Author's Note: Because VAwitch mentioned 'Jack blowing up himself and his friends. And it occurred to me that I don't think I've ever read anywhere about Optimus getting caught in one of Wheeljack's explosions.

- Boom, Supplemental -

Wheeljack's awareness came back to him slowly, his various processes and sensors coming online one by one, his optics the last thing to activate. He found himself staring at an upside-down human, who was apparently either standing on, or very near, the top of his helm as she peered into his face.

"2.0." she said as soon as it was clear that Wheeljack was conscious.

"What?! But it was purple!" Wheeljack protested.

"Well yes. A very nice shade of purple. It also ballooned nicely out into the hall, and never really got hot enough to melt anything in your lab, even though it had some massive concussive force behind it." the woman admitted. "However, you got caught in it. Thus, 2.0."

"Didn't I expressly forbid you two from rating explosions while in my med bay?" Ratchet suddenly hissed, appearing beside Wheeljack, and the woman found herself unceremoniously picked up and expelled from said med bay. Ratchet then turned his optics to Wheeljack, who flinched visibly.

"I didn't think it would explode..." he offered feebly.


Optimus was heading up to the base when he heard what sounded like a loud argument off to his left. Curious, as one of the arguing voices was female, and the other quite obviously a mech, he changed direction, heading around the side of the building. He barely had time to register Wheeljack and the human demolitions expert crouched behind what looked like a steel wall before something exploded about twenty meters away. Wheeljack and the woman were protected from the blast by their steel wall, but poor Optimus took the full concussive force of the blast, along with the mild heat and, strangely, clouds of white smoke.

When the dust settled, and he'd wiped said dust away from his optics, Optimus found himself staring up at the blue sky. Silently, he sat up, giving himself a visual check for damage, and found that while he wasn't hurt any more than he would have been if he'd tripped and fallen (not that he ever did such a thing), he was, oddly, completely covered in fine white dust, which clung to his armour and what parts of his insides it could get to as if it were magnetic. Frowning, he looked up towards Wheeljack and the human, who were staring at him wide-eyed.

"Dude." the woman said, turning to Wheeljack. "Negative 10.0 for turning Prime into a freaking ghost!" Wheeljack looked horrified, and Optimus covered his optics with one hand as he sighed.