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Watanagashi was a rather peaceful city, Sakura Haruno had been told that. That was the reason why she, along with her boyfriend, had decided to go there for their vacation season.

It wasn't as big as Konohagakure, and she didn't know anyone there (though most of her friends were going to come for their vacations as well), but her mother had actually let her go with him. That was worth a lot. From what she'd heard, it wasn't as large as Konoha, but it was somewhat noisy (more so at night).

Sasori, her boyfriend, knew a couple of people there, which was why they now had a pretty little house that some…Kakuzu? Hadn't been using. By what Sasori had said, the guy was filthy rich and a greedy miser. But they were good friends, thus why Kakuzu had agreed on renting the house.

"So… am I going to meet him?" she asked, looking out the window at the downtown of Watanagashi. The shops were rustic, with an old look to them, customary of most downtowns. Uptown, Sasori had told her, was full of much modern things: clubs, hotels, malls, things like that.

"Unfortunately. He insisted on giving us several warnings face to face. I'm afraid his cousin, Hidan, will also show up." He told her, turning the car into a smaller lane, framed with several snow covered houses.

Sakura frowned at his statement, turning towards him and asked, "Is Hidan a nice guy? By your tone of voice he sounds like-."

"A jerk." finished Sasori as they parked near a two story house with a rather pretty (coughsnowcoveredcough) garden, where a black Ferrari was parked. "He's rather… foulmouthed. Just don't stare at him or Kakuzu and he won't bother you."

Sakura wanted to ask what was so bad that would make her stare, but Sasori got out of the car and she had no choice but to follow. From the Ferrari, a man in a black suit with a regular green shirt emerged, and she saw why Sasori had warned her not to stare.

Firstly, he had a white cloth covering his lower face, letting only his eyes uncovered. Second were his eyes themselves. His sclera was black. It made his green iris tremendously pronounced, as if his eyes were shinning. It didn't help that his skin was brownish, or that his black hair was black and unkempt. She could calculate some thirty years on him.

And Sakura, being an average human being, stared with all her might.

"So this is your new doll, huh?" he asked, as his creepy eyes looked at her up and down. It felt like x-rays to her. "I thought you said you hated pink."

Sakura blushed at his bluntness and Sasori stared at him impassively. "I said I hated pink objects. She only has pink hair. Hair is not an object"

The passenger door of the Ferrari opened and loud laughter erupted. A younger man with white hair and pink eyes came into view, smirking at them. He was wearing a black trench coat over a red long sleeved shirt and ripped jeans, several chains jingling, with what seemed to be army boots. On his chest was a curious necklace, consisting of a triangle inside a circle.

"That's really fucking smart, Sasori. Really, 'hair's not an object'!" he sing-songed, laughing again. "What? Don't tell me Konoha made you a pansy-ass idiot!"

"Hidan," Sasori said with a deep frown, "pleasure as always to hear you and your obscenities."

He shrugged with a smirk, Kakuzu rolling his eyes, "Now that you're done with-"

"I'm not fucking done, you cheap-ass heathen! Shit! Let a man have a motherfucking normal conversation!" Hidan suddenly cut him off, yelling in an exaggerated tone. "Now, where was I? Oh yeah! Does Deidara know you came?"

That name brought a sudden heavy atmosphere to the conversation. Sakura found herself wondering who this 'Deidara' was. Perhaps, Sasori's ex-girlfriend?

"No. Why should he know anyway? He insisted he'd hate me when I left and that his… 'Art' would surpass mine" he answered. Sakura could have sworn he smiled. But maybe it was just the weather. It was terribly cold, after all, and such a harsh weather can destroy ones brain cells.

Both Kakuzu and Hidan looked at each other, as if sharing some secret, then Kakuzu spoke up. "When was the last time you spoke to him?"

Sasori blinked and looked at them both. "Last time I spoke to him? Before I left Watanagashi, I told you. Care to share what you know?"

Hidan stared at him, smiling like a chesire cat. "You mean you don't know!? Fuck! Then I should tell you! He got himself-OW! Fucking dick!! What the hell was that for!?" he yelled, rubbing his side where Kakuzu had elbowed him.

"If I remember correctly," he hissed "Deidara wants that as private as possible… and he paid me to keep your mouth shut."

The tense air dissipated somewhat after that. Sakura was sure Sasori wanted to know more, and she was sure he would press them to tell him. For some reason he didn't. The pink haired girl cleared her throat, catching the attention of the three males.

