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Ryan sat there petulantly. He would not respond to that idiotic sister of his. He was her poodle no more. Well at least for now. After all, a guy needed some alone time too.

"RYAN EVANS!" Sharpay shrieked

Ryan pulled out his i-pod and plugged in into his ears, searching for the Hilary Duff album he'd put in the night before.


But by that time, Ryan was too far off in his mind to hear her. Sharpay huffed angrily and stomped off. In her anger, she walked head first into Troy Bolton and his basketball posse. "What the hell is your…" she began before looking up and realizing who she was talking to. "Oh. Hi Troy." She continued, flatly. Before brushing past him, muttering under her breath about stupid twins.

"Well that was new." Said Zeke, looking at the slightly astonished Troy. Chad mumbled something about having to go and sprinted off in the direction Sharpay came from. "Chad!" Troy called after him, but Chad was gone. Troy sighed. "Come on guys, lets go. We can manage without Chad. He's been slightly off lately anyway." muttered Troy, heading towards the basketball court, Zeke and Jason following close behind.


"Evans!" Chad whispered loudly as he crept into the room. "Evans!"

Ryan thought he heard someone calling him, but he was too preoccupied to bother to respond. Suddenly, a head of fluffy brown hair popped up from behind the door. Ryan sighed. He had become friends with Chad over the summer. But once school had started back up, they'd drifted apart. Which was sad. Chad was really a very nice guy. Too bad he's straight, thought Ryan. He simply stared at Chad as he made his way over to sit next to Ryan. "How've you been?" he asked Ryan softly. Ryan pulled the earphones out of his ears and stowed his i-pod away. "What?" he asked Chad slightly rudely. Chad sighed. "Look Ryan. I know I've been avoiding you and all but could you please hear me out?" Ryan crossed his arms and faced Chad "Lets hear it then." He said.

Chad flushed red. "Well you see, since you started giving me those dance lessons, I started thinking. About myself really and some stuff I didn't really want to think about before. And I finally managed to admit something to myself. I'm gay." Chad whispered the last word. Ryan gave him an incredulous look. "And you decided to ignore me because of that?" his look changed to one of hurt. "Ryan. Its not like that its just…just…" Chad stuttered. "Just what Chad?" Ryan asked softly. "..just afraid of what I might do if I stayed around you too long. Ok? I like you there. Now you can hate me." He said standing up to leave. He felt as thought his heart was being ripped into a million pieces.

"Chad" Ryan whispered. Chad stopped in his tracks "What now Ryan? I really don't need you to see me cry thanks" he said. Ryan came up from behind him and wrapped his arms around Chad. "I like you too. You should have told me earlier." He whispered into Chad's ear, making him shudder. Chad spun around and capture Ryan's lips in a kiss. It was at that exact moment that Sharpay stormed in.

"RYAN!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Ryan detatched himself from Chad. "Go away Shar." He said before turning back to Chad "Where were we?" he asked. Chad just kissed him again. Sharpay left the room, a huge smile on her face. Finally.