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This is what would happen if Cornelius made it to Thumbelina in the hole:

Let me be your wings, let me be your only love, let me take you far beyond the stars

Cornelius pushed the toad aside and quickly flew ahead of the stampeding crowd. "Thumbelina!" he yelled, but she couldn't hear him over the mob. With a swift slash of his sword, Cornelius blocked the exit of the hole as he slipped out. Then, with all the air in his lungs, he cried out, "THUMBELINA!"

Let me be your wings, let me lift you high above, everything we're dreaming of will soon be ours

Thumbelina halted the moment she heard the sound of the voice, and turned. At first, she thought her wishful heart was tricking her again, like it had at the almost-wedding, but when he didn't vanish into thin air, she dared to whisper his name. Then when he still didn't disappear, she screamed out in joy, "CORNELIUS!", and rushed to his open arms.

Anything that you desire, anything at all

"I was so afraid that you were gone forever!" Thumbelina sobbed into Cornelius' chest as he held her close. "Me? Die and leave you all alone and forgotten? Never." Cornelius murmured in Thumbelina's ear. "Never, never." Thumbelina giggled tearfully, remembering their promise to each other that first night on the sill. With that, Cornelius spun Thumbelina around in the air before lightly setting her down again, and bending on one knee. "Thumbelina, will you marry me?" he asked, hope and love shining in his eyes. "Absolutely, silly!" she exclaimed, her face beaming with elation. Cornelius soared through the air and gave a loud whoop, then touched back down and enveloped Thumbelina in a warm, reassuring kiss.

As Thumbelina returned the kiss, she noticed a shadow cast upon the ground. She looked up, with eyes widened in shock, just in time to see the toad towering over Cornelius with a razor-sharp rock raised. "Cornelius look out!" she screamed in horror. The makeshift dagger came down, and in a rushed attempt to protect her love, Thumbelina pushed Cornelius out of harm's way and let loose a bloodcurdling shriek as the dagger pierced through her heart. "NO!" before the shocked toad could even blink, Cornelius drew his sword and sliced the toad in half.

Carrying Thumbelina to a soft bed of forget-me-nots and laying her down gently with her head on his lap, Cornelius smoothed back her hair and began to sing softly to her. "Anything that you desire, anything at all. Every day I'll lift you higher-" Cornelius' soft voice cracked with a sharp sob. Thumbelina smiled sorrowfully up at him and finished his lament with a wavering, yet still her own beautiful voice. "And you'll never let me fall..." Thumbelina's voice trailed off as she lifted her hand to Cornelius' face one last time. Then, she closed her eyes and her arm went limp in Cornelius' grasping hand. As her icy hand slipped and fell from his own, Cornelius let out a heart wrenching wail enough to move a mountain to tears.

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