"So, umm, Kakuzu-san, you were going to warn us about..?" she asked, trying to take the subject off 'Deidara'.

Kakuzu seemed to smile (she wasn't sure, what with the cloth and all, though the cloth itself gave her a clue.) and looked at Sasori. "You got yourself a good girlfriend. She has a set mind, not to mention she's brave for dating you."

She glared at him. It wasn't the first time someone had said that. Naruto Uzumaki, her best friend, had asked if she had gone insane, whilst Ino Yamanaka had fainted. Even Temari had been shocked. The comments, after a time, got boring and tiresome.

"Well then, don't go to the attic or the basement, I remember putting something there, just don't remember what it was. Anything you use, you'll pay. I mean it. And one last thing" he pointed at Hidan and said, "He'll be living with you."

"WHAT!?" Sakura all but screamed, "Sasori didn't say anything about that!"

"He didn't? That's your problem. Priest boy, get your stuff off my car"

"I've told you not to fucking call me that, ass-prick!" Hidan yelled. He made his way to the Ferrari, opened the door, took out a beaten-up duffle bag and headed back to them." There. Are you happy now, shit-face?"

Kakuzu ignored the insults and handed Sasori the keys. "Good luck. Hope your girlfriend's got a lot of patience."

Hidan set his duffle bag besides him as Kakuzu went back to his car, turned it on and left, leaving the three new occupants to see him speed-off. An awkward silence fell on them, Sakura shuffling the scruff of her scarf, Sasori staring ahead blankly and Hidan cursing under his breath.

He turned and gave both an 'I'm-getting-pretty-bored-here-dumb-fucks' look. "Well? Are we going in, or are we staying here to eat Kakuzu's dirt?"

Three days had passed since Hidan had been; to quote him 'Abandoned in the middle of goddamn nowhere'. Those three short days made Sakura wonder how Sasori, of all people, came in touch with such a loud, foul-mouthed, irreverent and creepy teenager.

Sure, Kakuzu had been weird, but he was somewhat polite. Hidan, however, was a pain in the ass. There was no other way to put it. But that wasn't what had Sakura slightly scared. She had been looking around and wandered into the room he had chosen when she found them.

Bloodied bandages.

She'd turned tail immediately, screamed bloody murder and had told Sasori who had merely said "So he's still into that, huh?"

Thus why, when they had begun discussing buying groceries, Sakura had immediately volunteered to go. Hidan had given her a small list of things he needed (a list Sakura wasn't willing to see yet), and she'd agreed with Sasori on another list for the actual groceries.

At the moment, Sakura was trying desperately to find a parking space. Finally, she spotted one near the entrance and parked Sasori's GLK. She got out, walked a few meters and entered the grocery store. It wasn't tremendously huge as Konoha's, but it would be a problem to find things. With a sigh, she took out their list (Hidan's as well, she shuddered) and began the trek through the aisles.

Sakura was quite proud of herself about fifteen minutes later, the cart almost full with more than half of the list's contents. All she needed now was milk, eggs and some frosted veggies. The pink haired girl made her way to the last of the aisles when she heard screaming.

Unfortunately, the screams came from where the things she needed were. As she approached the aisle, the screams became much more defined, turning out to be someone yelling.

"What's that supposed to mean!? Why did you bring this!? I asked for the bucket, not this puny little tub!!" the person yelled. As she entered the aisle, Sakura saw who was making such a racket over a bucket of, she supposed, ice-cream.

A blonde, teenage girl (guy?) gave an irritated sigh. By his open black hoodie sweater and fishnet shirt he was definitely male (though why someone would be wearing only that in winter no less was beyond her). Curiously, his chest was bandaged.

His jeans were old and severely sewed. On his feet were black sandals, and Sakura was surprised to see purple nail polish on his toes (and probably on his nails as well). He was wearing a black, cloth headband in his forehead, half his hair covering his face. She thought that maybe the ponytail was an exaggeration.

"Sempai, you shouldn't have screamed at her." Another teenager with a bright, swirling orange mask told the blonde as the poor attendant ran for the bucket. He was wearing all black, from his log-sleeved shirt, his jeans and scarf, to his tennis shoes. He was even wearing black gloves.

Sakura had to wonder if this guy knew Naruto. After all, the only colour blind person she knew to willingly wear orange was the hyperactive blond.

