Magic, Traitors and Jutsu, Oh My!

Written by: Self-Proclaimed KingofDDR

Okay all, here is the next chapter of this Negima/Naruto crossover!

Chapter 4

Meet the Class!

As the group walked back towards Konoemon's office, Negi couldn't help but be deep in thought.

'So much has happened in just one day... My class and I survived the dangers of Library Island, we met four new people in...less than normal circumstances, and now those very same people are to become part of my class! Not to mention that they appear to be fighters, if the techniques they possess are any indacation.'

Negi turned his head back slightly to gaze at the shinobi from the corner of his eye. Naruto (still in girl form) noticed, and gave a wave to Negi while having a big smile on his face. Kabuto noticed as well, and just gave off a gentle (though fake) smile. If Sasuke and Orochimaru noticed, they didn't seem to care.

'I wonder what kind of fighting style they have...I could ask them, but I didn't even get their names yet! Shizuna didn't tell me,' Negi thought. 'But the blond and silver-haired ones seem to be the most approchable. The dark-haired doesn't seem too friendly, and the tall one sort of...scares me.'

With that, Negi slowed his footing so that he could walk alongside Naruto. Asuna noticed this right away.

'What are you up to, Negi-bozu?'Asuna thought.

"Um, excuse me..." Negi began.

"Hmm? Oh, it's you, Negi-bozu! What is it?" Naruko said.

"Umm, it's just that...I didn't get your name..." Negi said.

"Oh. ...OH, that's right. How dumb of me, huh?" Naruko said, rubbing the back of her head. "You can call me Uzumaki Naruto! Except for when I'm in girl form, then just call me Naruko."

"Okay...Naruko-san," Negi began. 'He's named after something you put in ramen? How odd...'

"Don't call me Naruko-san. It makes me feel old. Naruko's plenty!" Naruko said.

"Very well...Naruko," Negi began again. "I have a question for you..."

"Shoot!" Naruko said.

"'s just that the moves that you and your friend used...I've never seen anything like that in my life! What type of fighting style do you guys practice?" Negi asked boldly.

Sasuke, Kabuto and Orochimaru all perked up at this, curious as to what Naruto considered to be his... 'style'. ...If you could call just creating a whole bunch of clones and charging head-first into the enemy 'style'.

"...Style? What's 'style?'" Naruko asked, squinting her eyes in a fox like way.

It took all they had for the other three shinobi to not face-fault when they heard that.

'Hn. Figures,' Sasuke thought.

'I nearly lost to a boy who doesn't even know the meaning of the word 'style'...?' Kabuto thought.

'I considered this boy a threat?! Did that old fool Jiraiya teach him ANYTHING about fighting?!' Orochimaru hissed in his mind.

"'s your preferred way of fighting..." Negi explained.

"It's the way you always fight, dobe," Sasulina cut in before Naruko could make a fool out of herself again. "For example, your dumbass is always about charging head-on into the enemy, no matter how much stronger they are than you. If I knew better, than I'd say you really DON'T have a style."

Naruko glared at Sasulina, before saying, so that only she heard, "Better to not have my own style than STEAL someone else's."

Sasuke flinched at that remark, knowing that Naruto was talking about how he took Rock Lee's style for his own, thanks to the Sharingan.

"...That was a low blow, dobe," Sasulina growled/whispered.

"No, it was just the truth," Naruko replied. The two went into a glaring contest, sparks flying between them.

Negi was shaking like a leaf, anime tears flowing down his (now) completely black eyes as he watched the two glare at each other. "Awoooo...was it something I said...?"

"Don't mind them, Negi-kun. That's just the way they are with each other," Kabuto said, walking next to the Ten-Year-Old prodigy.

"Man. They make Ayaka and me look like little kids compared to them!" Asuna said, walking to Negi's other side.

Negi (face back to normal) looked up to Kabuto. "You mean that they are always like"

"Kabuto. Yakushi Kabuto. Nice to meet you, Negi-kun," Kabuto said with a smile, offering his hand.

