Well then, chapter one! Hopefully, you liked the crappy prologue and you guys won't be that disappointed with this one. Special thanks to Sinister Voices! Disclaimer and warnings can be read in the prologue.

Deidara didn't like strangers. He hated the introductions, the awkward silences, the need to be liked. It angered him, and he always said so. With tremendously florid language of course, but I digress.

Tobi would always complain about his people skills, or lack of, and Deidara, as usual would give him the finger and tell him to 'Shut the Fuck up or I won't be speaking to you!' So when the Sakura-brat had talked to him (by name! The nerve of her!!), what patience he'd tried to get back due to the incompetent girl who didn't bring what he wanted, had immediately vaporized.

But that wasn't all! Oh, no! She still had to go ahead and proclaim herself to be Sasori no Danna's girlfriend. Sasori no Danna, the cold-hearted bastard who-didn't'-give-a-damn with a girlfriend? He didn't believe it. He said so and laughed in her face because of it. Then, just to spite her, he decided to tease her.

And she fucking sucker-punched him!!

He would've beaten the shit out of her, if it wasn't for Tobi. The fucking prick had held him and asked him to please stop. Of course, he wasn't going to listen, but heaven in all its vanillaish glory had arrived. He'd snapped at Tobi to get the tub and he'd left him there (he was not embarrassed).

After paying for the groceries and as they headed towards their (why the fuck!?) white Jeep, Deidara kicked Tobi on the knee. He was satisfied when the taller teen gave a yelp and doubled over, rubbing at his new throbbing bruise.

"Put everything in the car and hurry up! It's getting colder, un."

Without another word, the blond grabbed the keys from Tobi's pocket, opened the passenger side and sat, waiting for the other to hurry up. After Tobi had placed all the bags into their car (he'd wailed at his senpai to help which had earned him getting hit with a flying sandal), they made their way to the house they shared. Or more like the estate Tobi had inherited.

How a random guy with no last name had inherited an Uchiha estate, no less, was still a mystery to Deidara. But he didn't mind, and he didn't ask questions. Questions were uncomfortable and made you doubt when you received answers. With a growl, he looked away, concentrating on the passing scenery that changed as they entered the oldest part of Watanagashi.

"I'm sorry, un" he suddenly said, breaking the silence in their car.

"It's alright, Sempai." Tobi answered, not even turning to see him. Deidara shuffled uncomfortably in his chair. Had he screwed up? He closed his eyes, trying to think of something to tell Tobi. Well, what could he say!? He still wasn't good at this! This relationship thing was as complicated as a Rubik puzzle. Once one piece was done, the rest was a total mess. He opened his eyes, about to further apologize, and stared at where Tobi was.

There wasn't anyone on the driver's seat. Deidara kept staring blankly at the empty seat and looked forward, unable to really understand. He blinked, rubbed his eyes and looked at the seat again.

It was empty. The blonde found himself shivering, as the situation began to sink in. How was that possible? How the fuck was the Jeep still going through the road!? It was as if… as if…

Tobi wasn't a necessity. He's abandoned you.

Panic took over and Deidara screamed, grabbing his hair with too much strength, closing his eyes shut. Everything was spinning. The air was hot and suffocating. He felt his lungs close, his vision blurred and he whimpered. The blonde felt hands grabbing him and he slapped them away, kicking at whomever it had been.

'Tobi!!' his mind screamed 'Tobi you bastard! You fucking promised!! You-you told me!! You said you wouldn't… you would never...!'


Deidara's eyes snapped open as he looked at Tobi's mask. The car had been stopped by Tobi. The taller teen had gotten off, opening the passenger door and unbuckling him, shaking him, trying to snap him out of whatever had happened. Tobi watched as his sempai's eyelids suddenly dropped and he slumped on him, unconscious.

Tobi sighed. He knew what this meant. The sudden burst of hallucinations, fever (he had touched his Sempai's forehead), weakness. Tobi laid his Sempai back on the seat, buckling him tightly so he wouldn't fall, and closed the door.

Taking out his cellphone, the masked teen made a quick message and sent it to several people. The time had arrived. He opened the door and got in, looking at his sempai. He wasn't about to commit the same mistakes that had occurred in other years. This one would be different, he reasoned. Turning the car on, he sped off towards the Uchiha estate. He would not allow mistakes this year.

Itachi and Sasuke, also known as the Uchiha siblings, were known for being cold-hearted and insensitive. Both were handsome, rich and knew how to manipulate people. The Uchiha name was one to fear, respect, and/or hate.

