MASK: Fangs


Three days later, Julio checked out Max in the hospital. "Well, it appears you are alive, physically fit, and one hundred percent human." said Julio.

"Thanks, Julio." said Max. "That's really good to know."

"I hereby give you permission to leave the room." said Julio.

Max got up to leave. "Hey, what happened to Laura and Elizabeth?" he asked.

"Elizabeth took off as soon as we let her leave." said Julio. "Laura is just down the hall."

"Thanks." said Max.

He walked out of the room in his hospital gown. On his way to Laura's room, he passed the one occupied by Brad and Dusty.

"Yeah, I know it was kind of a cliche for the rock star to become a vampire." said Brad. "Wasn't exactly my choice though."

"I can't wait to reopen the pizza place." said Dusty. "Ah, what a relief it is to smell garlic again without gagging."

"Eh, you actually won't be REopening it." said Enzo.

"Yeah, Enzo's been running the place in your absence." said Buddie.

"How's his cooking?" asked Dusty.

"You should hire him full time." said Buddie. "Just watch out for that pesto sauce."

Meanwhile, Max found Laura's room. She was sitting in bed reading a novel.

"Hey." said Max. "Nice to see you back among the living."

"Thanks." said Laura as she lowered the novel. "You really took a risk for me back there."

"Your skin tone hasn't picked up that much for some reason." said Max.

"I'm a redhead." said Laura. "This is as good as it gets."

"How much do you remember from your undead phase?" asked Max.

"All too much." said Laura. "It was like a movie I was watching, but not being able to pause or rewind."

"And one you never want to see again, right?" asked Max.

"Even more than 'Disturbing Behavior'." said Laura.

"Do you need help with that?" asked Max.

"Please." said Laura. "Help me, Max. I don't want to repeat the last three years."

"I promise." said Max.

As he held her tightly, Matt and Alex met with Julie down the hall. She too was in a bed.

"So, what's the prognosis?" she asked.

"You'll be fine." said Alex. "Apparently, that guy's mask was only designed for temporarily stunning people."

"I think you'll be back on the job within a week or so." said Matt.

"What are you smiling about?" asked Julie.

"The vampire war." said Matt. "We've just had a major turning point. We can cure vampirism now. Michael and Bruce are already working on duplicating the ray to help vampires around the world."

"On top of that, Warfield has been taken out of the equation." said Alex.

"Wow." said Julie. "That sounds like a lot."

"Liam is mostly to thank for this." said Alex. "Tony as well. They really risked their lives on that trip to Ireland. Also that VENOM agent. And Declan."

"They deserve a reward." said Julie.

"Tony didn't ask for one." said Matt. "Liam's was getting his cousin back. We don't even know the name of the VENOM agent. As for Declan..."


Hondo and Liam showed Declan the Minx. The car was painted black metallic with silver sides. The roof was three inches lower. The bumpers, door handles, grill, and trim were fully chromed. The wheels were mounted with Wolfrace Asia-Tec Shogun rims. The hood had been opened to show off a two liter engine from a Dodge Neon.

"Not bad." said Declan. "Thanks for giving me the best-looking Minx in the British isles."

"The keys are in the ignition." said Liam.

Elizabeth watched them from a distance while sitting on the Nightbird. Her skin tone had completely returned as well. She gave herself a quick look in the mirror, put on her helmet, and rode off.


"Well, Darwood." said Mayhem. "Looks like we just performed a major victory."

"Yes, but with the assistance of MASK." said Darwood.

"We'll take it." said Dagger.

"We also sustained major losses." said Weller. "Cassidy is MIA. So is her brother. Carl is missing as well."

"Other than that, we are sitting pretty." said Kelly. "I think I can handle this job now. I don't fear the vampires like I used to."

"Believe it or not, we have MASK to thank for that." said Gilford.

"Not just the cure." said Kelly. "I found myself doing all kinds of tasks I would never have done before. I wonder if this is that courage I've heard so much about."

"I was thinking." said Bates. "Whatever happened to our missing agents?"


The Zombie drove up to a house outside of Flagstaff that night. Calvin climbed out of the passenger seat.

"This is our next lead." said Carl. "This should be where you find your sister."

"Thanks for the lift." said Calvin. "Come back in an hour in case this doesn't pan out."

"If that is the case, I shall return." said Carl.

Calvin walked up to the house and kicked in the door. The place was very disheveled. He made his way to the basement door. He pushed it open and descended the stairs.

"Cassidy?" he asked. "Cass?"

"Calvin, is that you?" came the response.

Calvin entered the room and found Cassidy sitting on a bench with her mask off. Moonlight shone through the windows and illuminated the room.

"Are you alright?" asked Calvin.

"I think so." said Cassidy. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, Riley's forces are toast. Warfield's history." said Calvin. "Do you need help?"

"Not really." said Cassidy as she stood up.

Calvin was shocked to see her skin had turned pale and a pair of fangs extended from her upper jaw. "No." he moaned.

"Relax, I'm not thirsty." she said. "Especially for you. Now, let me get this straight. You said that Warfield is dead?"

"Um, yeah?" said Calvin nervously.

"Well then." said Cassidy. "Looks like there's a new queen of the night." She laughed mischievously while Calvin cowered.


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