"Yes...nice to meet you too, Kabuto-san," Negi replied with a small smile, accepting Kabuto's hand and shaking it.

Unknown to Negi, Asuna had a little frown on her face as she watch the two.

'Hmmm...I don't know why, but I get sort of a BAD vibe from this 'Kabuto'. For some reason, I don't feel like I can really trust him...' Asuna thought.

"Anyway, you can just ignore those two for now. I think that I can better explain what style of fighting that we do," Kabuto said. "You see, Negi-kun, we four are what you would call...Ninja."

"Wow...Ninja? Real live NINJA?!" Negi said, his big eyes glowing with wonder and excitement. Asuna sweatdropped at this.

'Even though he's VERY mature for his age, even Negi-bozu can TRULY act his age once in a while,' Asuna thought.

"Yep. Real Ninja," Kabuto said, chuckling a bit. "And as such, we use attacks that take advantge of a type of energy known as 'Chakra'."

"Time out!" Asuna said, crossing her arms in an X-shape across her chest. "There's no way that you guys can be Ninja. For one thing, Ninja are supposed to be stealthy, hard to find. But with what the crossdresser over here is wearing, he'd be easier to find than a beaver in a lumberjack convention! I mean, what kind of ninja wears bright orange?"

"Hey! I'm NOT a crossdresser!" Naruko roared over at Asuna, breaking her glaring contest with Sasulina. "And I happen to LIKE this outfit! It hasn't gotten me killed yet, and I doubt it ever will!"

"That's what YOU think...Dobeko," Sasulina scoffed, a tiny smirk on her face.

Naruko glared back at Sasulina, before replying, "No, that's what I KNOW...Emolina!"

The two went back to their glaring contest, much to the sweatdrops of the others.

"...Anyway, you were saying something about this...'Chakra?'" Negi asked Kabuto.

"Ah, yes. Chakra is...hard to explain, but I'll try to explain it as best as I can. Do you know of Shintai Enerugi (Body Energy) and Seishin Enerugi (Spiritual Energy)?" Kabuto inquired.

"Hmm...I've read up on the subject before, but I didn't really get into it," Negi replied.

"Well, here's the general theroy..." Kabuto began.

Naruto tuned them out as they continued to walk. He had already learned about Chakra within the academy, and didn't want to hear a boring repeat of it.

What he needed to do was first find a way to convince Sasuke that he would be better off in Konoha, than with the Hebi-teme. Then he had to find a way to get back to his own time, idealy leaving kabuto and Orochimaru behind, since he knew he couldn't beat them at his current strength. But how could he convince Sasuke to go back with him...?

Little did he know that Orochimaru was thinking the same thing. Only he wanted to leave NARUTO back in this time, while he also grabbed a hold of this 'Magic Book,' that the old man was talking about.

'Humph. This is a waste of time. I should be getting stronger, not posing as a girl to take some silly class!' Sasuke growled in his mind. 'Once we can get some time alone, I'll demand that Orochimaru trains me. Then when we find some way to get back to Fire Country, I'll be more than ready to kill my brother...'

"Okay, we've finally made it back," Konoemon said. "I hope you all are in the mood for some food."

"You bet! I'm so hungry that I could eat an ox! Headfirst!" Naruko said, rubbing her empty stomach.

"That wouldn't be very ladylike, dobe," Sasulina said, rolling her eyes.

"I can eat however I damn well please, teme," Naruko growled back at the Uchiha.

"Now now, children. Save the energy for eating. We've got a BIG feast planned out for you!" Shizuna said.

"...Is ramen involved?" Naruko asked.

"Sure." Shizuna replied, a wistful smile on her face.

"YAHOO!" Naruko shouted, jumping into the air for a bit, before rushing into the building.

"...So...I take it that Naruko-san's favorite food is Ramen?" Negi asked, a bit stunned.

"That may be true, but if I know the dobe's hunger, then we'd better get in there before he eats the damn table!" Sasulina growled, rushing after Naruko.

