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Hinata's eyes opened slowly taking in her surroundings. Smiling slightly to herself she hopped out of bed to fix a cup of tea. As she waited for the water to boil, her thoughts traveled to the stormy weather they had two days ago. She remembered the pouring rain and the solid tree at her back But mostly she remembered Neji's rough mouth and his strong arms around her. Unfortunately, that memory among others were the only things to keep her company because Neji had been call away for a short mission. Hinata was a little peeved with Tsunade, but Neji said it was no big deal and that he would be back soon. She understood of course, being a ninja was unpredictable and if Tsunade needed him then he is what she'd get. But like yesterday Hinata hoped he would return soon. Today, however, she did have something to occupy her time and that was to go and see the Hokage. Neji made her promise.

The tea kettle whistled bursting her train of thought. She popped the lid and poured the water into the cup with the tea bag. Her thoughts were so occupied with Neji that she didn't see the cup tip over.

"Ouch, ouch! Ah! That's hot!" She squeaked, as tea sloshed on her.

Ugh, the sooner he gets back the better, she thought shaking her head.

After finishing her tea she headed to her closet and donned her standard black pants and shirt. She took notice of her jounin uniform hanging in the closet and wondered how it was possible she had come this far. Smiling slightly she closed the door and made her way to the Hokage's office. The weather was a startling contrast to the past couple days of rain. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun was shinning brightly. In the village people seemed to be going about business as usual. But if you looked close enough you could see the worry lines of war on people's faces.

When the red building came into view she hoped the Hokage was in a good mood. But her hopes were dashed when she passed a flustered Kotetsu and a battered Izumo. She knocked hesitantly on the Hokage's door.

"Come in!"

Hinata entered ready for whatever mood Tsunade might be in and shut the door behind her. Luckily, Tsunade seemed to be fine or at least over whatever had just transpired.

"Neji said that you might stop by Hinata. This is about the poison, is it not?"

"Yes ma'am. So far the illusions have ceased but they come back periodically."

"Not to worry, I had sent for you medical records from Suna. I was able to produce an antidote," holding out a bag she continued, " You are to take this pill twice a day for two weeks and you should be back to normal."

Hinata took the bag from her.

"Thank you Lady Tsunade." Hinata replied with a smile. She was amazed that Tsunade already had the antidote. Hinata turned to leave, but Tsunade began to speak again.

"Oh and Hinata," Tsunade started busying herself with papers, "I believe Neji is due back tonight." Hinata couldn't hide her amusement. Tsunade was more perceptive then she realized. But she was pleased that Tsunade was trying to be discreet.

"Thank you for the information."

*Down the hallway she caught sight of a long haired blonde and a massive Ninja coming her way.

"Good afternoon Ino; Choji." She said politely. Each of them offered a greeting and disappeared into the Hokage's office. She hadn't seen those two in a while. But that thought was quickly overcome by the news of Neji's return.

When Hinata reached her cottage she didn't stop to go inside but continued on the backyard. She had planned to train but found that the weather was too enticing to ignore. She found herself lying on top of the water soaking in the warm water and dreaming of possibilities. At least she was practicing chakra control. Hinata smiled.

She felt his presence even before his feet slapped against the water. She opened her eyes slowly and saw him standing next to her.

"Tsunade said you'd be back later tonight, you're early." Hinata mused, closing her eyes.

"I could come back in a couple hours; I was planning to take a shower anyway." He turned and walked away. Hinata's eyes flashed open and she ran across the water to jump on his retreating back.

"You knew I was going to do that." She whispered, nuzzling his ear.

"Yes I did." He whispered playfully back. Hinata loved this new light-hearted side of him. Neji pulled her around so that they were chest to chest, staring into mirror images of their eyes.

"You're getting me wet." He smirked.

"Payback for the other night. I had to get soaked just to knock some sense into you." She pressed herself closer. "It's the least I can do to return the favor." Their breath mingled until she found resolve in his eyes and he pressed his mouth urgently against hers making her hands tighten in his hair. She hummed with pleasure.

"Tsunade gave me the medicine today." Hinata said when her lips were free.

"Finally, we can be rid of those hallucinations. I'm tired of worrying about competing with myself.

That made Hinata smile, "There was never any competition… the imaginary Neji won." She was trying to hold in the laughter. Neji's mouth pulled up into a devilish smile

"Then I guess I'll have to out do him."

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