At the moment, the siblings were on a black Suburban, making their way to Watanagashi. Besides Itachi, and at the wheel, was Kisame Hoshigaki, thought by many to be Itachi's bodyguard. In reality, he and Itachi were nothing but work partners, associates.

The body guard rumour had been started by a blonde bundle of energy, which was, at the moment, having a one-sided conversation with the youngest Uchiha, receiving grunts and stares only as answers. Naruto didn't mind (not now anyway) his boyfriend's limited vocabulary. Kisame took part of the conversation from time to time, and he'd actually get Itachi to talk to him.

Three cellphones went off at the same time. Naruto stopped mid-rant and looked with curiosity as Kisame, Itachi and Sasuke took out their cellphones. Sasuke frowned at the screen, Kisame smiled with his sharp serrated teeth, and Itachi merely stared at the screen.

"Huh? What's up? Why'd you all get a message at the same time?" Naruto asked, leaning into Sasuke, trying to catch a glimpse of what he was writing "Oh, come on! I can keep a secret-tebayo!"

Kisame looked into the mirror as the two teens began struggling over the cellphone, Naruto complaining loudly and Sasuke yelling at him to get off. "Don't worry, Naruto-kun. It's just work stuff, nothing to worry your little blonde head over."

Naruto pouted at Kisame and sat back on his seat, arms crossed and glaring. "Yeah, well, I bet you're going to some secret meeting or something." He growled. Sasuke closed his cellphone, having sent whatever he had typed.

"It seems our arrival was precise" Itachi suddenly spoke up and looked up at the mirror, looking at his brother, "Your 'friends'… Have they-"

"Just finished telling them" Sasuke cut off. Naruto rolled his eyes. Really, all this secrecy was an exaggeration. He leaned on Sasuke's shoulder, made himself comfortable, and told the raven haired teen to wake him up when they arrived.

Kakuzu gave a sigh as he entered his office after a rather nasty reconstruction surgery. At least, he'd get quite the hefty amount from the lady. More like old woman, but to hell with it, he was going to get paid.

His cellphone went off with a loud obnoxious tone. He glared at it. Hidan had probably placed the tone just to spite him. He opened it and looked at the message.

"Oh? So soon?" he murmured to himself. Well then, that trip to Watanagashi he'd been thinking about had to be done. The faster this was done, the better.

Hidan laughed as Sakura ran after him, screaming for him to give her panties back. His cellphone screeched with loud music and obscenities that made Sakura just as pink as her hair. He kept the panties out of reach as he read the message.

"Wha-? The fuck!? It's already that time of the month?" he finally gave Sakura her panties (well, actually, he threw them out the window) and made his way to the door. Coming to Watanagashi had its advantages. This was one of them, he mused. He grabbed his bicycle (which had the other day, thank Jashin) and exited the house, speeding away from Sakura who started throwing rocks at him.

Zetzu, a teenager working in Watanagashi's morgue, looked at the message in his cellphone. He pocketed the phone in his jacket and took off the latex gloves he was wearing.

The corpse would have to wait.

A woman with blue hair closed her cellphone, made a quick note and headed towards the exit of the art shop.

Yes, clients would come because of the festival, but at the moment, this was of greater importance. She placed the note on the door, changed the sign to 'Closed' and headed towards her car. Konan figured Pein would read it when he arrived. If only he wasn't so stubborn and got himself a phone.

It was a good thing they were being called anyway. She had matters to discuss with Deidara.

"It's here!" a teenage girl yelled at her two companions, making her way through the shelves of books. They both stared at her like she was some sort of maniac.

"Karin, we don't talk stupid. What's here?" the younger asked with a smirk to his face, showing sharp teeth.

"Suigetsu, shut the fuck up!" the girl in glasses snapped at him, turning to the tallest teen. "Sasuke's message is here! It's finally time Juugo!" she squealed and held the cellphone to her chest.

Juugo looked at the girl one last time and changed his view to the streets of Watanagashi, just outside the library in which they worked. "Then, we must go. The others will arrive shortly."

Karin nodded and kept squealing to herself, Suigetsu saying that she looked like a love-sick puppy. He was promptly kicked on the crotch.

Sakura sighed and looked outside for the seventh time that day. She'd been called a few minutes ago by Naruto, after Hidan had left (thank God), telling him they were going to arrive at Watanagashi in a few minutes.

Sasori had locked himself in his room, telling her that he would NOT form part of the 'love' fest, as he had called it. Her eyes lit up as she saw a suburban making its way towards the house.

"YES!" she all but screamed, going towards the door and opening it, watching as the car parked.

