Hey everyone, well I'm back with another story and its Harry Potter this time. This story takes place around the time of the Deathly Hallows. This is also where Voldemort finds out one of his ancestors' is alive and centuries old. Read and enjoy and please tell me what you think.


Slytherin Mansion:

A large house laid on top a hill near a forest with a large, dark lake. Sounds of animals and all magical creatures filled the air, but the loudest out of all of them was the cry of a woman in pain.

Deep inside the house a pale, pregnant woman laid in a bed carved with serpents all over, screaming in pain as she prepared to give birth to her second child. Nurses and doctors were all around her, most holding her arms so she couldn't thrash her arms everywhere. Her husband and nine-year old son waited outside, shielding their ears from her painful cries. The boy looked up at his father questionably…and spoke in a small timid voice.

"What will the baby be called father?" the boy's father shook his head and held his son around the shoulders.

"I don't know son, we'll have to wait and see if it's a boy or a girl."

An hour later the house became still and quiet to the sound of an infant crying. The man and his son walked into the room where the woman was holding a bundle wrapped in a dark green blanket with the initials, S. S., sewn into a corner in silver thread. The man walked over to her and removed the blanket away from the infant's face. The baby's skin was an almost tan-like color like its mother's, but its hair was dark and thick, like its father's. The man looked up to one of the nurses and asked if it was male or female.

"It's a girl my lord…she's perfectly healthy. Your wife should feel better within the next week, if she gets enough bed rest and nutrition, she'll be back on her feet in no time." The nurse smiled and left the room after the man thanked them all for their services.

"What do you wish to name her Elaina?" the man asked taking his daughter gently out of his wife's arms. He showed her to her brother, and the boy gently stroked the infant's cheek with his small index finger.

"You're letting me name her my love?"

"Yes, I think it's best if we let her mother name her, what do you think my son?" the man looked at his son and the boy just nodded.

"I have a name…Salena, Salena Madeline Slytherin. What do you think Samuel? Salazar?"

The man thought for a minute and looked over at his little boy; he smiled and turned back to his wife Elaina.

"It's a perfect name for her, and she will be one of the world's finest witches in all the land. Let it be known that from this day on, that Samuel and Salena Slytherin will become two of the world's greatest wizards and witches of all time!!" Salazar Slytherin reached into his robes and pulled out his wand before holding up little Salena's left arm and gave her the Slytherin birth mark, which was a serpent with a dark skull beneath it, shaped like an S. Salena looked up at her father with those dark green eyes she inherited from her father, and gave out a tiny squeal of delight.


So whatcha think? Is it good, or what? Now the first part starts back centuries earlier, about ten years before Salazar Slytherin left Hogwarts on his own. If you have any ideas then please let me know in a review okay? Thanks and enjoy.