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The gang is now in their final year of middle school and not much has changed in their lives. Mikan is still the same cheerful girl, but is older now and more mature. Now at 14 years of age she had grown taller and that was probably the only thing that had changed about her. She's still the loud mouthed girl that Natsume loved to tease and never got tired of doing it either. Although, many have realized, especially Hotaru and Ruka, that Natsume seems to be flirting rather than teasing nowadays. Mikan of course, often yells at him when he teases her, but never fails to get back to her smiling face. Yes, the girl still has that same cheerful smile, that is, until recently.

The girl still smiles, but they have become more awkward and forced. Natsume has been more observant because of this. He is keeping a close eye on her and has noticed her blushing at the most random times. It wasn't until just yesterday that he, Ruka, Hotaru, Koko, Yuu, Anna, and Nonoko have found out why she has been acting different. It all started at lunch.

Ruka Nogi and Natsume Hyuuga were on their way to their usual lunch table with the rest of the gang. Since Ruka and Hotaru are now going out, Ruka and Natsume sit with them. The two casually went over to the table, but froze when they noticed everyone crowding around Mikan and looking over her shoulder. Even Hotaru seemed interested in whatever was going on. The two only were able to catch part of the conversation.

"It says here that he is in our class!" a blushing Mikan exclaimed, staring down at a letter in her hands. Anna suddenly snatched the note from her.

"Mikan is so lucky!" she exclaimed cheerfully. "I've never had a secret admirer before!" That caught Natsume's attention. He briskly walked over toward them and peered over Anna's shoulder at the letter, with Ruka not far behind. Koko then grabbed the note from Anna and scanned over it quickly.

"Sound like he is really serious about this," the mind reader smirked teasingly, enjoying Mikan's flustered face. Yuu peered over Koko's shoulder and scanned the note as well.

"I wonder who it could be," he mumbled to no one in particular.

"What the heck is going on?" Natsume spoke rudely. Koko turned toward them in surprise. Noting their annoyed expressions, he smiled at them happily.

"Oh! Natsume! Ruka!" he exclaimed, grinning widely. "It seems that Sakura has an admirer! Hey Imai! Read the letter again! Not all of us got to hear it!" Mikan's eyes widened as she dived at Koko, who currently had the letter.

"No!" she yelled, trying to grab the note desperately. "Hotaru! Don't! Not again!" Her face was as red as a tomato. Koko pushed Mikan away and quickly handed Hotaru the love letter.

"Hotaruuuuuuuu!" Mikan whined pitifully as Hotaru stared down at the letter with a slight smirk playing on her lips. Everyone was silent and had an amused look on their faces, except for three. Both Natsume and Ruka had furious expressions on their faces and Mikan was blushing madly while she hid her face in her hands.

"To my beloved Mikan Sakura,

I wasn't sure if I should send this letter or not, but I wanted you to know how I feel about you. I really like you. I always watch you and whenever I see you smile, I feel like I can do anything. I watch you often during class and I am always amazed that you are able to smile, even when times are hard. I hope I don't seem like a stalker when I am saying this. Your smile is enough to even brighten my day and the more I see you, the more I want to tell you my feelings. I didn't have the courage to tell you who I am, at least, not yet. I promise that someday, I will reveal myself to you. This letter is just to let you know that someone is thinking about you and admires you for who you are.


Your Secret Admirer"

Hotaru lowered the note and looking at everyone who had been listening. Koko, Anna, and Nonoko were giggling childishly while Yuu just grinned, trying to hide his laughter. Mikan still hadn't lifted her face from her hands and was simply wishing that a black hole would swallow her up right about now. Anna and Nonoko just continued to laugh and went over to Mikan. They set their hands on her shoulders and began to laugh and tease her happily.

Ruka however looked downright annoyed, but didn't look as bad as Natsume.

Hotaru knew that her boyfriend didn't like the idea of any other boy besides Natsume being with Mikan, whom was like a sister to him. Hotaru herself, looked like she could care less, but then again what else was new? She was actually amused with the whole situation and it wasn't just because the thought of someone admiring the baka was funny.

No, the inventor knew that a certain Kuro Neko wouldn't be taking the situation very lightly. The fire caster was definitely living up to that title. His dark maroon eyes seemed to have gotten a shade darker if possible and you could see the fire in them. He gritted his teeth together and his fists were clenched tightly. Koko, who had been staring at both Natsume and Ruka for a while now, smirked at their thoughts. He grinned evilly before going back to amusing himself with Mikan's flustered thoughts.

Hotaru Imai was definitely enjoying this more than anyone. Her stoic and emotionless expression hid it well though. She tossed the letter back to an embarrassed Mikan before eating her lunch happily. It looks like her life just got a little more interesting. She stole a quick glance at Natsume and Ruka before nodding in satisfaction.

"Whoever this secret admirer guy is," she thought to herself. "He's a dead man."

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