Through out his life, Kakuzu had learned that the only thing that could ever bring him happiness was money. Kakuzu had grew up in a poor family, and as a child never really understood why he couldn't have the things others did. He couldn't understand why when he had went to the summer festival when he was five there were people wearing beautiful robes, his mother called them 'yukatas', while he had to wear clothes covered in dirt and holes. As he had gotten older and began taking on mission as a ninja he began realizing more and more how different his lifestyle was to everyone else's. Once he had a mission to infiltrate a castle owned by a feudal lord who had been abusing his powers a little too much. There he saw a entire room filled with gold that the feudal lord had been taking from the villagers. He remembered how the gold had glittered brightly off his emerald green eyes, the feeling of greed slowly overcoming his body. He decided that he wasn't going to live a life like his mother, a single parent living on the streets who had trouble trying to provide for just one son. He was going to make something of himself, and the only way of doing that was to get money; no matter the cost.

Kakuzu had loved his mother, however, as the years passed he began to feel resentment toward her. He hated how she would always warn him to not let envy and greed control his actions and that money wasn't everything. 'Kakuzu, your eyes are green with envy. Don't let that control you. Once you let one sin control you, then they all will. Before you know it, you'll be all alone with no one to love you.' He remembered her warnings well. However, he didn't care for them. He didn't want anyone to love him, he felt all love was good for was slowing you down. What was the point of having a relationship with another person, they never lasted anyway. Why waste so much time and money on someone whose just going to repay you with a broken heart? People couldn't live forever, however, money was eternal. Money may change value at times, but it's still there. Kakuzu's mother was foolish, she never understood Kakuzu's point of view. That's why she died before Kakuzu had even became a Chunin.

Lately, however, Kakuzu had been wondering if maybe it was him who was in the wrong. His mother may have never tried to see his point of view, but neither did he. He had always found his mother's point of view foolish and ludicrous. He found it ironic that his mother could think in such a way after having his father abandon her on the streets while she was still pregnant with him. It confused him how, after all that's happened to her, she would always smile and tell him how much she loved him. Even as she died, she continued to smile. How could she have been so happy when she had nothing. No home, no friends, no money; just a son who resented her deep down in his heart for bringing him into the world. She had one thing Kakuzu had never had, she had someone who was special to her; she had sentimental value.

Kakuzu had devoted his entire life to money. He knew that his greediness would lead him to a life of loneliness, and he had accepted that. After all these years of following by these rules it was hard for him to understand the foreign feeling he was having in his heart as he felt the preacher's forehead gently press against his back. It felt as if one of his hearts had skipped a beat as Hidan's warm skin press against the cold stitches on his back that were only covered by the cloth of his cloak. He could feel Hidan's knees press against the lower part of his back between the two bottom masks, while his forehead lay gently between the two upper masks. He laid there for a moment, trying to understand why his hearts suddenly started to race faster and the skin around his face felt so much warmer.

After a while, Kakuzu decided it was time that he got up, they did still have a mission to complete after all. He was careful to not disturb the preacher too much, he knew Hidan hated being woken up suddenly and without warning, and he really didn't want to have to hear him bitch so early in the morning. After he was up he turned to look back down at his sleeping partner, he noticed a frown suddenly spread across the Jashinist's face. He watched as Hidan grabbed the blanket and wrapped it tighter around his body, trying to replace the warmth of his missing partner's back. Kakuzu smiled slightly under his mask as he watched the display, it was always fun to see how Hidan reacted to change. He usually would either get pissed and curse until things were back to normal, or just sit there and pout, knowing there was nothing he could do to chance the situation. This time he seemed to be doing the more of the latter because he began to toss around on the bed, grabbing the pillow between his arms, however, he was unable to get the desired affect that he wanted. Kakuzu smiled more as he began walking over to the other side of the bed, which Hidan was now curled up in a small ball on. Gently he placed one of his hands on Hidan's shoulder, giving a small push to make sure the preacher was able to feel it in his sleep.

"Hidan, come on, it's time to get up."

Kakuzu watched as his partner rolled over, grabbing the blanket and throwing it over his head before letting out a low grumble. "Five more minutes." Hidan whined, his voice sounded intoxicated from sleep.

Kakuzu stared down at his partner, frowning slightly. Suddenly he let out a sigh, "Fine," he grumbled slightly as he turned away, "five more minutes, but that's all."

With that Kakuzu walked back over to his side of the bed and grabbed his suit case which he had left next to the night stand the night before. He placed the suitcase on top of the night stand as he sat down on the edge of the bed, not being as careful as last time since Hidan had already had a warning that it was time to wake up. He clicked the suit case open and spread it across the night stand. He reached in, ignoring the stacks of money, he grabbed the stack of paper which he had placed inside from a few nights ago. He looked through them for a moment before grabbing his check book which had been under the papers and now lay at the top of his suit case. He placed the papers down and flipped the small paper book open, looking over all the money he had spent in the past month. He frowned when he noticed how much was missing, but took a deep breath before any wrath could take over his body. He closed the small book and placed it back in the suit case along with the papers, sighing softly to himself as he closed the suit case.

Suddenly he heard the ruffling of sheets behind him, he turned to see a drowsy Hidan struggling to sit up right on the rusty bed. He stared at Hidan for a moment, noticing the frown and sad eyes on his face. Hidan stared back at him, keeping the same expression on his face as he spoke.

"Are you mad at me?" His voice was soft, the uncertainty from the night before still lingering in his voice.

Kakuzu was slightly surprised by the question, he frowned before answering. "No, Hidan. I'm not mad at you." His voice was soft and calm. He started to turn back to his suit case, but suddenly stopped when something caught his eye. "Your hair..." He suddenly said as he turned back to face Hidan.

Hidan looked surprised by the sudden comment, then frowned when he realized what Kakuzu was talking about. Sleeping and having so much gel in your hair was never a good combination. Hidan's hair was a mess. The gel held on the clunks of hair, the clunks sticking out in every which direction except for the way they were suppose to. Hidan frowned slightly and averted his eyes away from Kakuzu as a small blush appeared on his cheeks. The fact that Kakuzu, of all people, would bring something like that up meant it had to be bad.

Suddenly Hidan's eyes widened slightly as he turned to look back at Kakuzu who now had his hand on top of Hidan's head. He began running his hand through his hair, the tips of his fingers gently gazing Hidan's scalp, as he tried to make the long sliver strands lay as flat as he could. He frowned when he couldn't get all the hair to look like it had the day before, but finally decided to remove his hand and give up. Hidan knew his hair better, he could fix it easier than Kakuzu ever could. Kakuzu stood up from the bed, he grabbed his suit case before heading over toward the door.

"Hurry up and get ready." Kakuzu demanded "If we hurry, we should be able to make it to Takigakure by tonight. There's a bounty station just west of there, so if we're able to find the kunoichi and take them out before tomorrow, I'll..." Kakuzu suddenly paused. He turned his head toward the ceiling as if there was something interesting and amazing on it. "I'll let us sleep in a hotel... There's this hotel in Takigakure... It has an all you can eat buffet... I think you would enjoy that, right?"

Hidan stared at his partner, his mouth hanging open slightly as if what Kakuzu had said was the most shocking thing ever. Kakuzu studied Hidan's expression, then raised a eyebrow at him, waiting for him to answer his question. Suddenly a huge grin appeared on Hidan's face. He nodded frantically as he pushed himself out of the old, filthy bed and over to his scythe which he placed against the wall next to the closet door. He grabbed it and strapped it to his back before running his hand through is hair one last time to makes sure it was straight. He then ran up to his waiting partner's side, a smile still on his face as they both left the old shack.


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