If an object has sentimental value it tends to mean the person who owns that object has some sort of emotional bond with it. This bond is usually associated with memories that bring that person some sort of joy, like memories of someone close to them that may no longer be around. For example, the big leather book which the sliver haired preacher always insisted on reading before he would allow the light to go out so they both could go to bed. The book had to have some sort of this "sentimental value" to the preacher because when Kakuzu had accidentally tossed it on the ground, along with the table he had been filling out his check book with, the foul-mouth preacher immediately jumped from his spot on the hotel bed to defend his poor abused bible. This had surprised Kakuzu because Hidan was usually smart enough to know not to get in Kakuzu's way when he had realized how much money he had lost for paying for tonight's stay. Hidan had immediately grabbed the huge leather book in his arms and cradled it as if it were a child that had just taken the abuse instead of a book. He looked down at it to check for damage before glaring back up at the one who had caused the damage. Kakuzu just looked back down at him with a look that could only say one thing, 'what the fuck?!'

"What the fuck were you thinking when you so carelessly tossed the great book of Jashin to the floor like that?!" Hidan spat up at his partner, "You just insulted Jashin, you fuck face!"

"I don't care about your stupid god, Hidan." Kakuzu growled in a low voice as he rubbed his temples. Tonight's stay had cost him over 9967¥. That much money being thrown away just because the foul-mouthed bustard wanted to take a shower and felt he was too good for a sleeping bag didn't exactly make Kakuzu too happy.

"You better fucking care!" The irksome preacher urged on, "Tossing the great book to the ground is a sin! I don't care if you're pissed about money, that doesn't give you any right to degrade Jashin!"

"It was a fucking accident, all right!" Kakuzu was now raising his voice, he had enough to worry about without this fucking zealot preaching to him about some stupid cult which he called a religion. He wanted to punch the idiot in the face, to grab his jaw and rip it right off so he didn't have to hear the bustard's consisted bitching. Instead he tried to take a deep breath and relax himself as the preacher began to walk back over to his bed.

"It better have been..." Hidan spat under his breath, his violet eyes still glaring over his shoulder back at Kakuzu. Kakuzu glared back, clenching his fists. Fights were normal between the two of them; they were so frequent Kakuzu didn't understand why he wasn't used to them yet. Perhaps it was because he was use to being able to threaten his partners with them actually having fear of being seriously hurt. Hidan, however, was different. He didn't fear what Kakuzu did to him one bit, because, unlike Kakuzu's former partners, Hidan could easier recover from any brutal damage the stitch man might inflict on him. Hurting the sliver haired bustard only pissed Kakuzu off more anyway. Anytime Kakuzu would lay a hand on him he would smirk ever so slightly, the smirk growing wider and wider with each punch Kakuzu would throw. Fucking masochist.

Closing his eyes for a moment, Kakuzu turned back to the table he had tossed over, and the cause of the whole fight between them. He stared at the papers which had been scattered across the floor, glaring at his scratchy handwriting as it stared back up at him as if it were innocent. Looking at the damage only gave him more of a headache, he was tired of always having to be the one to clean up after everything.

"Fuck it." Kakuzu growled in a deep voice before turning away from the mess and began stomping over toward his bed.

Hidan was already seated comfortable in his bed, his legs crossed with the leather book that he cared so deeply for spread open across them, his eyes scanning the words inside. The words which Kakuzu was certain the enthusiast zealot had read over a dozen times in the past month. Kakuzu paid no attention to Hidan, however, he was more interested in getting on his bed and throwing the blanket over himself, head and all. He squeezed his tired eyes shut, trying to focus on sleep while avoiding the light behind him that was creeping up on his shoulder. He knew the light wasn't going to go off until much later, since Hidan had only started to read his accursed bible. Still, Kakuzu was feeling tired as shit, stress usually made him tired.

The flip of a paper was the only thing heard in the small room, after that there was nothing but silence. Suddenly Kakuzu heard the noise of a book being slammed shut. He questioned the noise in his head, was that bustard trying to by spiteful or something? Then again, the idiot probably didn't even know the meaning of the word. Then came the noise of a click and Kakuzu realized light no longer shined across his closed eye lids. There was a ruffle of sheets from the other bed, and then silence filled the air between them once again. Kakuzu laid there for a moment without moving. Slowly he allowed his eyes to flutter open, his eyes taking a while to adjust to the new found darkness of the room. After a few minutes he decided to roll over, wanting to see just what the zealot was plotting. All he saw was a lump of blanket on the other bed with a few strands of sliver hair lying across the pillow. Kakuzu stared at the other bed for a while. He knew he would never get an explanation for this random act of kindness. Not knowing what else to do, Kakuzu closed his tired eyes once more. He didn't want to waste such a rare opportunity.

A/n: This is a KakuHidan fan fiction that I've been working on. It's my first fan fiction, so I apologize if it's not too good. I'm hoping to update this weekly. The first chapter's not that long, but the others should be longer. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it so far!