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Between pulling three doubles, and working a case for day shift, Sara was tired. Sitting in the break room eating lunch, just a week and a half before the wedding, she pulled out her checklist and started going through what needed to be done. They already had a location planned. The community park they often walked to would be perfect, since they always found it peaceful there. The flowers and tables were arranged. Music would consist of a single violinist. The food was being catered – simple, yet delicate sandwiches and fresh salads. The invitations were out for their noon wedding.

Gil was taking care of the tuxedoes for himself and the boys, although he'd left Sara in charge of Catherine – his Best Person. Everyone from out of town would start arriving in the next few days, and Catherine had offered up rooms for them in which to stay. The only thing left to really take care of was the wedding dress, and Catherine's and Andy's dresses.

Laughing, she set the list down and rubbed her eyes.

"What's so funny?" Brass asked, sitting next to her.

"Our wedding party," she replied with a smile.

"It's unique," he said, grinning back.

"That's one way to describe it," Gil said from the doorway. "Catherine is my best man, and you and Warrick are my groomsmen. Greg is Sara's maid of honor, and Nick and Sara's friend Andy are her bridesmaids."

When Catherine walked in, the trio was laughing, and Sara had tears pouring out of her eyes.

"So," Catherine began, standing next to the brunette, "when are we going to shop for dresses?"

Sighing, Sara replied, "After shift?"

"Sounds good," Catherine agreed, and then left to process evidence.

At ten o'clock in the morning, Sara and Catherine found themselves in a bridal boutique examining dresses. Catherine would pull them out, Sara would try them on, and in the end she would reject each one.

"You never did tell me the color scheme you chose for the wedding," Catherine finally said. "We should be looking at mine and Andy's dresses, as well… even if you can't seem to find your own dress."

Her cheeks staining pink a bit, Sara smiled and said, "Blue. I'll point out the color when I see it." She didn't tell Catherine she was looking for just the right shade to match his eyes. That little detail Sara would share only with Gil.

The two women left the boutique and found another one further down the strip. Stepping in, Sara noticed two strapless knee-length gowns with a simple cut in just the right shade.

"That's the color," she whispered, walking over and fingering the light, sheer material laying over the top of the silk.

Smiling, Catherine murmured, "Good taste," and pulled her size off the rack. Within moments, she returned, the dress flowing off of her, fitting to her frame. The silk sheath hung down over every curve, and the light, gauzy material made a sheer curtain over it. Around her shoulders lay a silk wrap. Looking at her, Sara smiled, and just said, "That's gorgeous."

Looking in the mirror, Catherine agreed.

With their purchase of the Catherine's and Andy's dresses in hand, and an appointment to have Andy's dress fitted when she arrived, they left the boutique and wandered further down the strip. They'd been keeping a good pace, until Sara suddenly stopped.

"Sara!" Catherine exclaimed. "That's a second hand store."

Ignoring the blond, Sara opened the door, and moved toward the item that had captured her attention. The dress hung on the back wall. She just couldn't seem to tear her eyes away. She'd only envisioned a calf-length simple dress. Something simple. However, this one lay all the way to the ground. There was no train to follow.

From the bottom edge of the quarter sleeve silk dress, delicate tendrils of vines and leaves snuck up in the palest green silk thread to about knee height. An overlay of sheer material lay snug against the bodice, making the white silk glisten. The sheer material became loose further down the dress. Towards the bottom, wisps of hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies were embroidered into the overlay, again pale and delicate. As she picked the dress off the wall, they seemed to dance and shimmer.

"Oh, Sara," Catherine said, putting her hand on the brunette's shoulder. "You have to try it on."

Catherine sighed when Sara emerged from the dressing room, wearing the gown and the matching elbow-length gloves with the same subtle patterns.

"It's beautiful. You look stunning."

As Sara looked her herself in the mirror, she moved her arms to her hair, and gathered it up. The image she saw made her smile, and she looked at the clerk, saying, "I'll take it."

Sara didn't want Gil to see the dress before the wedding, so she decided to hide it at Catherine's house.

"You're not going to tell me anything about it?" Gil inquired for the tenth time that night, as they sat in the living room watching TV.

Rolling her eyes, Sara leaned over and kissed him. "Nope."

"How are the tuxes coming?" she asked, hoping to divert her attention.

"Greg, Nick, Warrick, and Brass have all been fitted. Mike's tux will be fitted next week," he responded. That afternoon, they lay together, content in having preparations well underway.

Sara spent the next week relaxed. Her plans were all complete. One last detail – the cake – had been ordered.

Mike and Robin arrived four days before the wedding. He'd wanted to see where Sara worked, and meet her team. He didn't yet know he was going to be a tuxedo, because she hadn't wanted to ask him over the phone.

They were sitting in the break room, while Robin was off shopping, when Sara asked, "Will you walk me down the aisle?"

Smiling, he lifted her from her chair, pulled her into a tight hug and whispered, "It would be my honor."

Andy and Adam arrived two days before the wedding, their son in tow. That afternoon, prior to shift, Sara showed Andy the dress they'd found for her, and watched her friend 'ooh' and 'ahh' over it. After dinner, Sara headed into work, while her friends headed off to see some sites.

The only moment of panic came the day before the wedding. Sara had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of her wedding gift to Gil. It had been due the day before, and she'd spent over an hour on hold, waiting to find out exactly where it was located. When it arrived, she opened the box and peered inside.

"It's perfect," she whispered to herself and smiled, before carefully closing the wooden box. Looking at the clock, she realized she was going to be late for the rehearsal if she didn't get a move on.

