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Yuki was watching the move with Jeff so far her plan was working soon vary soon it would be morning and the others will wake up running to see if she was in her room only to see her and Jeff there in bed. Everything seemed as if they did something (you know what I mean) as she remembered her the fist tome she when to the movie it was with kaname…

Flash back 10 years.

"ok Yuki why don't we go to a movie?" asked the headmaster as he looked at the news paper.

"what is a movie?" she asked

"oh that's right you don't know do you. Will a movie is like the shows on Tv but its sometimes longer and it new so it's the first time that people get to see it. Them after a while it comes out on the TV or on tape so we could buy them and watch them when ever we want." the headmaster said

"oh ok but can master kaname take me?" she asked the headmaster nodded and them smiled at her.

"such just let me send him a message and he will come right over," once he send the e-mail it didn't take 5 minutes until kaname was there.

"why Kaname what are you doing here?" the headmaster said

"what you're the one that send me a e-mail saying that Yuki had broke her leg as she was being chased but a leaver E vampire! And that she kept crying my name.:" he said as he looked at the smiling headmaster.

"Master kaname!!" she yelled once she saw him and hugged him.

"I see you where lying to me again."

"oh come on kaname-san why don't you take little Yuki to the movie seeing that she never been to one she would just love it!!" the headmaster said

"please say yes master kaname." Yuki said giving him puppy dog eyes.

"find only for you Yuki." kaname took Yuki and they walked but not before the headmaster took a pitcher of them. That night they went to watch snow white she loved it so much after the movie kaname took Yuki to a toy story and barut her a little bunny. She hugged it as if she was never going to let it go. Yes it was a much happier time a time she don't know what she know now and she wish she could go back to that but that could never be.

End of flashback

The movie had ended and Jeff was asleep Yuki turn off the TV and looked at the table to see that there was the bunny that kaname had given her that day. She gave it a sad smile and went to bed…