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Hey Asakura this is my second Naruto fic, I am re-writing because my spelling sucks, so yea.

I want...

Sasuke sat there in math class doing his math work; on the other hand, Naruto sat there bored. He didn't want to do his work, so he decided to write a note. He took out a piece of paper and pen and began to write his note. Sasuke heard his name being called, he looked up and it was Kiba.

''What?'' Sasuke asked.

''Here.'' Kiba said tossing him a letter.

Sasuke looked at the letter and it read...

To: Sasuke

From: Naruto

He opened it and began to read.

To: Teme

From: Foxy Uzumaki

Why: Because I want...

When: Right now

How: Pen and Paper


I want it. I know you have one, so sugary and

Mouth watery. Mmm…let me have it. I know you have one.

It's in your pant's a big one from what I can see.

I know because it's sticking out. I wanna play with it.

In and out it goes in my mouth. Please, can I have some?

So can I have it? Please…

The gum in your pant's. I know you have some.

I see that big pack of gum, it's in your pocket pants.

I see it sticking out.

Love: Uzumaki.

Sasuke was blushing for a whole minute there he thought that Naruto wanted to give him a blowjob.

'Why that little dobe.' Sasuke thought. 'I'll show him to mess with me.'

He took out a piece of paper and began to write back to Naruto. Naruto heard his name being called he turn around and Kiba toss him a letter it read...

To: Naruto

From: Sasuke

He opened it and read it.

To: Dobe

From: Sexy Uchiha

Why: Hn, I'm writing back to you moron.

How: Pen and Paper Duh

When: Right now


Hey dobe yes I have some gum but I only have ABC Gum.

If you want that kind of gum meet me in the restroom in you there.

Love, Uchiha.

Naruto saw Sasuke turning in is math work, he asked the teacher for permission to go to the restroom. 3 minutes past and Naruto got up turning in his math work and also asking for permission to go to the restroom. He entered the restroom and saw Sasuke leaning in the wall waiting for Naruto to arrive.

''Hn… dobe took you long enough. So what, do you still want that ABC Gum?" Sasuke asked.

''What's ABC Gum?'' Naruto asked.

''Its gum, do you want it yes or no?'' He said.

Naruto nodded and Sasuke graded Naruto head pressing his lips to Naruto soft ones. He licked Naruto lips asking for entrance, which was granted, his tongue past the gum over to Naruto's mouth and let go of the kiss. Naruto was blushing like a mad man, and Sasuke just smirked.

''What ...was...that…for?'' Naruto asked still blushing.

''You wanted ABC Gum, so I gave it to you.'' He said looking at Naruto's.

''ABC Gum?'' Naruto said.

''Yea dobe, have you ever heard of Already Been Chewed.'' He said.

Naruto smiled.

''Oh I get, but you know what Sasuke?' 'Naruto said.

''What?'' Sasuke asked.

''The gum you gave me doesn't have any flavor, and you said you only have ABC gum so that means your going to have to give me another chewed gum. He said smiling.

''I guess your right Naruto.'' Sasuke said taking in a piece of gum and chewing then gave Naruto the kiss of the ABC Gum.

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