Fragments of a storyline from the past will in a nearby future slowly make it through the surface, and demand current history to reveal it self for those who can not accept the past or see beyond today. The mistakes of fools from the past, holds no warning for fools in the future, and the consequences they are about to make are infinite incalculable.

Chapter 1

Time isn't something passing; it's something that is coming.

An old African adage

May 2005 - New York

He could hear muffled yelling comming from down the streets and tossed and turned a bit trying to get some sleep. He had never gotten used to the noise of the big city, and after living in one for most of his adult life, he still found it amazing how alive the city was, even if the monitor of the digital alarm clock on the bed table before him told him that it was 3.26 am. The heat was making the beedlinnen damp, the air was glooming and the summer heat combined with the yelling on the street made it impossible for him to sleep. His throat was dry and ignoring the fact that he needed the sleep, he stood up and walked over to the small zinc that the cheep hotel room offered and poured himself a glass of water. It probaly wassent that smart of him to drink water from the tab, but it was in the middle of the night and the thought of getting dressed and going out to find an alternative was anything but appealing.

The alarm clock buzzed and his fingers was fumbling in blind to find the snooze button, but as the last drops of sleep disappeared and he was getting semi conscious again he noticed that it wasn't the alarm, it was his mobile Phone and he made a half hearted attempt to retrieve it from his pocket pants that hung on the only chair in the room. Realising that it was to far away he swung his legs out of the bed and grabbed his pants just ass the phone died down. He looked at the alarm clock. It was almost 8 am. He must have had fallen back to sleep again at some point although his mind was somewhat fussy on that subject. He finally found the phone and flipped it open to se if there was a message but the mechanical lady told him in a clinical voice that he didn't have any new messages.

At the same moment there was a knock on the door and a ladies voice saying "room service Mr. Graham" in an accent he guessed to be Asian. Moments later his saw he was right as a small fragile looking Asian woman entered the room with a tray containing his complimentary breakfast. After the woman exited the room again, he examined the content of the tray. The breakfast matched the rating of the motel and he decided to grab a cup of coffee a star buck on his way out, the time on the alarm already telling him he was late for his appointment. He quickly washed himself by the small zinc and grabbed a clean shirt and put on a pair of pants and grabbed his leather jacket hanging on the rack by the door. Double checked that he had both his valet and mobile phone on him, he grabbed his black sunglasses and quickly left the shabby room and found himself walking down the streets of New York, heading for the nearest subway station.