After reassuring himself that Bridge was back to normal Adam flopped down at the kitchen table and buried his head in his arms. Had he just done that? He'd gone too far, done the wrong thing. He'd…

"You did the right thing," Tori reassured as she took a place across from him.

He lifted his head to frown at her.

"Is Bridge okay?"

"Yes," he nodded, "as far as I can tell."

"Then you did the right thing," she reiterated.

"This is so messed up," he complained.

"It is," she agreed before she sighed, "We still haven't found a way to beat her, not even with Clare finding that text on Vengeance Demons."

He nodded and glanced towards the door to the Dino Lair, wondering if he should go help, but he didn't want to look at Halfrek.

"She was eyeing the rest of us," Tori tried, "She'd just taken Bridge out and was trying to figure out Udonnna so she wasn't bound anymore."

"It's dangerous to have her here," Adam concluded, worry coloring his tone.

"Where else are we supposed to take her? We have to watch the kids and we can't just let her go," Tori frowned.

"No, we can't," Adam agreed.

"Little bit of help here," Tommy begged from the doorway. They turned. He had Kim on one hip and Madison swung under his other arm. Both girls had their arms crossed with pouts on their little faces.

"Maybe you could take Andros with you to help pick out costumes," Tommy suggested.

"No! We wanna play with him," Kim protested.

"You're a big meanie!" Maddie insulted.

"If you mess up his hair, Ashley will kill me," Tommy defended.

Kim sighed and tugged on Tommy's hair, "Why'd you have to go and cut yours?"

Tommy gave her a sideways look as Adam and Tori tried not to laugh. Tommy gave them a glare before he turned back to Kim, "Even if I hadn't, you wouldn't be playing with it."

"But…but…" Kim started to protest her lower lip quivering.

"Please, just get him out of here," Tommy pleaded.

"I can go get Cam and we can round up the boys," Tori suggested.

"Kira and I just laid Dustin down for a nap," Adam protested, not wanting to move Dustin if the little boy had finally fallen asleep.

"Is he actually sleeping?" Tommy asked sounding doubtful.

"Put me down!" Maddie shrieked.

"No," Tommy told her.

She burst into tears.

"Hey," Tori tried to sooth as she took the youngster, "Why don't we go see what Dustin is doing?"

Maddie sniffled and nodded through her tears. Adam walked over as he told her, "But we have to be sneaky, which means we have to be quiet."

Maddie snapped her mouth shut and swiped the tears from her face. For her benefit the two of them made a show of sneaking up the stairs. Laughter greeted them as they stood outside the bedroom door. Tori and Adam exchanged a worried glance. Cautiously they opened the door and took in Dustin and Nick jumping up and down on Tommy's bed amid peals of laughter.

Nick finally had a smile on his face. He was actually laughing.

"I almost don't have the heart to stop them," Adam whispered, worried that if he and Tori intruded Nick would go back to being angry and moody.

"Yeah, but if they break…" Tori started.

"I wanna jump on the bed too!" Maddie squealed as she clapped her hands and wiggled to get down, "Put me down! I wanna play with Nick!"

Nick and Dustin froze both staring at them with wide eyes.

"I didn't get off the bed!" Dustin protested as he threw his arms around Nick.

"Getoff," Nick protested.

"But dude, I need a hug," Dustin whimpered.

"Nick needs one too," Maddie declared as she got down. Nick pulled Dustin into a hug and then opened his arms for Maddie when she came squealing over.

"Group hug," Maddie giggled happily.

"Group hug," Nick agreed with a smile.

Dustin disengaged, leaving Nick and Maddie to hug. He bounced in place slightly as he told them again, "I didn't get off the bed!"

He paused for a moment before he looked up at Adam and Tori with eyes that pleaded for them to understand as he added, "Dude."

Adam shook his head and picked him up.

"Hi," Dustin greeted brightly as he began playing with the collar of Adam's shirt, "I got Nick to play with me."

