A bit later, near a familiar entrance from the beginning of the story, Marik, Julayla, and Neros were heading out to the same door that Delete entered earlier.

"So, Marik...what's next?" Julayla asked him.

"Are you going home?" Neros asked as well.

Marik then stopped as he spoke, "I don't know if we can. It's still there. His scent..."

He looked at his hands, continuing, "It's faint, but not gone. His darkness may still have a hold of me..."

"Your darkness belongs to you. Just like your light." Neros grinned.

"Until now, I thought darkness was nothing but bad, especially in Odango Atama's case." Julayla joked, "But our time with you made me change my mind. You've chosen a road we never thought of."

"Light and dark, back to back. With you, they mingle in a way no one's ever seen before. We want to see where that road leads." Neros grinned.

Marik looked down a bit before noticing the two reaching their handd out to him.

"And if that's okay, Zuko and I want to walk that road with you." Julayla told him.

Marik chuckled a bit, reaching out to the two's hands, shaking them. This time, they were truly real.

"Wow, Neko and Spirit, I don't know what to say..." he told them.

Julayla grinned as she told him, "Oh, you don't have to call us 'Spirit Wielder', 'Spirit Gunner', 'Neko Girl', or whatever you call me. But keep this in mind: Please don't call me Freak Girl or Neko Youmi. Those are annoying names."

The two laughed as Marik grinned, "Fair enough for you and Zuko, Youma. Or would you two rather continue by Neros and Julayla?"

That night, with their cloaks on, Zuko, Youma, (in normal forms) and Marik walked together. Where they would go, who knows.

Just then, the trio noticed a familiar scientist standing in three paths. He looked at the ones approaching before they stopped.

Marik glanced at him for a moment, asking, "What are you making me choose now?"

Doc pointed in two directions, asking, "Will you take the road to light or the road to darkness?"


The other two looked at him with concern before Marik walked on, pass the mysterious professor.

"I'm taking the middle road." he told Doc.

Doc glanced a bit before grinning, ""You mean the twilit road to twilight?"

Finally, Marik stopped for a moment, turning his head and saying, "No...The road to dawn."

In Cyberspace, on Beachatopia, the people living from their homes in Pallet Town and Cyberspace played with one another in the islands. However, Matt and Jackie stopped, noticing Jake and Misty watching the waters in the beach. The two were only being worried while Matt and Jackie also became worried, looking concerned. Jake and Misty opened their eyes, whispering names that were completely forgotten by them.

Somewhere in an unknown place, Marik, Zuko, and Youma walked together. Marik winced a bit, falling behind them. The two noticed, trying to help, but Marik motioned not to as he got up. The two looked worried as they continued on. They sighed while the two walked and talked with Marik.

Back at Jareth's Castle, Doc with Yugi, Greasy, Sarah, the cats, their sidekicks, Tails, and Cosmo were talking with one another as they watched the sleeping heroes. Then, another figure came to them, making them turn. There, they saw a familiar figure. Could it be...?

Meanwhile, in the real Station Square, four human children were laughing and playing as they were eating their ice cream. There, they passed some furry figures. One of them turned, about to look at them. Just then, a familiar squirrel appeared, placing his arms around one of them, explaining the details on his recent mission while leaving certain details out. A bit later, at a tower, the group with Batula were eating ice cream together as the explanations were continued by him. All while Batula blushed at one of the figures, smiling lovingly to her.

In a meeting room, a few more figures, with some chairs remaining empty, looked at the one in the highest chair with a concerned look on his face. What was this meeting about?

Fading memories...reconstructed memories...

Back in the pod area, Delete and Betty continued to sleep while the others out of the pods remained watching them both.

And a dream...a dream of you in a world without you...

Some time later, in a familiar, yet fake, city, the four same humans ran up to the figures as they chatted and laughed. The figures turned, grinning as well, revealing who they were.

The first was a blue hedgehog with green eyes. He only wore white gloves, white socks, and red-white-red sneakers with a buckle on the white part each.

The second was a red echidna with a white ring on his chest area and violet eyes. He wore white mit gloves with spikes, green socks, and red-yellow-red sneakers with metal plates on them.

The third was a pink hedgehog with green eyes and her quills downward. She wore a red headband, a red sleeveless dress, white gloves with ring bracelets, and red boots.

The fourth was a serious looking black hedgehog with some red streaks on him and a white fluff on his chest along with red eyes. He wore only white gloves, red socks, and white with some red shoes.

The fifth was a blue creature with its head looking like a teardrop. It was blue with some yellow on top with blue eyes, and only wore a bowtie.

The sixth was a amber eyed creamish rabbit with some red on her bottom ears, forehead, and eye areas along with a white muzzle. She wore a orange-red dress with a white collar, blue tie, white gloves, and red-yellow shoes.

The seventh was a white bat, though most of her body was tanned skin like her muzzle and inner ears. She had blue eyeshadow, lipstick at her bottom lip, blue eyes, and black wings with most of her skin being the same as her muzzle color. She wore a tight pink sleeveless top shaped like a heart, black pants, long whilte gloves extending to the elbow, and white boots with a pink heart in front of each one.

The final one, who was the only one who got annoyed by the children glomping on him, was a violet furred (with some white) weasel with violet eyes. He wore a brown hunter's hat, brown gloves with metal bands in the back, a brown belt to hold his gun, and brown-white-brown boots.

Walking this road without...

Later, the group of furries were on top of a tower with the weasel placing his hand on the side of it, watching the place and the sun setting together.

To remake forgotten promises...

Then, it faded to black.

...and meet you at road's end.

Coming Soon...Nack and Rouge's 358/2 Days.

A/N: All right, it's finally done. That's another Kingdom Hearts parody that got finished. All right! And yes, I intend to place in the beginning of the KH2 segments with my parodies of Roxas as the epilogue to the upcoming 358/2 Days game. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this fic.