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Prima Facie's Chapter Sixteen: The Meeting

After several mediating telephone calls between the pack and Carlisle and the Volturi and Carlisle, they decided on a meeting place. Sam, Paul, and Jared were going to be meeting the three superior members of the Volturi at the east entrance to the reservation. It was farthest from Bella's location, but the pack had agreed that if they deemed it safe and necessary, the rest of the pack would bring Bella to the meet.

Bella had not accepted the news well. She had, at first, adamantly refused to meet them under any circumstances. When things were explained in more detail, she had started crying. It had taken Jacob and Sam three hours to get her to calm down. And another two to get her to agree to it, if it was necessary.

Jacob had been surprised with the venom she had used when referring to the vampires in the past few days. As the natural enemies, the pack all hated vampires, with the possible exception of merely dislike for Carlisle, but Bella's newfound hatred seemed to trump theirs, even when it was combined.

Also, since her agreement with the plan, she had become more adamant about visiting her father's grave. Recently, the pack was starting to lose the resolve to deny her. She made a terrific point, after all. "If you are willing to deliver me into a hands of a group of assassin vampires with only you to protect me, how can you deny me the right to visit my father with, at most, one vampire around against the pack." Sam urged her to give them until after the meet to come to a decision.

The afternoon was overcast, as was typical for the area, however it seemed to reflect the mood of the group more than ever. The entire pack and Bella were on their toes and seemed to be dreading the meet with the vampires. The pack seemed to also be annoyed that it had to be friendly. For now, they had to face the Volturi as allies against a similar enemy.

Sam, Paul and Jared drove to the meeting point. Leah and Embry had stationed themselves close to the entrance as well though in case there was need for help. They would be transformed, as would Paul and Jared at the site. Sam would be the negotiator and the only one with the weakness of his human skin and jaw.

Sam's cell phone was on and in his pocket to contact Jacob, Bella, Quil, and Seth at the house if they needed to come.

Bella had not said a thing the entire day. She seemed nervous and eager to keep within sight of the pack members. Not that it was an issue. Jacob was at her side every minute. After going through what was supposed to happen once more, everyone went to do their respective tasks. Leah and Embry changed an hour early, running and hiding near the entrance but at a decent distance. Bella and Jacob stayed in the living room with Qui and Seth transformed and circling the house in case something happened. Sam 

drove Jared and Paul to the meet in the back of Seth's truck. They arrived with minutes to spare before the strange "reporters" came into view, stepping out of a rather conspicuous looking black SUV.

Jared and Paul flanked Sam, tense, as the three vampires approached. They were shocked at the picture. Two large men were on either side of a… young girl. When they were within a few yards of eachother, the girl spoke. "I am Jane. To my left is Massimo and to my right is Frederick."

Sam nodded. "Sam Uley, the pack leader. To my left is Jared and to my right Paul."

The young girl looked at the large"dogs" in interest. "Hmm. This isn't quite what I expected. I figured you would look more…ferocious." She giggled then, and Paul growled. The man to Jane's left took a step forward, but she put out an arm holding him off.

"Ever hear the saying that 'my enemy is your enemy, therefore you are my friend,' Sam," she said, smirking.

Sam nodded. "Yes. So, you wished to meet with us?"

"Actually, we wished to meet with Bella," she corrected.

Sam hesitated before answering. "Obviously, Bella is our first priority. We are doing our best to keep her safe, and I would prefer our business to be settled before we get involved in any sort of… social pleasantries."

Jane's smile faultered. "You do realize that it would be very stupid of us to harm Bella, no?"

Sam nodded, "We do. We were not sure if you had come to the same realization though."

"The masters have given us our orders. We are not to hurt your pack or Bella unless provoked. The result of Bella being killed could be disastrous if Edward was not taken care of first."

Sam nodded. "Have you found anything?"

"He has been around the reservation, but he seems weary of breaching the border. How many of there are you?"

This has been a problem. Would the Volturi hesitate to take out the pack if they didn't think they posed a threat after Edward was gone? Sam smiled, "Many. We value our privacy, though. I would prefer not to discuss packs."

"So there is more than one," Jane assumed.

Sam smiled in reply, "We are worthy adversaries. Fortunately, from what Carlisle has told me, we both like to keep our… identities out of the public eye. We want no war with you or vampires. We merely want our area, our families, to be safe. If a vampire comes through and challenges that, we respond."

Jane nodded with a smile. "Very well. Hopefully, after this is over, we can come to some sort of truce. We are a civilized group. Rogues and people that are careless with their feedings challenge our lifestyle as well, if you manage to save us some money and time hunting, that is perfectly fine."

Sam nodded. "I think we can come to an agreement."

"Now, about Bella…." Jane said quietly. "She has been around other vampires before?"

"Yes. Edward, Carlisle, and the people that Carlisle is currently with. Though not for a long amount of time."

"So her blood seems to only cause this… extraneous reaction for Edward?"

Sam nodded. "Yes. She, however, is understandably a bit wary of vampires now. She does not want to meet your group."

"I bet she reeks of fear," Jane said, a hint of wistfulness in her voice. Paul and Jared growled.

Sam kept his temper in check but tensed a bit. He managed to hold off his retort of what else smelled. "Edward has left quite a trail of mangled, mutilated bodies. Most people are afraid."

"Yes. I have read that people are speculating that vampires are involved. For now it is seen as a joke. Hopefully, we can get this taken care of before people start to challenge what they think they know."

"Do you have any ideas?"

Jane's response was a large smile.

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