When she arrived at the park, she noted everyone was there. Andy stood talking to the priest. Catherine was with Nick and Warrick, telling them a joke. Gil and Mike sat on a bench in an animated conversation. Robin strolled over to her, smiling.

"They're terrible, aren't they?" she laughed, pointing to her fiancée and Gil. Sara laughed in agreement.

They walked over to the priest, and Sara smiled.

"Are you ready?" he asked, and she responded, "Yes."

Clearing his throat, the priest called everyone over. For fifteen minutes, he went over where everyone would stand, the order in which people would walk down the aisle, and other details.

With the wedding happening so rapidly, Gil and Sara had opted for traditional vows, although she had asked that the word 'obey' be removed. He'd smirked and they'd playfully argued over it. Everyone laughed when Sara suggested if she said it, he had to say it too.

Before they left the park, Sara retrieved the wood box that had finally arrived.

"My wedding gift to you," she softly murmured, as she handed it to him.

Carefully opening the lid, he looked at her surprised. When he pulled the item from the box, he gasped. In his hand, encased in a protective layer, was a 1910 autographed Chicago Cubs baseball, with the names Tinkers, Evers, and Chance.

Reaching out, he grabbed Sara and kissed her.

"Thank you," he whispered. "It's perfect."

Gently laying the baseball back into its wooden box for safe-keeping, he watched as a car approached.

"I think your gift has just arrived," he said. A puzzled look on her face, Sara looked at her soon-to-be husband, and raised her brows.

"Remember when you described your brothers to me?" he asked, and she nodded. It wasn't until the young man stepped out of the car that she realized the implications of Gil's question. It was when she first clearly saw his face that she remembered. He hadn't changed much.

"His name is Keith," she laughed, and waited for the young man to approach them.

"Hello, Sister," he said, and found himself being hugged.

"I've missed you, Brother," she replied, tears rolling down her cheeks.

The two spent a good twenty minutes, oblivious to anyone and anything around them, as they talked over and to each other. To Sara, it felt like she'd seen him only yesterday. He told her about going home to drug-free parents a year after she'd left. He talked about studying to get his doctorate in music composition. They shared memories about playing together, living together – being a family. Eventually, the broke apart, and Sara made introductions.

It was getting dark, so they decided to move from the park, and get something to eat. They ended up at their traditional place. It took two booths, and a table, with Sara and Gil moving from place to place to talk with everyone. Everyone intermingled easily.

Later, as everyone departed to their respective places, Sara and Gil bade them a good night. The rest of the graveyard shift headed off to work, while her friends and brothers headed to their hotel rooms. Gil and Sara started to head home, only to be physically separated by Greg and Catherine, who had been hiding outside the door to the diner.

"No seeing the bride before the wedding," Greg laughed, hauling Sara off to his car.

As they left, Gil gave an annoyed "humph" and glared at Catherine.

"It's tradition!" she exclaimed.

"Yes, but did you also know it's tradition for the best man to marry the bride if the groom backs out?" he asked, his eyes narrowing, and grinning like a lunatic.

Catherine shivered a bit before replying, "You'd better not back out, then… I'm not going to marry her!"

Meanwhile, Greg checked Sara into her hotel room, with stern orders that while she could call and talk to Gil, she wasn't to see him until she emerged from the tent the next day.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Greg said as he left her there alone.

The next morning, Sara found herself awake early and ready for the events to happen. She had to meet the service people at the park at eight o'clock to show them where to set up. The bridal tent needed to be setup first.

Catherine and Andy arrived at nine o'clock with the dresses. The guys were not scheduled to arrive until eleven. It was nearly ten thirty before everything was setup and the women had an opportunity to get ready. At eleven, Catherine pinned up the last of her hair, before pulling out a box with a hair clip in it.

"This is my gift to you," she said, showing Sara the deep blue butterfly hairclip before placing it at the crown of curls.

"It's something new," she continued, smiling at the brunette. "And something blue."

"It's beautiful," Sara whispered, then stood and hugged Catherine. "Thank you."

From her make-up case, Andy pulled out a deep blue sapphire bracelet, with each gem the shape of a tiny butterfly."

"This is my mother's," she said, hugging her friend. "Something borrowed."

"Something old – Mike is walking me down the aisle," Sara said.

Tearing up, Sara reached for a handkerchief, while Catherine laughed, "God, it wouldn't help at all if we started crying before the wedding."

With the women ready, Catherine signaled for the rest of the wedding party, minus Gil, to approach the tent.

While the others stood outside, Mike and Greg entered. Both rocked back on their heels.

"Wow," came their uniform reply, until Greg laughed, "He's going to swallow his tongue when he sees you."

The wedding party lined up just outside the tent, leaving Sara and Mike alone.

"Thank you for letting me do this," he said to his sister. "You have no idea what it means to me to be able to be a part of this."

Laying her arm through his, she smiled and listened to the beginnings of the violin.

Greg escorted Catherine down the aisle, leaving her to stand next to Gil. Next, came Nick and Warrick, walking side-by-side, until Nick peeled off to stand next to Greg, and Warrick next to Catherine. The last couple came down the aisle. Jim escorted Andy, and placed her next to Nick before joining Gil's side of the aisle.

General shuffling could be heard as the wedding march lightly played and people turned to watch the bride emerge.

Everyone said later her smile was radiant, her eyes pure and shining, as she walked to her husband. They said his blue eyes deepened and glazed, and he couldn't seem to stop grinning for hours after. As he saw her dress and the way curling tendrils slipped from her hair and fell, whispering against the exposed skin of her neck and shoulders, he stepped forward, held her hand, and drew her forward. He never took his eyes off of her.

It was their fairytale.

The End.


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