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The Scare

Chapter 8

Jar O'Lantern

"So," Michael began, the sun was barely visible through his window, and the streetlights flickered on. "Apparently some farmer threatened my groups, which is really weird you know, because I thought farmers were supposed to be nice."

Pressing his fingers together a smile grew on his lips, "Actually when I was little, my mom was friends with a farmer. He would come over to our house, like every Friday night and he and my mom would have so much fun playing board games in the basement with the door closed. They were always laughing," his eyes clouded over as he thought of the memory, "Anyways he always let me ride on his tractor, well once. And for some odd reason when he stopped coming over, I was walking by his farm on the way home from school, and asked if I could ride it and he said no. So I guess all farmers are jerks."

"Anyways, I told my boys to fight it, I mean Jim's a big guy, Dwight is scary looking, Andy's got spunk and Angela hates everything, so they should've been able to convince some farmer to let them stay," he held his face in his hands with disappointment, "Jim said he was already in his car, Andy wouldn't stop singing the Monster Mash, and Dwight asked me which type of fighting style he should use."

He stared at the cameras, his face deadpan, and looked away, "I hung up on all three."

"Today was a good day," Andy smiled almost dreamily out the passenger's window. He had several pumpkin seeds drying in his hair, "I'd say it was easily the best Halloween ever."

Kevin sat in the driver's seat, his hands strangling the steering wheel, as he drove in an anger silence.

Andy turned, as he did two seeds tumbled from his head and fell between the seats, "I think we're definitely going to win this."

"Dude," Kevin took his eyes off the road for a second to give Andy a half lidded glare, "We're so going to lose."

"Kevin," Andy pushed the other man's shoulders, causing him to jerk the wheel. The car veered but returned back to its original path, "Our pumpkin rocks, okay?"

"It's smashed," Kevin reminded as the camera pulled back to the backseat of the car where a jar full of a smashed pumpkin sat. It had two triangle eyes, and a mouth full of crooked teeth drawn on in a purple magic marker.

"I was doing fine with it, until you sat on it," Andy whipped his body back towards Kevin, ready to defend himself.

The car jerked to a stop at a red light, "You cut it in half."

"It's called art, okay Kevin?" Andy hit the dashboard and sat for a moment stewing in his own anger, "How could you not see a big orange leaking glob of pumpkin?"

Kevin pushed himself away from the steering wheel, "I had to tie my shoe okay?"

"Fine, fine, "Andy threw up his hands in a mock defensive position. A silence filled the car as it jutted forward at a green light. They were only a few blocks from the office, "Smashing pumpkins would be an awesome name for a band."

"I hope all the trick-or-treaters haven't come by my house yet," Kevin stood in the parking lot by the glass doors to the office, the orange lights, sending an eerie glow down on him, "I'm the one who gets to dress like a zombie and jump out at the kids," at this thought he began to giggle.

"You took that corner too fast," Angela held herself into place by pushing against the dashboard.

The car slowed, and lurched over the slope as it pulled into the office parking lot, "I was driving at the standard speed."

"I saw the speedometer," her voice was cold.

Dwight pulled into his regular spot, the car sputtering to a halt, black smoke still shooting out of the exhaust. Dwight jiggled the keys from the ignition and turned towards her, "I apologize for the speed, but after someone tore down all my markers in the maze, I had to get the upper hand by beating Jim here."

Her face was stoic as they both moved from the car. Dwight was manhandling the trunk, with his Cylon pumpkin tucked safely underneath his arm. She watched him, and mixed emotions plagued her face, "Dwight?"

Still bouncing the trunk down to the car as it wavered back and forth he looked up to her, then with one violent shove, slammed it back into place, "Ha, take that," he brought out a long leg and stopped just short of kicking the back compartment.

"Oh I love my car," Dwight's voice spoke over a video of him kicking each tire for air content, "But I hate the trunk."

Turning his attention to Angela, Dwight waited as she seemed to shift uncomfortably before him, "Is it something you can't tell me?" before she could reply he added, "I'll try to guess it. Does it have to do with pirates? With global warming? Is it about beets?"

"Dwight," Angela's voice was louder to catch his attention. He stopped talking and stared at her, as she adjusted her coat and looked off to the side, "I just wanted to say," she glanced back at him quickly, and then off to the other side, "That today wasn't the worst day of my life."

As soon as her sentence ended, she rushed away, pulling the collar on her coat closer together. Dwight watched her go with a shadow of a smile.

