Miss Allen Walker
Chapter Three: Linali Li, a Guy?

Much to Allen's disappointment, Cross had dragged her out of Anita's house before she could see Kanda, and was mildly comforted when Linali had offered to help take pictures. Stupid Cross! He's always ruining everything! Surely it was alright to complain now and then, after all, she wasa fifteen-year-old teenager, and she had every right to.

She slid out of bed, donning the black and white jacket, though she was a little embarrassed by the short length of the black skirt. The guys designing these things must be pervs, she convinced herself as she slid the skirt up her thighs and over her waist. She stared at the clock. She had at least an hour left, which meant she had about 30 more minutes to brush her teeth, eat breakfast, and the last fifteen minutes were saved for walking to school-in other words, plenty of time.

She couldn't remember the last time she wanted to go to school. It was hard, moving so often, having to move so often. She was especially found of one school back in Mateel where she had managed to make friends with a girl named Lala, but they hadn't kept in contact long, and from she read in the newspapers, she had died of a heart attack right next to the mangled, bloodied boy of her lover. Are we here to stay, she thought. The chances were so slight, but she had yet again, being the idiot as Cross so "fondly" called her, made sort-of friends with two boys and friends with a charming girl.

Allen spat out the toothpaste, pulling on her thigh high socks as she slid down the banister with ease. She waited for the toaster, grabbing a slice of toast as it popped out and spread homemade, rich strawberry jam onto the golden, warm bread. The sight made her mouth water as she set it aside, cracking eggs onto the oiled frying pan. At the same moment, the toaster strudel popped out with a ding, and she snatched it out onto the plate. In a matter of five minutes, everything was ready and she sat down happily with clasped hands.Breakfast!

It promptly took only a fifth of the time to cook for her to finish, and she wiped her mouth with on the back of a napkin as she stumbled out of the door, remembering to grab her crudely drawn map. At least the school was nearby, so she-the king, she was too good at what she did to be queen,of getting lost-couldn't be lost for too long.

Even though it was her second day, she was glad that she was getting better at finding where her school was. She ended up coming to the Black Order about a couple of minutes earlier than usual, and the breezes blew her gently across the courtyard, and her mouth dropped open in embarrassment. Linali was currently kissing a much shorter, tanned female, pushing the swarthy girl up against the tree. Allen quickly looked away, thinking, I really shouldn't be looking at this. Linali broke away, frowning at Allen but kissed the girl underneath her again and pulled back. "So… you're a lesbian… Linali?" Allen said slowly, not as to insult the girl. Linali stared at her as if she had grown another head.

"Allen… I can't be a lesbian when I'm a guy." Allen took on a deadpan expression. So… does that mean Linali cross-dresses? Man, I'm confused…

"I'm friends… with a guy? Okay… I think I can go along with that."

Linali smiled sheepishly. "Um, can you not tell anyone at school about this?" Allen nodded, still a little weirded out.

Butwhy does Linali wear a skirt at school… not to mention have pigtails? Hopefully, she would eventually get the answer to that.