It had been two days since the gang consisting of Delete, Betty, Richie, Sparky the Pikachu, Casey, Yugi, Mokuba, Digit Le Boid, the Powerpuff Girls Z, and two weasels they had just recently met had gone on the long winding road to follow Peach. During the two days they followed Peach to find Marik and the ones missing, Delete and Betty stumbled to a cave where they had started their feelings for each other.

There, they had realized the truth: They had not truly loved either Jake or Misty, they had loved each other all along. But despite that, they wish for their confession and real romance to be a secret. Since then, no one else had figured out the least to the ones that actually knew Delete and Betty throughout their journey.

That evening, in the night sky, Delete heard a voice calling out, "Keyblade Masters..."

He yelped and awoke, looking around. He looked at one direction where the males were sleeping together, then the other where all the females were sleeping inside the comfort of their sleeping bags. Delete sighed as he got up, then started walking down the long road.

Betty groaned and awoke, noticing the teal droid heading out as she became concerned.

"Wait for me!" she spoke as she got out of the bag and followed him in pursuit.

The two walked down the long winding road as they both looked around, becoming concerned. Just then, the two stopped as they came to a fork on the road.

"Ahead lies something you need..." a figure behind the two spoke.

The two turned quickly, looking around, but found no one around. They shook their heads in confusion, then turned as they gasped, noticing the cloaked figure in one of the roads.

"...but to claim it, you must first lose something dear..." he continued before he turned from them and then disappeared.

The two dashed to where he was, but he was gone. Betty and Delete had began to wonder who the mysterious figure was. But all that had to be put aside as they ran down the road the figure was on.

Meanwhile, somewhere in a white room, two figures were drawing on a sketchpad together. In a cage, a toy fox and a toy girl with green hair wearing green and white were in a cage. The two were drawing a very strange castle, finishing up the final part. They brushed the eraser marks before it was set down.

The scene then changed to the same castle the two drew, which was the very castle Delete and Betty came to. The two took a few steps closer, gazing in amazement at the majestic castle, not knowing of the danger they were about to face.

Delete & Betty's Chain of Memories

A bit later, after everyone had gathered around, the Powerpuff Girls Z stopped, then looked at each other as they discussed some various things about the castle. Sarah looked concerned, however. She had just met the people that helped her and Greasy, though she had a feeling that she would lose more than just something, even though she barely knew any of the rescuers.

Greasy looked as he became concerned to Betty and Delete. Sure Betty was attractive, but not as close to least to him anyway.

Delete and Betty looked up at the castle, looking at the huge structure. Just then, they felt something hit them, making them gasp and wonder. The two then went to the doors as Kaoru felt it as well.

"Huh?" she said to herself before looking at the two.

Yugi looked a little worried as did Yami Yugi inside the puzzle. Then, almost everyone felt the same thing as everyone began to approach the door. Little would they know as that once inside, they would discover or lose what was about to come...