Disclaimer: 'Death on the Nile' does not belong to me; if it did, Cornelia Robson would've been brought up in the movie! Also, this contains minor spoilers, just to warn you.

As I gaze upon the glistening sun setting over the Nile

I sit and think to myself about matters of love and friendship

Some say love is a fickle thing

It comes and goes but it is never forever

Some say friendship is the one thing that truly lasts

It is the one thing that shall never sever

I would indeed be inclined to disagree with both verses

I would say love does not burn out, but rather, burns on

Once set, it is a flame in our hearts

With the distinct scent of saffron

Many years ago, as a young, foolish, naïve child

I would agree that friendship is like a gold chain

The bonds that tie stay tied

But alas! You suddenly became rusty in the rain

His name was Simon

I loved him with all of my heart

Hey may have been foolish and full of folly

But I knew that we would never grow apart

Your name was Linnet

You were my best friend, my confidante

We shared everything with each other

Our desires, our fears, our wants

Simon was without money; so was I

But I loved him so

Simon was without money; you were not

I thought you could help him, but oh!

Oh! The betrayal! The lies!

How could you do this to me? My best friend?

Simon merely married you for your money

And so our friendship came to an end

My heart breaks as it would were it an iceberg to a boat

It feels as though it's being torn, limb by limb

You just couldn't see me happy

Your selfishness put you out on your limb

I suppose to many people

Friendship is but just a word

It is like the sweet sound of the robin

That goes unheard

One person will never tire, never rust, and never fade

That person shall always remain constant

The other, however, grows tired of having friends

And runs away across the continent

Little did you know of the love Simon and I still had

It never truly faded away

We still saw each other

And then came one spring day

Where Simon wished to plot your murder

But not quickly and swiftly

No, he wanted to do you away with arsenic

I laughed at him without pity

If Simon had been with you before me

It would have mattered less

But your horrible treatment of me

Remained in my mind to caress

If it were not for you

I would have resisted the temptation to help Simon's plan

If it were not for Simon

I would try to kill you face-to-face if I can

And so my poem ends

As does your spat-upon lifestyle

The hurt and anger is here to stay

Yet you live in denial