Miss Allen Walker

Chapter: Expectations

Allen stood in a middle of a bustling crowd, her grey eyes gazing timidly at the tall, black, and circular structure. This is my school, she though in disbelief. She glanced down at the small, handwritten map in her hands, checking over to make sure she was in the right place.

"There's no way I'm going to that place!" She recalled her foster father's words with a grimace. He refused to come accompany her, for reasons unknown… to her at least. She looked back up at the tall school. Sure, it was tall and dark… and foreboding, but surely it couldn't be that bad… right? The tip of one of her knee high black leather boots scuffled against the dirt as she took a deep breath, bravely entering the school.

Black Order, here I come…


Kanda didn't notice as certain, sweetly smiling brunette sat down beside him in the clean desk. "Good morning, Kanda-kun," she said, her high voice softer and nicer when around her friends. He nodded in recognition.


"Have you seen Lavi anywhere? I was hoping to get help on last night's math homework." Kanda shook his head, feeling some sympathy for the Chinese girl. He wasn't exactly a genius either.

"Oh," Linali said with one of her smiles. "It's a good thing that Mr. Riba never checks our homework. He's too busy always breathing down Ge ge's neck for that." He grunted in reply. He had gone at least five months without doing his homework. "Have you heard?" Linali's face had a semblance to excitement. "Our grade's getting a new kid today." He shook his head. That was definitely news. She went on, unfazed. "I think you should try to make friends with this person," she suggested jokingly. "Heaven knows you need more friends." A laugh came from behind her.

"I bet he's all 'I don' need friends' in his head!"

"Lavi," she scolded. "That's not very nice," but her words were half-hearted. Kanda rolled his eyes, sitting on the edge of the table and tucking his arms underneath his head against the chair. "Now how about those math problems?"

The bell rang, and students lingered, chatting with their friends until Mr. Lee, a.k.a. Komui, stepped into the room, his crazy, loud voice booming a greeting across the room, sending said students scrambling into their seats. "Class!" he shouted, placing both hands on his desk. "We have a new student to day." With the flair of a showman, he said, "Please welcome, Ms. Walker!" A petite girl walked in, her long, snow white hair catching Kanda's rapt attention. Pretty, he thought.

The girl raised her head, smiling shyly at the class with a soft blush on her face. "'Ello," she said quietly, glancing back down at her feet. "I'm Allen Walker. I moved from England." Kanda leaned forward.

"Thank you, Allen," Komui said. "There's an empty seat by…" The Chinese man scanned, his eyes resting on the one empty seat, ironically right beside Kanda. The science teacher sighed inwardly. Oh dear. Sorry Allen. Rest in peace. "…Kanda Yu. Kanda, raise your hand." That Japanese brunet slowly raised his hand. Allen nodded uncertainly, walking with small, short steps to her new desks.


She sat down, plopping in her chair and setting her folders and books down underneath her desk. She felt something poke into her shoulder, and she looked back for a moment. An Asian girl with a friendly smile handed her a tiny folded note. Allen looked forward, checking if Komui was still writing equations on the board before receiving the note.

Hi, she read as she unfolded it, I'm Linali Lee. It's nice to meet you.

Allen wrote back. Likewise. You know, Mr. Lee kind of gave me a pitying sort of look when I was sitting down. Is there something wrong with my seat? Linali giggled subtly behind her hand.

There's nothing wrong, Linali assured her. Ge ge's just worried.

About what? Allen wrote questioningly.

See that Japanese boy sitting right next to you on your left? Allen looked, seeing a scowling, but otherwise extraordinarily handsome boy.

Yeah, she answered.

That's Kanda

I know.

He's polite enough around me, but he tends to be… aggressive. He acts more civil the more familiar you are to him

Oh, okay. They moved onto different topics such as their opinions on certain issues, what Allen's old home was like, not once, surprisingly, mentioning make-up. Personally, Allen thought it was nice that she didn't have to speak with a person of the same sex about unimportant things like make-up all the time. The disgusting things were so all the rage with girls her age. She was definitely shocked to find out that Komui was this girl's older brother, but decided keeping quiet about the matter was probably for the better. It was the way Linali's eyes seemed to plead with her. She smiled, knowing she had made a new friend. Perhaps this school wouldn't be as bad as she thought.