Nobody Needs To Know

Part one

Disclaimer: This isn't mine.

Authors note: Okay, this story starts right after Peter and Caitlin kiss for the first time…

It has been the hardest four months of my entire life. First I had to watch Peter and Nathan blow up, then I admitted to myself for the first time, that I was in love with my uncle. No, I don't mean I love him, I mean I'm in love with him.

And now he's gone. I mean, Nathan was alive, why couldn't Peter be? And if he is alive, where is he?

Nathan and Niki, along with Micah, had started searching for him almost a month ago. I haven't heard any news. Nobody has seen Hiro since Syler, and Ando was frantically looking for him. Mohinder and Matt couldn't help look for him, they were to busy watching Molly.

I wasn't upset with them because of this….okay, I wasn't really upset about it.

Okay, so I haven't talked to any of them in a month. That's really not the point. I just think they should help find Peter…I wasn't allowed to.

"Claire, its time for you to get out of this room." Dad said as he stormed in. "I know you're upset about your uncle, but its time for you to get on with your life."

"Not until they find Peter." I said emotionlessly.

Dad glared at me. "Honey, they might not even find-"

He was cut off by the loud ring of my cell phone. I grabbed it, then looked at the caller id. Nathan…

"Hello?" I asked quickly.

"Claire? We found him." Nathan's voice cracked over the phone. "I'm buying you a plane ticket now. Put your father on the phone."

I stepped of the plane and looked around quickly. "Claire! Over here!" Micah yelled.

I turned and saw Niki and Micah smiling at me. I ran to them quickly. "Where is he?" I asked quickly. Niki grimaced.

"You could say hi."

"Oh," I blushed. "Right. Sorry." I leaned down and gave Micah a hug, then hugged Niki. "Hi. So-"

"He's with Nathan." Niki cut me off before I could ask once again. "Claire, there is something you have to know."

I frowned at her. Why did she look so serious… "What?"

"Peter cant remember anything." Micah said, answering for his mother. "He doesn't know anything about who he is. He doesn't remember anyone."

I stared at him, my mouth hanging open. "He doesn't remember his mother? Or Nathan? Or…me?"

Niki shook her head sadly. "Nathan is telling him things about himself now. We were hoping it would jog his memory."

"And has it?" My head was starting to hurt. He didn't remember me?

"No." Niki said sadly.

"His girlfriend is nice." Micah said helpfully.

Now I really felt sick. "Girlfriend?"

"Yeah, she and her brother found him." Micah said. He climbed out of the car as Niki parked. "We're here."

I was frozen to the seat. Girlfriend? He had a girlfriend? "Claire, its time to get out now." Niki said softly.

I turned and looked at her, my eyes wide. "I know honey."

Now I froze for a different reason. "What do you mean, you know?"

Niki flipped her hair over her shoulder. "Claire, you knew Peter for a month. You knew he was your uncle for about a week. Locking yourself in a room and crying for four months isn't what most girls would have done." She met my eyes. "Unless they felt a little more than family love."

I stared at her. "Don't worry." She said, seeing my panicked look. "I'm not going to say anything."

I nodded and opened my car door. I grabbed one of my bags out of the back seat, and Niki grabbed the other two. That super strength thing comes in handy sometimes…

Niki opened the door to a pub, and I walked in slowly. Nathan was sitting at a table, talking to two people. The first person I immediately noticed was Peter. Wow, he looked good…

The second was a pretty woman with brown curly hair. She and Peter were holding hands. Nathan's eyes flickered to me, then to Peter. "Hey, this is Peters girlfriend, Caitlin. Peter, this is-"

He didn't finish. Peter looked like he had been smacked, hard. He was really pale, and staring at me. I looked into his eyes and saw instant recognition. "Claire." He whispered. Then he looked at Caitlin, who was staring at him in shock. "I remember."