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You can't change your destiny. You're worthless…

Hinata woke breathless, "Yes I can!" she yelled. Neji's voice rang in her head ever since the Chunin exams. Nothing she did could rid herself of these haunting dreams. But she was determined to show her true ability to her father, to Neji, and the voice that told her she would never change.

He is wrong, she thought, I know I've grown and I will make ANBU, if it's the last thing I do.

With blatant determination she slid off the bed, hoping to change her gray world one step at a time. As was routine, she walked to the center of her room to do a simple set of stretches. Calming breaths cut the silence and she let her eyes roam the contents of her room. Standard sized bed against the wall opposite of the door with a nightstand, holding fresh flowers. It was important to have something brighten up the room when all the company she had was Mr. Loneliness himself. Some paintings spotted the walls, but she had no use for them when she could walk outside and see the real thing. Sitting in the corner was a rocking chair her father had given her. Always, it seemed to stare at her, whispering comments of discouragement. But her most prized possession was the team picture that had made its home on her dresser. Upon entering her room she was always greeted with the memory of happier times; when her team mates weren't as busy. The dresser was her mother's and sat opposite the window, which was at the right when entering the room.

Finishing her stretches, she got up fluidly and walked out her room into the small living room slash kitchen. It was a little cottage, but one she adored. There wasn't anything too special about it, except its isolation from the rest of the Hyuuga housing. Her yard was filled with wild flowers and a thick forest of trees in the back yard. Further into the forest was a river that she trained by almost everyday. She had requested that she separate herself from the Hyuuga complex in order to focus on her training and her father acquiesced, as long as she stayed on the property. That was fine with her. She just wanted to escape her father's disapproving looks and Neji's…well just Neji. His presence stirred up all the things she wanted to forget. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to escape him completely because he too moved further from the complex…about a five minute jog from her cottage. She was infuriated, but later found he was mostly on missions so he was hardly home.

Stepping softly she opened the sliding door to the right of her room that lead to the backyard. It was a beautiful day with zephyrs to cool off the hot atmosphere. The petals of her favorite cherry blossom tree flew with the wind or held on the branches with great perseverance. But they would come off eventually; it was only a matter of time.

Over the years Hinata had learned that her fragil got in the way of what she so wanted to be. And when missions came she could carry them out without hesitation…most of the time. When a mission called for her to end someone's life she could do it without worrying too much. Some may call that extreme, but for a Hyuuga or any serious ninja, it was necessary. In order to rid herself of such troublesome emotion, most of her time was spent away from her friends. As a result, the once consuming crush on Naruto faltered until nothing remained but a sense of friendship. Though she never really saw him, her respect for him was ever growing. He was the one who motivated her. When ever her state of mind faltered she thought of how much he had over come and it gave her strength to keep going. If her nindo was ever reached, all credit would go to him.

Stepping out further into the yard she sat under the cherry blossom tree; her favorite meditating spot. Taking in deep breaths she focused on her chakra, building and releasing it.

Her time had been devoted to training and soon, if her application was accepted, she would be training for the exams. Always last, though. Everyone had already surpassed her. But she would pursue a division that had few occupants. One that most wouldn't even consider; the ANBU tracking unit. Why not use her abilities to their fullest extent? Surely Konoha could use her Byakugon in that area.

She opened her eyes an hour later. Today was going to be important because a meeting with Tsunade awaited her. If Hinata was right, Tsunade would tell her whether or not her application had been accepted. After a quick shower, she combed her hair and put on the standard jounin uniform. Navy blue pants and shirt with the green vest. She wore her head band around her neck as usual.

Being a tracking-ninja was also the only way to show that she could change; that she had changed. It was the only way she could think of to earn the respect of her father, and grudgingly Neji. That last part was hard for her to understand, but she always wanted to prove herself to him. Especially after the battle they had during the Chunin exams.

Maybe be he could train me, she laughed at the idea, right, like he would give me the time of day.

The streets of town weren't as busy, but that was fine with her. Her nerves were already firing off in her body. She wished she could take her mind off it. Thankfully, the perfect distraction began calling her name.

"Hinata!" Naruto called excitedly.

"Naruto, it's nice to see you. How have you been?" she asked, her face lightened up at the friendly greeting.

"I'm doing great Hinata! But where have you been? Nobody has seen you, for a month! Why haven't you come to the bar? You used to come all the time with Kiba and Shino." He rambled.

"Oh …well, I've been busy training. I'm applying for ANBU."

"Wow! That's great! You'll make it for sure, believe it!" He gave the nostalgic thumbs up.

She smirked at his enthusiasm. It had been a while since she had talked to the blonde ninja. His energy caught her off guard.

"Maybe then we can have some missions together like we used to."

"Yes, I would enjoy that. I've really missed having you around Naruto." She said honestly.

"All you have to do is come find me! Then we could train together," then he gave a michevious look, "Or I could buy us some ramen. But don't tell any one, or they'll want me to pay for them too," he said with grin.

"Thank you Naruto; that would be wonderful! But I have to go. Lady Hokage is waiting for me."

"Oh, granny Tsunade." His nose scrunched up, and then he gave her a peculiar look, "You know she really isn't that young, right?"

Hinata couldn't help but laugh out loud. His unintentional humor was one of the things she loved about him.

"Yes Naruto I am aware of the fact." She said smiling.

"Okay, just making sure. Well, I'll catch you around Hinata!" He turned around.

"Wait Naruto! I have a favor to ask you. Um… will you train me? I could really use some help before the ANBU exam."

"Whoa, you want me to train you? That's awesome! I have learned so much! When do you want to start?"

Hinata was relieved to hear how eager he was about it. "We can start tomorrow morning at my cottage, behind the complex."

"Perfect! I'll definitely be there. Oh and a group of us are going to the bar, you should come!"

"Oh, sure. I guess could… just for a while."

"I'll see you there!" he gave her a huge hug that surprised her at first, but she recovered and returned it. He sure had grown; almost all muscle. She could feel the power radiating off him.

Now I can get training and great company, she thought as they walked away from each other.

She loved that Naruto was so willing to train with her. Lately, her old squad had been busy, going on solo missions or filling for other squads.

When she reached the Hokage's office she was met with pleasing news.

"Hinata, your application for ANBU has been accepted. The exams will begin three weeks from now. Report to the ANBU building at 6:00am on the 25th of the April. Nara Shikamaru will oversee your exams. Being an ANBU captain he usually busy but having another Hyuuga join the Black Ops is too good to pass up and I want to make sure you are evaluated by one of the best. I have every confidence you'll pass these exams with flying colors. Lately your missions have been accomplished without error. I look forward to hearing the results. You'll make an excellent addition to the group."

"Thank you, Lady Hokage. I will do my best." Hinata was astounded that the Hokage regarded her so highly. "But I was wondering if I had any say in what division I will be placed in, if I pass."

"That depends on your scores. What did you have in mind?"

"I want to be part of the tracking squad. I believe that my abilities will aid Konoha in ways others can't. I know I can complete those missions thoroughly after some experience. Please consider me for the division." she said bowing slightly.

"I do think your abilities will help greatly in that area, but you didn't exactly strike me as the Hunter-ninja type. I'm sure you know a lot of burden comes with a job like that; you'd be risking a lot. I'm not convinced, however, that you know what you are getting into. Regardless, after reviewing you test scores and consulting Shikamaru I will make the best decision for Konoha. Now, I have some work that needs tending to so you're dismissed."

"Thank you Hokage Tsunade!"

Hinata had just stepped out of the office when she heard light snores coming from the sleeping Hokage.

That was fast, Hinata thought smirking.

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