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Authors Note: This piece is flash fiction. Flash fiction is a complete story that is 500 words or less; it was popular with literary types when I was in grad school. This was an attempt at it by me in the fanfiction universe.

Hidden Values by medea42

Andrea saw Jodie coming, and lowered her heads to her book. "Great," she muttered under her breath, "I really need to deal with Her Perkiness right now."

Her eye fell unwillingly to the slip of paper on the library table. Ms. Li had seen fit to send her another notice stating that Paaaagans could not perform sacrifices on school grounds. Li sent her one every week, and this time decided to follow up with a locker search that ended with tampons scattered all over the hall floor, right in front of Jim. As if her life didn't suck enough from going to Lawndale by itself.

And the insult was compounded by the fact that she was personally a United Church of Christ Protestant.

Jodie sat across the table from her. "Look, I know that we're different in a lot of ways, but this -" and she tapped the paper in front of Andrea "Is totally uncool."

"C'mon Jodie, helping me would just look good on your college applications."

Jodie smirked, and fished a pendant out from underneath her shirt. Andrea's eyes widened at the silver star surrounded by a circle hanging off of Jodie's neck. "You can bet that this wouldn't look good on one of those applications," Jodie told her before tucking the pendant back into her shirt.