"Jim, Pam," Michael's voice was harsh and he glared daggers at them as they entered the conference room. Andy, Kevin, Dwight and Angela already sat waiting for them.

"Oh, we found Meredith's van overturned in a ditch by the farm, so we waited and tried to phone Meredith, but somehow ended up talking to Kelly," Jim and Pam took a seat next to each other and he added under his breath, "For fifteen minutes."

"And we all knew they'd end up in a car crash," Michael shook his head, and didn't notice the distressed expressions of everyone else in the room. He turned back to Jim, raising an eyebrow and cleared his throat, "Jim?"

Jim watched his boss, his eyes squinting with question, "Oh," he realized what Michael wanted. He reached into his bag and tossed Michael a wrapped taco.

"Interference," Dwight shoved his chair back and pointed at Jim, "That is tampering with the judge."

"Wait, is it interference or tampering with the judge?" Jim questioned as he leaned forward on the table.

"Dwight," Michael moaned and placed the taco into his jacket pocket, "Just shut up okay, and let's just get out of here okay. On Oprah they had dogs dressed in little Halloween costumes, I TIVOed it and I'm getting a little impatient."

"Well boss, I think that you can stop looking for your winner after you see our excellent jar o'lantern," Andy shoved the clear glass container of mashed pumpkin across the table, and immediately Pam's attention turned to the floor.

Michael glanced to the jar, and then back at Andy, "What's this?" he questioned as he reached forward and grabbed the jar. Feeling the slick complexion of marker and pumpkin juice against the jar he recoiled from it and let it fall to the ground with a crash. "Ah, what the hell is that?"

Pam swallowed hard from beside Jim, and pushed away from the table, "I need to use the washroom." She hurried out of the room as Jim watched with concern.

"It's the new revolutionary pumpkin," Andy leaned over to see the pile of orange ooze piled on the carpet, "Think of how long you could keep pumpkins if they were in a jar."

"God," Michael's nostrils flared, "That is even worse than the time Todd Packer left a package on my carpet," he moved away from the mess and stood beside Jim.

"No it's not," Jim folded his arms and shook his head.

Michael stared at the pile soaking into the carpet, "This is all you got done in four and a half hours? That's horrible."

"I tried," Andy replied, his voice cracking a little.

"Just go," Michael waved at everyone "It's obvious none of you care, Jim doesn't have a pumpkin—"

"Pam and I gave it to the farm, she actually got an offer to come back next year and teach and adult class," Jim informed as he smiled at Pam, who was walking over to the reception desk.

"Blah, blah, blah," Michael mocked and then looked at Dwight and Angela, "You two don't have a costume."

"We donated it to charity," Angela informed.

"Oh come on," Michael shouted, and he threw his hands out, "This isn't Christmas, this is the time where you take stuff from people, not give it to them. God." They sat still in the room for a few minutes as Michael breathed through his nose hard, "Just go home already."

"Yes," Kevin stood up and rushed out of the room passed Michael.

Dwight stood, looking utterly defeated, "But who will win?"

"I will have to decide on another dangerous feat to see who is worthy enough," Michael explained and moved out of the conference room.

Pam looked up from her desk and saw him, "Michael," she beckoned him over, "Ryan sent this memo, it says since you didn't get back to him by five, that he picked a winner already."

Michael ripped the paper from her hand, as Jim gave a questioning look. Dwight scrambled out of the office and beside Michael. "It says Dwight shall be crowned the winner because he defeated the computer in sales."

"Yes," Dwight shoved his hand into the air and turned towards Jim, "In your face."

"Congratulations Dwight," Jim grinned shook Dwight's hand.

"Every year is the same," Dwight chuckled, delighted with the plaque that would be placed with all this other plaques. Behind him Angela smiled.

Jim made a face to Pam who smiled; she reached out and touched his hand, "Let's go home."

He returned her smile, and moved around Dwight who was now doing a victory dance that Michael obviously taught him.

"This," Dwight held a plaque that had 'Salesman of the Year 2007' inscribed in gold ink on it, "Is just more proof that things always remain constant," he paused his smile wide and goofy, "And that my life never changes."

Jim shrugged, "It's okay that I didn't win, I really didn't expect to. Dwight almost needs this award," he paused and grinned blissfully, "I have other things in my life to look forward to."

Next story - Is called 'The Break In" and deals with a small crime spree that hits Scranton