Naruto opened the door, closed it and ran towards Sakura with a bright smile on his face. "Sakura-chan!" he yelled as they enveloped each other in a hug. Sasuke came out much more calmly, watching the two of them and their usual hi!-I-missed-you cuddling.

"Oh! Hello Sasuke-kun! How you've been lately?" Sakura asked the other teen, Naruto grabbing him by the wrists, dragging the raven haired teen.

"He's sulking again, Sakura-chan! He won't even kiss me!" the blonde whined as he kept dragging the taller teen, earning himself a bop to the head.

"I can walk on my own, usurantonkachi. And I have not been sulking." He said, glaring at the blonde who merely gave him his trademark grin.

Sakura guided them into the house, receiving sounds of awe and appreciation from Naruto as he looked around the kitchen. "Hey… where's your boyfriend?" he suddenly asked. Sakura smiled. Naruto had always been rather reluctant to accept their relationship. He'd even gone as far as interviewing Sasori, asking him all sorts of ridiculous questions. And even then, Naruto held a deep mistrust towards him.

"He's upstairs tending to his puppets." She answered as they sat in the small living room.

"On his vacation? Instead of being here with us? Sakura-chan, he's got a weird fetish for those puppets. It's not normal!" the blonde all but yelled. It wouldn't have mattered if Sasori had heard or not, or if he'd been present. After all, Naruto had the rather irksome necessity to yell his mind to anyone who was near.

"Well, you see, they asked him to perform for the Halloween festival that's going to take place in three weeks. That and you know he doesn't like Sasuke-kun. Or you-"

"Or pretty much everyone!" Naruto intervened. Sasuke rolled his eyes and Sakura winced. Oh no. Here it comes. "I mean, c'mon, Sakura-chan, tell me, honestly, how you got the cold prick to date you!? He's like, one of his dolls, or a robot, or I dunno! It's just weirdish!!"

The pink haired girl looked at him with a smirk and pointed in his direction. "I've told you I'll explain when you tell me how you, Mr. I'm-Straight, managed to get Sasuke-kun to date you. If I recall, you two hated each others guts."

Sasuke smirked as the blonde began spluttering and making wild gesticulations. "So you're going to this Halloween festival?" he asked her whilst Naruto kept blabbering nonsense. Sakura looked at Sasuke with a thanking smile. Bless the Uchiha; he was excellent at changing conversation topics.

"Yes, I heard Watanagashi makes a huge festival. Everyone in town will be there, and, well, like I told you, they asked Sasori to perform. I'm kind of nervous. I mean. What am I going to go as?"

Naruto beamed "It doesn't matter! We saw this art shop on the way here and they had these awesome masks! We could go later and see them Sakura-chan!"

"Oh yeah! I saw it too. I wanted to go earlier. It's a little late right now to go… We should go tomorrow morning!" she all but squealed. Sasuke frowned as Naruto and Sakura began chattering like a pair of High School girls in a clearance sale. He looked out the window at the darkened sky. The raven haired teen frowned deeper. In a few hours he'd receive a message from Karin.

"Hey, Sasuke" he turned and was surprised by a sudden kiss from Naruto. Sakura held an urge to shriek in a bout of sheer fangirlism and watched as Naruto slowly parted. "Treat me to ramen?"


She laughed as Naruto began screaming Sasuke's ear off, demanding to be fed. These vacations were turning out better than she expected. And next week, the others would arrive.

She couldn't wait.

The meeting had ended well, Tobi mused as he watched Konan, Deidara and Hidan (the only people left, everyone else had gone their respevtive ways) discuss the Halloween festivities. Of course, the festival's managment wasn't coming well.

"No! I refuse! It's mother fucking disrespectful! All Hollow's Eve isn't about partying! It's been, raped, and forced to suck cock!" Hidan yelled at Konan who kept a calm face, her hands toying with a piece of paper.

"I'm not asking you to participate. I'm informing you what has been decided." She answered, her hands changing rapidly the paper into a skull.

"Sorry to say, but I agree with Hidan-bitch on this," Deidara growled, directing a glare to the woman as she proceeded to make another paper figurine. "I'm a goddamn artist, not some attention seeking whore, un"

Tobi chuckled at this and piped "Not true! Sempai loves to have everyone's attention on him!"

Deidara glared daggers at Tobi as Hidan exploded with laugher, Konan looking impassively at him. "Tobi, you shouldn't be so rude. Remember to respect your superiors. Pein-san told you so, did he not?"

Whatever Tobi was going to respond was changed by a sharp yelp as Deidara tackled him, punching him harshly, Hidan's laughter becoming louder. The sole female in the room rolled her eyes and got up. It seemed she'd have to discuss the festivities tomorrow.

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