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"Father?" Harry asked timidly, his voice raspy from nonuse.

"Yes, childe." Malachi replied gently. "It's me."

Harry released a choked sob as he flung himself off the hospital bed and into Malachi's arms where he promptly buried his face into the vampire's black silk shirt.

"Shh…" Malachi soothed the sobbing boy by rubbing gentle circles on his back, trying to ignore his delicious smell.

Dominus ambled up to the pair as Malachi sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Don't ignore your instincts, Malachi." He said quietly. "It has already been too long."

Malachi nodded in acknowledgment as he shifted his attention to the boy in his lap. He nuzzled his child's neck softly causing Harry to tilt his neck until his neck was exposed. As tenderly as possible Malachi once again bit the fragile skin covering Harry's jugular artery and began to suck the wound.

Harry moaned as pleasure coursed through his body. It had been so long since he had felt anything. The very presence of his father had cracked the icy wall between him and his emotions, but the bite destroyed it completely. It was as if a dam had broken loose within him and his feelings had come flooding out quenching the drought inside him like water puts out a flame. It felt amazing.

Just as Harry began to feel dizzy and light-headed Malachi stopped drinking. He lovingly licked at the wound to clean and heal it.

Then Malachi brought his arm to his own mouth, which was stained with Harry's blood, pushed up his sleeve and ripped a hole in it with his fangs. After that he pressed the wound to Harry's mouth.

The soon-to-be-vampire began to lap at the blood impulsively. When the blood on the outside of the wound was gone he growled impatiently and began to suck on the injury eagerly.

Malachi stroked Harry's smooth black hair softly as he watched adoringly as the boy raised his hands to Malachi's arm, holding it in place.

He hissed quietly in pain when he felt sharp fangs enter his flesh, and his hand on the new vampire's hair stilled and tightened it's grip, but Harry was too absorbed in Malachi's blood to notice.

As delicately as he could Malachi tugged his wrist away from Harry's mouth while holding his head by his hair to keep him from following.

Harry began to whimper in distress as he tried to pull the food back to him. Malachi twisted his wrist away and quickly licked the bite mark causing it to instantly heal. Harry continued to whine as the smell of blood faded from the air.

"It's okay, my childe." Malachi comforted the hungry fledgling. "You'll get more soon enough."

Slowly the boy became silent and his hands found their way to grab hold of the front of Malachi's shirt.

Malachi placed a chaste kiss to his childe's forehead before pulling him closer to himself. The boy's only response was snuggling even closer and burying his face into his sire's chest.

Dominus smiled knowingly and wrapped his own arms around both Malachi and the child. "What are you going to name him?" He asked.

"He is Viridis Lux Lucis," Malachi replied. "My little emerald light."