-1With Friends Like These

Written by Chibikan

SUMMARY: Dark Kingdom Saga. Taking over from the middle of episode 38. When Serena is late to a meeting and as a result hears the other scouts talking and plotting behind her back. Feeling betrayed and hurt, Serena decides to accept Malachite's offer but with several conditions. What will the Sailor Scouts do now without Sailor Moon? Will the Earth fall into the Negaverse's hands?


"Serena :pant: this is :pant: really getting old!" Luna scolded the pigtailed girl as they ran frantically. "This is the fourth time this week that you got detention! And now we're late for another meeting!"

Serena glared at her, "Well, I wouldn't have had detention if someone hadn't knocked my alarm clock off the night stand and broke it!" For the first time, her sleeping in wasn't her fault.

Luna shot back at her, "I said I was sorry for that, but you know Raye isn't going to accept that excuse!"

The black cat was right, Serena realized as they came near the temple. She slowed down. She really didn't want to deal with Raye. She walked slowly up to the door, preparing to open it.

"So that's the plan then?" came the voice of Lita. Serena stopped. Something told her not to open the door yet. She looked at Luna and motioned for her to stay quiet.

"Yeah, she's way too irresponsible and flaky to be our leader, let alone our princess." added the haughty voice of the miko.

Ami's voice was added to the mix, "But, isn't it a little cruel to wait until we defeated Beryl? Shouldn't we at least warn her before hand. I mean, she might be flaky, and all that, but she still has feelings."

Serena felt her eyes welling up as Mina's opinion filtered through. "No, if we tell her, she might decide to just quit. But she's the only one who can save Darien and stop Queen Beryl. We'll just take the crystal from her AFTER she's done her job. It'll be easy, four scouts against one, especially considering who the one is."

Luna looked up at Serena. "Serena," she whispered. "Say something Serena. Speak to me." But Serena appeared to be in shock. She expected Serena to start wailing but the sight of the silent tears coursing down her cheeks was even more difficult to bear. "Serena…"

Serena quietly asked, without missing a beat, "Did you know about this Luna?"

Luna started, "No Serena, I never thought they would ever do this." Luna felt as though her heart were breaking. Was Artemis part of this. She gently opened the door with her paw, careful not to be seen, and peered in. Sure enough, Artemis was seated upon Raye's bed, listening to all of it, not protesting at all. She looked back around at Serena. But all she saw was Serena's back as she walked away. She bounded after the girl. "Serena, what are you doing? Are you going to just let them betray you like this?"

Serena shook her head. "No, but, what right do I have to demand to be leader. They're right, I'm flaky and always late. I'm ditzy and can't do anything right. If they don't want me to fight with them, than I won't. But, I won't let them use me." She wiped her eyes. "Now, I have to go meet that 'reporter'." She continued on her way. Luna could only watch helplessly as Serena suddenly acted more mature than she had EVER done before.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I was watching Sailor Moon and was hit with the idea of what if Sailor Moon had joined the Negaverse, how would the story change? So here we go.