Adam was unable to help his smile as he told Dustin, "Good job."

"Come on," Maddie said tugging on Nick's arm, "Let's go play."

Nick paused, seemed to hesitate.

Dustin grinned, "Let's go have fun!"

"Please?" Maddie pleaded as she threw her arms around Nick.

Nick considered her seriously for a moment before he nodded, "Okay."

"Downstairs," Tori ordered as the two scrambled off the bed. Kira met them at the bottom of the stairs with a finger held to her lips.

"Why do we have to be quiet?" Nick asked.

"Because they're trying to decide what toys to give Andros," Kira reasoned.

"You mean those action figures Wes, Kelsey and Max sent over?" Tori asked.

Adam laughed slightly, "You mean Conner, Rocky and Vida are going to share their precious action figures?"

When the toys had arrived the three of them had quickly confiscated them and then divided them, with Bridge mediating, among themselves. Tori smirked, "I have to get Hayley for this."

That said she left the kids to the two of them.

"My sister's going to share?" Maddie questioned.

"We have to be sneaky," Nick whispered.

"Yeah, sneaky," Dustin laughed.

Nick and Madison shushed him, before the five of them peeked around the corner. Andros was sitting across from Conner, Rocky on his left and Vida on his right. Xander and Bridge were still on the couch, while Ethan was zoned out in front of the TV. Chip was near the TV looking through one of the texts they'd been going through trying to find a way to fight the demon.

"We have to at least give him one each," Rocky said.

"He should get a Dr. O.," Conner decided before he reasoned, "There are five of him."

"I have the Dino version and the Tiger version. Here," Vida decided as she handed Andros the white version of Tommy.

"Thanks," Andros said taking the toy.

"I want the Dino Dr. O.," Conner declared as he held out the green version towards Vida, "Trade me?"

Vida shrugged and swapped him.

"I want the Tiger version," Rocky declared, "Trade me for the Zeo version?"

Andros nodded, handing over the white version of Tommy and taking the red.

"Do they seriously have all five of Tommy's suits?" Adam questioned.

"They do," Kira smirked, "I think that's why he was hiding in the basement."

"That or trying to avoid telling me about Bridge," Adam grumbled.

Kira looked over frowning, "What exactly happened to Bridge?"

"Halfrek did a spell, made him sleep," Adam explained deliberately using the demon's actual name instead of her nickname. He was beginning to think that habit might be contributing to their underestimating her evilness.

"I thought he was just sleeping. Well, he's awake now so…" Kira frowned even as she trailed off into a questioning look.

Adam turned to take her in and admitted, "I threatened her."

Kira nodded and squeezed his hand, "Good for you."

"He can't have two red Tommy's!" Rocky protested.

They turned back as Conner looked down at the Turbo Red he'd been about to give Andros. He frowned at Rocky, "But I have the Dino Dr. O. I don't need this one."

"It's bad enough there are five of him," Rocky argued back, "One person can't have two red Tommy's."

"He wouldn't already have a red if you hadn't traded with him," Conner mumbled.

"Can't I just say it's TJ?" Andros reasoned before the Rocky could comment back.

"What'd I miss?" Hayley asked as she joined them.

"They're trying to decide if Turbo Red is Tommy or TJ," Adam told her.

"They have more than enough of my husband and no Astro Blue, he can be TJ," Hayley decided.

"You gonna to break up the argument?" Kira challenged.

Before she could answer Vida had informed both boys that they were idiots and that they should let the Turbo Red be TJ. She stopped her rant to pat Andros on the arm, "Good idea."

With a smile Conner handed over TJ.

"Thanks," Andros said in a bewildered tone as he set TJ next to Tommy.

Rocky frowned down at the action figures he had gathered around him.

"Come on Rocky, don't let me down," Hayley whispered as she lifted her camera.

Rocky wrinkled his nose, then looked back up at Andros before regarding his toys again.

