The end of Dance Dance apartheid

Joey Jo-jo Ballsworthy was a young kid of around 15 or so whose number one passion was video games, he was the number one video gamer in his town and held the high score for all the games in his local arcade, all except for one, dance dance revolution. He'd come close on many occasions but had failed to make it even to 10th. He simply lacked to superhuman dance dance power as was a signature of the Orientals. Those mysterious people with dark hair, high cheekbones, the unique eyes and unbelievable talent at math and dance dance revolution. However, Joey was determined to bring white power to the dance dance hall of fame.

Joey arrived at the arcade after much training his body for the gruelling task ahead, mainly by standing on an ants nest for as long as possible. Upon his arrival at the arcade Joey faced the arcade machine, it stood there, taunting him, "come one, whitey, you have no hope" it seemed to say. "I'LL SHOW YOU, YOU INFERNAL MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!", yelled Joey as he stormed up to the machine amidst a sea of odd looks from the other patrons. He slammed his money into the machine and pressed the start button "now", said Joey, "the epic struggle of Asian and Caucasian begins".

The music started, arrows flashed across the screen as Joey moved his feet from pad to pad in a display of perfect stomping grace, the music slowly sped up, the arrows rocketed across the screen and Joey pushed forwards, as he stomped to the beat Joey thought about how sweet his victory will be, how good it will feel to enter a name into the high scores that doesn't have a hyphen between every syllable. Suddenly, the music stopped!

The words 'game over' appeared on the screen and Joey watched apprehensively for the words 'high score' to appear, after half a second, they did and the screen flashed to the high score menu to allow Joey to enter his name in second place. "THAT'S FOR PEARL HARBOUR!" he yelled out, "shut up you racist fuck", said the guy at the counter, as Joey entered his initials in the high score list. "next time" he murmured, "I'm taking first".