"Serves her right" he harrumphed and went to what seemed to be their cart. He leaned on it and growled "If she'd done her job right the first time, I wouldn't have screamed like that, un"

Walking towards where she had seen the milk, Sakura hoped the guy wouldn't bother her. She could easily tell he was a problem-person. She passed him and swirly boy and grabbed the milk. She would have left if not for the next sentence.

"You're such a bad person, Deidara-sempai"

"Deidara?" Sakura asked out-loud. She proceeded to slap her mouth shut as the blonde's head turned her way.

"Who wants to know, un?" he snapped, glaring at the girl, who had decided not to make matters worse by running as far as possible from the unstable blonde.

She laughed nervously and turned to face him, not liking at all the horrid glare he was giving her. "Umm, hi, my name's Sakura Haruno, and, well, I couldn't help but listen to you two speaking."

He snarled, mouth upturned and snapped "Yeah, well, that's fucking rude, un"

His attitude reminded her terribly of Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto's boyfriend, though Sasuke was cold and ignored you. This guy was… snappy and bitchy.

The girl thought that it was best to explain than have him snap again. "Well, you see, my boyfriend, Sasori, and some friends-"

"Sasori?" he interrupted, his lone, blue eye going wide. "He's here?" He seemed to go quiet, his gaze going to the floor.

"Sempai, are you ok?" orange swirly asked in a worried tone. Before he was able to approach his sempai, the blonde started laughing so hard, it was scary.

"You!? Sasori no Danna's girlfriend!? You've got to be kidding me!" he yelled, grabbing his stomach, laughing harder and grabbing the taller teen for support. "His girlfriend!!" he wheezed and a new attack of hysterics hit him.

Sakura blushed, her face turning from worried to angry. "What's so funny!?"

Wiping his eye at the tears that had appeared from laughing so hard, Deidara straightened himself, approached her and sneered "So, you're his new fuck toy, huh?"

"Sempai!!" the older teen yelled in shock as Sakura gasped. Without further ado, she punched him straight in the face, sending him stumbling back. The other teen caught him and held him back as the blonde struggled to get up.

"Let go, Tobi! I'm going to punch some sense into this bitch, un!" he yelled, grabbing unto his rather broken nose. Tobi held unto his sempai, away from the pink haired girl. It was the blonde's fault that he got punched, he reasoned. Of course, his Sempai got into more trouble than he necessarily should because of his rather… florid jargon.

The store lady arrived with a bucket of vanilla ice-cream and stopped, looking at the three. "U-Umm… you're bucket, sir."

Deidara gave one last glare to Sakura and finally stopped his attempts. "Tobi, get the ice-cream and let's go. I'm tired, un" He grabbed the cart and left the aisle, bloody nose high in the air. Tobi followed him after he had grabbed the ice-cream and gave Sakura a little bow with loud, embarrassed "I'm SO sorry!!"

All Sakura did was stare after them, wondering what Deidara meant. "New… fuck toy?" she murmured.

She also idly wondered why someone would be buying ice-cream in a cold winter day.

Dinner was unusually quiet for the three occupants of the small house. Even Hidan wasn't ranting about heathens and the apocalypse coming and how he would be okay and ravishing the poor, virgin heathens that were near damnation.

"Umm… Sasori? I met Deidara-san today." Sakura said, as she decided she had enough silence to last her through Naruto's wilder rants.

He looked up from his tuna casserole, Hidan as well, with an elegantly raised eyebrow. "Deidara on his own?" he asked.

Sakura found the question odd, but decided not to comment at the moment "No, with someone he kept calling Tobi. He had the weirdest orange mask, you should've seen him"

Sasori's eyes widened somewhat, and Hidan made what seemed to be a sound of disgust missed with disagreement.

"Deidara-chan's still with the swirly fucker? That's impressive by his standards, right, Sasori?"" Hidan said, his fork poking his food rather violently.

"Still… with him? They're dating?" Sasori prodded, in a matter that said 'Speak-now-or-I'll-gutter-it-out-of-you'. Hidan nodded lightly, placing his fork on the dish.

"Weird, huh? Deidara's not the one to hold an actual relationship. And yet, he's been with that guy for three fucking years."

A strange exchange was made through nothing but their eyes and Sakura felt rather left out. She wondered what was so strange about the teenager having such a long relationship, but nothing except his harsh temper made sense to that. Was there something more to what she was seeing?

…or maybe she was just overacting. Yes, she thought, as Hidan went back to his normal ranting self. That was the most possible thing.