Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with the X-men or Generation X, it's not my toy box and I'm merely playing. I don't own anything to do with the title, which I borrowed from a Kenny Chesney song. I also don't own anything to do with Iron Chef, Star Trek or the song 'Mary' by the Scissor Sisters.

A/N: Jono speaks by projecting so his words will be in '' to represent that. The title of this piece is 'Never Wanted Nothing More' but each chapter also has a title. Also I am writing this in response to the 30 kisses challenge on lj. Therefore each chapter must have a kiss between Ang and Jono.


Angelo slumped against the basement door and tried to ignore the tension in his neck that was slowly creeping up to his head. He closed his eyes and breathed in the musty cool smell that wafted from the floor below. He could understand why Jono spent most of his time holed up in there. The upstairs world was too bright, too normal, for two freaks like them.

He moved down to the end of the stairs and leaned against the railing as he took in the one other person in this whole house who'd been, like him, completely screwed over by the twists in their genes. Jono was stretched on his bed, one foot moving to the music from his record player, one arm behind what remained of his head and the other holding a book aloft. Angelo scuffled over and dropped onto the bed. Jono's large brown eyes roamed over him and crinkled into concern. The book dropped onto the bed as Jono reached over top of him to turn off the record player.

"Gracias," Angelo told him.

Jono stared down at him for a long moment and Angelo had to wonder if he was projecting. He could never be quite sure. Long fingers brushed against his face, reached his temple and massaged slowly.

'That bad?' Jono voice asked in his head.

Angelo snorted, "You've met the perfection that is Monet right? The I'm-going-to-lead-you-all' that is Paige? The crazy bounce that is Jubilee? I swear if I hear that girl talk about being an X-man one more time I'm going to scream."

Jono's head tilted, 'And Ev?'

Angelo pushed the palms of his hands against his eyes, "He worse than all of them combined. He so damn normal and then he uses my powers and…"

Ang broke off into a groan as Jono's hands moved from his temples, between Angelo's own and began to rub at his neck.

'Without your migraines or my…' Jono provided then stopped. Angelo could actually feel the inability to put into words that Jono felt. He pulled his palms away from his eyes, rested them on Jono's wrist and looked at his friend. Jono looked away.

He was tempted to go on in his complaints, include their teachers, when Jono looked back at him. Jono didn't even need words, not when he used his eyes like that. The concern, the actual caring and worry Angelo saw there put him more at ease. He slid one hands around to the back of Jono's neck, guided him downward and place a careful kiss on his forehead.

When their eyes met again Jono's were crinkled into a smile. Jono moved down then, wrapped an arm around him, pulled him close and told him, 'Relax.'

Angelo nodded. It'd taken him awhile to become comfortable in showing Jono what he truly looked like, but after seeing what Jono truly looked like fair was fair. He hated the blob he became when he wasn't forcing himself into some semblance of normalcy, but it was a strain on him, it hurt physically, not just in the migraines, but in the tension of his muscles as well. The tension that he could feel building, even now, until he let go, relaxed in the one place where he knew he could.