After a very eventful dinner (which involved Sasuke trying to tug food out of Naruto's mouth, there-by causing a food fight, which Asuna won), the four shinobi were seen resting in futons within the main office of the building.

"...Well. This is awkward," Naruto said, as none of the shinobi were asleep.

"Tell me about it," Kabuto sighed. "Never in a million years would I expect having to share a room with YOU of all people. Even more so, considering that we're supposed to be trying to kill you. Why are we putting up this facade again?"

"Because we have no idea what to expect in this time period, Kabuto-kun. And until we do, we have to keep a low profile," Orochimaru hissed. Then he turned a glare towards Naruto. "But make no mistake, boy. As soon as we get back to our own time period, you will suffer a slow and painful death."

"Pshh, I've heard that one before, Hebi-teme. The only thing that'll happen is that you'll be sent back to Oto with your scaly tail between your legs when I'm finished with you!" Naruto growled. "And before you say anything, Sasuke, I don't CARE if you want to learn from him. He's mine once we manage to get back."

"And you should also know that I'll burn you alive if you lay one finger on Orochimaru before he's done training me," Sasuke snarled.

Naruto just sighed in response. "Whatever, teme. Let's just go to sleep. ...I can trust you to not kill me in my sleep, right you two?" Naruto asked, directing the question towards Kabuto and Orochimaru.

"As appealing as the idea sounds, boy, it would be too suspiciousif you were found gutted in the middle of the room, and the rest of us were long gone. So consider yourself lucky," Orochimaru said, turning on his side.

"You have my word that we shall not harm you, Naruto-kun. For now anyway," Kabuto chuckled, turning on his side as well.

Sasuke didn't say anything. He just closed his eyes.

"...Why doesn't that fill me with hope exactly..." Naruto murmured, before going to sleep.

The next day found our favorite all girl class talking amongst themselves in the classroom. The topic? The new students that were to join their class today. Not to mention Negi-bozu's new assistants.

"I wonder what the new students will be like..." Makie said to her friend, Izumi Ako.

"I heard some rumors...the first one is blond, and kind of like Haruna-san in personality...while the second is a brunnete, and more like Chisame-san..." Ako mused, rubbing her chin.

"Hmm? Someone like me?" Haruna said from behind them, the two stray hairs on the top of her head twiching slightly.

"Forget about that! What I want to know about is the two people that'll be helping Negi-bozu in class!" Akashi Yuuna shouted.

"I heard some rumors myself. One is supossed to be fairly good looking for his age, while the other is a dream boat with nice silver hair..." Misa sighed, rubbing her cheek with her closed palms together.

"I heard that the two new students hate each other!" Kagusa Misora said with a tiny grin on her face.

"Great. It's like Asuna and Ayaka all over again..." Yue sighed.

"Don't worry, leader. I'm sure that it won't be as bad as those two, de gozaru," Kaede said, patting Yue on the shoulder.

All of a sudden, our two favorite guys/girls crashed through the classroom door skidding to a stop in the middle of the room, much to the shock of the other students.

"HA! I'M FIRST!" They both shouted. Then they glared at each other. "NO, I'M FIRST! QUIT COPYING ME! STOP IT! I MEAN IT! THAT'S IT!"

Naruko and Sasulina tackled each other to the ground, and vanished in the famous fight cloud, various body parts appearing randomly.

The rest of the class sweat dropped.

"...See, I told you it wouldn't be as bad, de gozaru," Kaede said.

"...No, it's just worse," Yue groaned, turning a slight glare in Kaede's direction.

"I only said it wouldn't be as bad. I didn't say if it would be better or worse, de gozaru," Kaede pointed out with the grin she always had on her face.

Asuna just stared at the fight cloud with one thought.

' begins.'

Hope you enjoyed this chapter! Next one will feature Naruto and Sasulina, not to mention Orochimaru and Kabuto, getting to know the girls better, and then getting through the first class. Good luck, 'Naruko'! Catch you next continue!