"His name's Ricardo Moreno," the guard shrieked, dangling over the edge of the facility's rooftop with only the Punisher's hands keeping him from plummeting to certain death. "All I know is that he's former Spanish military… he's a mercenary now, he hired a bunch of freelance contractors with expertise in staging coups."

Castle couldn't believe his ears. "He's setting up a coup in New York city I gathered… what the hell makes him think he'll succeed?"

"The firepower he has his hands on is incredible. Rocket propelled grenades, anti-air missile launchers, troop carriers, high-caliber machine guns… the only way they'll be able to dig him out once he takes power is with a missile, and there's no way they'll use any kind of sea or air support on an American city." Castle hauled the guard up to roof level again and hurled him against the access door. The guard trembled in place as he waited for the worst. "Please, don't kill me."

Castle wished he had his bowie knife still, something he'd have to talk to Moreno about when he caught up to him… preferably with his .45 jammed in the Spanish mercenary's mouth. He instead had to rely on his pocket knife, which he pulled from his coat and held to the guard's throat. Were he a smaller man, Castle may not be feared by the guard brandishing such a tiny knife, but the Punisher's reputation was enough to keep him under control. "How'd he get the firepower and the vehicles here?"

The guard knew he'd said too much already. "I'm not stupid… I know you're going to kill me. So get it over with, I'm done talking." Castle didn't fall for the bluff as the guard was still shaking. He didn't waste any time tossing the man to the ground and, using his weight, held the man down and went to work with the knife. The man screamed as his ear was sliced roughly at the base and removed for him to see.

Castle stood, and tossed the ear off the roof. "Tell me how they did it."

The guard, holding his wound and thoroughly terrorized, spat out what he could. "A construction company… they're based in Europe… Moreno has a contact… high enough up to smuggle in the equipment with one of their regular shipments." Castle had heard what he'd wanted. The story fit what he already knew.

"Get up. Walk to the edge of the roof or I'll kill you now." The guard complied, and turned to face Castle. "Radio Moreno. Tell him to look at the roof." Castle tossed the guard the radio he had confiscated from him.

"Moreno, you copy?"

A voice crackled back. "Go ahead."

Castle saw Moreno's escalade in the distance. "Tell him I'm here."

"Moreno! It's Lewis… the Punisher is here! On the roof!" The escalade screeched to a halt, and Moreno stepped out of the vehicle, zooming in on the roof with a pair of binoculars. He saw the guard, and Castle behind him. Castle raised his .45 and shot his hostage through the back of the head. Blood sprayed as the guard's body went limp, tumbling off the roof. One of Moreno's bodyguards spoke up.

"Should we go back sir? Take him out?"

"No. He will escape or use the base against us before we can reach him. Proceed with the plan, we must draw him to our position." Moreno climbed back in his vehicle, disturbed that he had not eluded Frank Castle. "Nothing must slow us down."