"Come on, just do it," Hayley encouraged softly, too softly for the little boy about to make a decision to hear her.

Finally Rocky picked up a red and held it out, "Here, you can be yourself."

Andros blinked down at the toy for a moment before he took it gingerly with a barely audible, "Thanks."

As Andros regarded the action figure of himself Hayley shot off several quick pictures. Andros looked towards her startled.

"These are going in your file," Hayley crowed triumphantly.

If anything this made Andros look more confused, then his eyes widened. With a small smile and a shake of his head he dropped the toy with the others.

"You're not going to stop her?" Vida asked.

"No," Andros shook his head.

"Why not?" Rocky asked.

Andros shrugged, "It doesn't bother me."

Hayley patted Adam on the arm, "Okay, you can rescue him now. Kim's getting restless."

"Thanks," Adam muttered.

"Taking the last of the kids for costumes?" Kira asked with a smile.

"Finally," Adam nodded as he entered the room and knelt beside Rocky, "Hey, we're going to get your costumes now."

Rocky frowned down at his toys before he scooped them up into his arms, "Let me give these to Bridge first."

Bridge glanced over, "Me?"

"You have to keep them safe from the others. I expect to be able to play with all of them when I get back," Rocky told him seriously.

"But…" Bridge tried to protest as Rocky dumped the toys into his lap.

"Why Bridge?" Xander asked.

"Bridge is sneaky," Rocky explained.

"Yeah," Conner agreed, "He tricked us into splitting the toys fairly."

"You're not supposed to agree with me!" Rocky protested.

"I hate you too!" Conner threw back, before he muttered, "Best friend stealer."

"Am not!" Rocky yelled.

"Are too!" Conner screamed.

"Am…" Rocky started before Ethan cut in.

"You're both idiots! I refuse to be friends with either of you," Ethan declared as he crossed his arms and scowled at them. Rocky turned to Ethan with a look of indignation.

Conner pouted. His lower lip quivered for a moment before he declared, "I don't wanna be your friend anyway. Who needs a know-it-all."

"I am not!" Ethan protested.

"That's enough!" Adam stated, not prepared to see them go rounds of 'am not' and 'are too' all day.

"No timeouts!" all three boys chorused as they turned to him with panicked looks.

"Not this time," Adam tempered, "but I am going to steal Andros from you."

"But we just gave him toys!" Vida protested.

"I can't just play with V," Conner told him crossing his arms.

Vida's eyes narrowed, "What's wrong with playing with me?"

"It's not as much fun only playing with two people," Conner explained.

"Well," Vida declared, "if my boyfriend would get over here instead of having his nose stuck in a book…"

Chip blinked up at her before he stood, wrapped his arms around the overly large text and toddled over. He flopped down near her and opened the book again, "Better?"

"What are you doing?" Vida asked, "You can't even read anymore."

"I'm looking at the pictures. If I can help us get out of this mess I have to try," Chip told her seriously.

Vida frowned before she handed him an action figure of himself, "Well I might need your help later."

Chip took the action figure and waved it at her, "Just call if you do."

"I will," she nodded before she turned back to Conner with a grin.

"But then it's still just you and me," Conner protested.

"Couldn't I give these to Nick and then he'll play with you?" Andros asked.

Nick's face lit up with admiration, "Really? I'd get to play you, Tommy and TJ?"

Andros nodded as he held out the toys. Nick grinned before he asked, "Can I share with Maddie?"

"You'd better say yes," Vida ordered with narrowed eyes.

Andros blinked at Vida confused for a moment before giving Nick a smile, "Good idea."

Nick grinned throwing his arms around Andros, "Thanks!"

Andros patted Nick gingerly for a moment and looked extremely relieved when Nick released him, grabbed Maddie's hand and sat down. Andros left the children to their action figures and headed towards the adults.

"You okay?" Adam asked as Andros joined them.

"Still trying to figure out how they talked me into playing with them," Andros said.