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Author's Note: Story inspired by cupid, who wrote the first line and the premise. Thank you so much, dear. I hope you write something about the Dumbledore family soon.

Albus hates his sister.

Not with the deep, slow burning hate you hear about, that eats at a person's soul until they go mad with pure hatred. No, his hate came in quick, unexpected bursts that made him feel almost sick.

He shouldn't feel this way, and somewhere inside of him he loves Ariana with all his heart, but this part is buried beneath the bit that won't shut up about Gellert. The Gellert who's time Ariana monopolizes (but she doesn't mean to), the Gellert who has the patience for her (that he doesn't), the Gellert that he's known for naught but a month and he really shouldn't feel this way because it's wrong and it's forbidden and it's just not right.

Seeing them together is enough to make Albus miserably wish he could be poor, simple, oblivious Ariana for a little while. To know what it feels like to have someone so utterly focused on you that they forget everyone else. (And he wouldn't admit that this desire stemmed from her, she took away Mama's time and then Aberforth's time and now Gellert's time, and it's just too much.)

Gellert dotes upon Ariana. He finds her adorable and sweet, and positively showers her with affection that Albus thinks deserves to be his. And maybe if he works more on the Hallows, Gellert will pay attention to him rather then little Ariana, who could barely talk and smiled like a broken doll.

(It's like deja vu-

"Mother, look, I've got O's in all of my exams!"

"Oh, that's wonder- hold on a moment, Albus, I need to dress Ariana. You'll tell me about it later, right? There's a good boy. Run along, then.")

Or when he and Gellert were in the sitting room, supposedly working on the Hallows, when really they were talking and laughing and he'd never felt this comfortable with him before and they're so close together leaning over the tea table, maybe he should kiss him-

and in skidded Ariana, breathless and frightened because oh she'd had another nightmare, and she was whimpering in a way that made Albus' hatred for her melt and want to wrap her in his arms like he almost never did. But he couldn't, because she'd sunk onto the couch beside Gellert, who was stroking her hair gently. And the hatred came back, full force, and oh what he wouldn't give to be like Ariana for just a little while and doesn't she see how Gellert looks at her?

It makes Albus all the more love struck to know that Gellert would never in a million years try anything with her, however, no matter how pretty she may be, but that thought causes an unpleasant jolt in his stomach- Ariana is pretty. How had he just noticed this? For the first time, his sister was a beauty, much more so than the painted-on faces of the neighborhood girls, and no wonder Gellert wants her just look at the innocent loveliness.

Albus hates his sister, so much more than she'll ever know.