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Prima Facie's Chapter One: Prologue

Bella Swan, soon to be Masen, hummed as she pulled the container of ham out of the refrigerator. While, generally, Bella did not like pork, she occasionally had a craving for a ham sandwich. This was one of those times.

She shut the mostly empty refrigerator, walking back to the kitchen table where her bread (complete with mayo and lettuce) awaited her. In the Swan/Masen household, it was normal for the kitchen to be relatively bare. Of course it had all of the cooking supplies needed for appearances, but not much actual food was around. This was partly due to the fact that Bella was engaged to a vampire.

Edward Masen had been turned by a doctor in Chicago as he lay dying. The sole surviving member of the family, Edward was alone. He quickly took up the doctor, Carlisle Cullen, on his offer to teach Edward everything he would need to know. And how to live strictly on animals.

As Bella bit into the sandwich, she could not help but think about how few of these she would have left. She was to be married in two months, and then she would be turned into a vampire. The cross-species dating had not done much for their romantic life. Due to Edward's additional urges, they were unable to make love. Children would never be in the picture. But Bella had never really wanted children before anyway. Overall, she was excited. In two months, she would literally give eternity over to Edward, vowing to be at his side until the final day. She occasionally got nervous, of course. It was difficult for her to cope, sometimes, with the idea of being a vampire. One who survived by feeing on the blood of the living. She was willing to sacrifice her humanity though, for Edward.

Her real issue was the fact that, in two months, she would have to give up her relationship with her only family, her father. It was law in Forks that the pack was allowed to kill, or in the least, banish any vampire that bit a human. Edward was going to be breaking his truce with the wolves to have her forever. She tried to remind herself that he was sacrificing, too. The small town in Washington had been his town for sixty years.

Currently, Edward was out buying a tux. It was going to be an errand before he went up to the national park on the Canadian border to hunt. Bella was used to these weekend excursions. And she was sure she would come to miss them in the future. She walked into the living room and called her father. "Well hello, baby girl. Well….not to be my baby for much longer…."

Bella laughed, shaking her head. "Dad, you know that it is still a while until my birthday. I'll still be your 'baby' for another 16 and a half days."

She could hear Charlie smile as he responded. "Yes, well. It is not every day one loses his baby."

Bella rolled her eyes. Each year, Charlie would say that, with that birthday, he was losing his baby. It was somewhat amazing to know that so much had changed in the 9 years she had lived in Forks, Washington. She had moved here after her mother had died in a car accident when she was fourteen years old. Before then, she had only visited Charlie for a few weeks during the summer. Their relationship had been strained, but over the years it had become rock solid.

"How was your day?" she asked, conversationally.

"Eh, the usual. Billy had his son drive him over. Nice boy. I really wish you had gotten to know him."

"He was a little bit too young for me dad. He was…fourteen…when you tried to set us up. For a sixteen year old girl, that is quite the insult."

"Well, he is definitely not a little boy anymore. Big as a house, strong, responsible."

"Well, it's a shame! I guess I will just have to leave Edward and marry Jerry now."

"Jacob, Bella…. His name is Jacob." Bella laughed and quickly apologized.

"Sorry, Dad, but I am pretty happy with my current situation."

"But he is so much older than you!"

Bella laughed, shaking her head. "No, he really isn't. He is four years older than me. It isn't that big of a deal."

"When you moved here, he was graduating!" Bella laughed. With his boy, two years was nothing. With Edward, four years was a century. Actually, it nearly was. She smirked at the thought.

Bella had met Edward Masen her first day at college in Seattle. It had very much shocked them, Bella at least, when she discovered they were actually from the same town. Edward, of course, had known of her by her scent, but had not acted upon it until that day. It had been a whirlwind romance, and now, five years later, they were getting married. Bella had just finished her Master's degree in Psychology, and Edward was teaching history at the university. They lived together in a flat ten minutes off of campus with two cats, Cloak and Dagger.

"So, are you going to come up here for your birthday?" Charlie asked, changing the topic. Bella smiled and nodded, "Yep, if you will have me. Edward can't make it. He has a lecture that night, but he will come up the next morning."

"Okay, then. How about a nice family dinner, just the two of us? I would love to have some pork chops."

"You mean if I cook them?" Bella asked, laughing.

"Well, obviously. You wouldn't let an old man starve, would you?" Bella rolled her eyes and agreed to cook for him.

"Great! So, I will see you on your birthday at…..four?" Bella confirmed and hung up the phone. She had just turned into the bedroom down the hall when the front door burst open. "BELLA!" she heard Edward's voice scream.

She ran toward the living room to see Edward on his knees at the end of the hall. His white shirt was soaked red. Blood! She gasped, running to him. "Are you hurt?!" She knelt down, peeling off of shirt before she came to her senses. Vampires didn't bleed.

He had his hands over his face, and she knew that if he would cry that they would be uncontained. His sobs were deafening. "What happened?" she whispered, pulling his hands down into hers. He shook his head, keeping his eyes shut. She shook him slightly. "What happened, Edward?"

He jerked up, turning away. "Don't look at me, Bella," he whispered. "Don't look at me."

He walked into the living room, and Bella followed on his heels. He stopped in the doorway, looking at something on the couch. Bella's eyes widened when she looked around him, and she gasped. The broken body of a little girl was lying on the couch. She could see the torn out neck, yet very little blood seeped from it. Edward turned around to face her, and his eyes finally opened.

Bella screamed outright, stumbling back and falling down in the hallway. The normal, perfect lips were stained red, as well as the skin running down from his mouth to his throat. And his normal topaz eyes shone a bright, crimson red.

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