A Suggestion:

"Freak this." Ang told Jono as he held out the Black and Mild.

Jono blinked down at it, tilted his head and crinkled his eye and eyebrows in what amounted to a frown for him, confusion.

"Freak this," Ang repeated.

'You're going to have to explain,' Jono told him.

Ang grumbled and dropped the Black and Mild in Jono's hand before he flopped down onto Jono's bed.

Jono blinked down at him, raised his eyebrows and asked, 'Well?'

"I used to be able to," Ang told him, "I was the superstar of making a Black and Mild perfect. I could…"

'What do you do?' Jono interrupted before Ang could get fully behind bragging about what he used to be able to do.

"Have fine motor skills," Ang glared.

'Who told you that?'


Jono held the Black and Mild up in question. Ang squirmed and looked away. Jono wrapped an arm around him and nuzzled into his boyfriends neck. Ang closed his eyes, tried to relax and then in frustration told him, "I already destroyed the rest of the pack trying, that's the last one I have."

Jono didn't respond except to throw a leg between his.

Ang squirmed, "I'm trying to be…what would Ev call it?"

'Righteously pissed off,' Jono supplied pulling him closer.

"Yeah, you're making it impossible."

'That's the point.'

Ang frowned, stared at the basement ceiling. He closed his eyes, turned his head and then opened them to stare at Jono. Jono blinked. Ang pressed a quick kiss to Jono's nose and attempted to change the subject, "We need a road trip."


"To get away from everyone," Ang explained, before he tempted, "To have some time alone."

Jono just blinked at him looking unconvinced. Ang swore in his head.

"I want to know how my mom's doing," Ang told him as he shut his eyes tightly.

'When do you want to leave?'

"She thinks I'm dead," Ang told him.

'When do we leave?'

Ang picked up Jono hand and wrapped his own fingers through his boyfriend's so that they were palm to palm, "I'll talk to Sean tomorrow."

Jono nodded.

Ang closed his eyes feeling some of the tightness in his chest ease, some of his frustration vanish. His eyes flew open when he felt something plastic make its way down his nose.

Jono held up the Black and Mild, 'Now how do I do this?'