazing fashion: they ruled the school. But, three months in, Gabriella and Sharpay disappeared. Four years later, they return. What will happen now, and what secrets will come out?

This part is just a prologue.

Missing You


Gabriella stood next to the lamp post, every-so-often glancing at her watch. She was wearing faded blue jeans and a grey hoodie-top, which was pulled securely over her dark hair. It was hard to believe that three months ago, she and her friends were starting senior year excited about the times to come, and now she was standing on a quiet street in the middle of Albuquerque at half two in the morning on a Sunday in the harsh December weather. She sighed as she felt another tear drip down her cheek, thinking of the note she'd left Troy. The words she'd written in her familiar handwriting were burned in her memory:


Know I never regretted what we had, but I can't stay. I'm leaving, with a friend. I did something awful, that will have lasting repercussions and I have to leave. Move on, my darling, and forget me. All of you, just forget me.

Yours forever,

Gabby xxx

Other people in hoodie tops kept passing her, some glaring at her and some actually - creepily enough - leering at her. Two people had already asked her if she was Ms X - who apparently sold cocaine - and three men had drive up in front of her asking for her to "rock their world" in the back seat! She shuddered and started bouncing on the balls of her feet, more nervous than ever. The back-pack she'd packed hit her back painfully.

Finally, that familiar pink convertible drew up in front of her, the blonde in the front seat frowning worriedly.

"You okay, Gabby?"
Gabriella nodded stiffly, "I'm okay, Shar. C'mon,"
She leapt into the car and Sharpay drove off.

"Let's just go," Gabby whispered pleadingly.

Sharpay sighed, "Should…shouldn't we stay? Or at least tell someone?"
"No." Gabby snapped, "People will be hurt, and I most definatly don't won't to be the cause of that, and I don't need you to be either."
"I already have been." Sharpay sighed, tearfully.

Gabby smiled and squeezed her friend's hand, "I don't care, Shar. We need each other, now."
Sharpay grinned, "Yeah. Right. To New York we goooooo!"

And the pink car drove of into the night, two teenagers (who were secretly sad) giggling about their first road trip.

Ryan Evans awoke to a piercing sound. Not the sound of an alarm clock. Not the sound of his sister screaming over the fact he'd used her exclusive strawberry flavoured sparkly lip gloss to paint smiley faces on the mirror - that is fun though - but a proper scream. His mother screaming.


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