This is sort of a weird, angsty chapter on Sasori's part, but at least I've got something up...Soon, I shall update more often. 3

Also, I believe that this shall be some odd manifestation of my current situation with my boyfriend, Dei-chan. Seeing as how it is inspired by that, and all.


It's beginning to get colder here, and we're obviously affected. Deidara and I, and all of our friends, have been...well, to put it plainly, goofy, of late. Even I find myself laughing at their jokes and wandering the streets in hyperness. Though it is not all so much fun.

I admit that the week I was ill was utter hell. I couldn't get anything done for work or pleasure, and I wasn't able to see Deidara. It depressed me so.

But now that I am healthy, and I use that term lightly, I am enjoying life again. I cherish every moment with my love, yet our time together does not seem to be enough. My heart aches whenever we are apart, and even sometimes when we are together. I do not remeber feeling so lonely before he came along...

...Then again, I also do not remember feeling so warm or alive before him.

With the holidays fast approaching, and my time with him likely to be cut down to half soon, I speak with him often. Every day I scan the halls for him, if only for a glimpse of the one I care most about. I fear it has become an obsession. Will he think less of me if he knows...?

I have been pondering such things for weeks, and I worry I am getting little sleep. Even now, tapping notes into this most secret journal, I am wearied. Oh, Deidara, I pray for your safety and, if necessary, pity. What shall I do...?


NOT-so-private journal, Sasori-chan. XD -insane and/or hyper-