I don't own anything but my OC, Karah. 'Kay. o and this is my first fic so be nice please thanx

"Which one to choose?" I said as I flipped through my collection of DVDs I rented. I'm Karah Zimmons. I have brown curly hair that reaches my shoulders, blue eyes, and I'm

proud to say that I'm 20 since last week. It was Friday night which I claimed as me night. So I did anything I felt like doing by myself tonight; sometimes I go to the spa or read in

the library. Tonight was Movie Night. I had four movies; Spiderman, Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, and National Treasure. Upon looking at National Treasure my face brightened:

it's my favorite. I put it in and lay down on the couch getting comfortable. Menu popped up and I pressed play. The screen went black and for a few seconds nothing happened,

but then white words appeared: Prepare for the ultimate movie experience. I blinked and stood up, what's that supposed to mean? The screen then started swirling, soon the

room started swirling. I screamed as the ground beneath my feet disappeared and my world went black.

Okay, I know its short but in my defence, its the prologue 'kay. I'll try to make the next chapt. longer.