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Chapter One

Ever since he first noticed her when they were on the blimp that Seto Kaiba owned and they were in that damn tournament of his, Marik had imagined ravishing her body till she would scream out his name.

He would lick her entire body till she would scream his name and beg him to continue and then he would enter her creamy slick center and he would screw her till she was moving beneath him crying out for more and more till they both would have the most violent orgasms and then he would start over.

She would be the one doing things to his body till she was sitting on top of him riding him like the stallion he was, bring him to but not quite letting him go over the top till he was nearly out of his mind and then she would let him come and it would be like the beginning of the world all over again.

But that all it was a damn dream because when Yami defeated Marik and released Malik from his hold and forced him back to the Shadow Realm he would sit there dreaming the same damn dream and plotting his revenge on that disgusting ex-Pharaoh and his little puppet Yugi Motou and he would then possess Serenity Wheeler and she would be his for all time and no one would be able to stop him from his plans.

One thing that Marik never knew was that when Serenity had been on the blimp with her brother and his friends she had felt another presence near her and she really never knew who it was but deep down inside of her she had secretly wanted to meet this person and find out who he really was.

What would she of done if she knew that it was the same person who was trying to destroy not only her brother but all his friends too? What would she do now if she knew that the same person was trying to find a way out of his hell to come back and take possession of her at this very minute?

So as he plotted getting out of this god forsaken place he had to fight off all the demons and creatures who tried to devour him yet he was so determined to get out of this place that he actually was finding ways to defeat every and anything that came his way and he also found ways of consuming the negative energy that they gave off and was little by little getting stronger and stronger every day.

Soon he just might have enough power to bust out of this hell hole and go back and reek his revenge upon the very person who sent him there and then he would take the very person he has been dreaming of, Serenity Wheeler and god help anyone who tried to stand in his way….

Joey had been noticing how different his sister has been lately and when he spoke to Yugi about it, Yami jerked around and he asked Joey "How long has she been this way?"

Joey thought about what he asked and then he snapped his fingers and he said "Actually it started about the same time that we all got off that damn blimp and went home. She's been acting like someone is watching her and it's starting to freak me out because no one is there yet she's convinced that someone is."

Yugi opened the link between him and Yami and he asked "Yami what is it?"

Yami closed his eyes as he said "Abiou I really don't know but I also feel something isn't right and I have to go talk to Ishizu about it before I say what I think, please keep Joey here until I return and I might have some answers for him."

Yami went to the Ishtar's to see Ishizu and when he related what Yugi had told him what Joey had said about his sister Serenity, well Ishizu closed her eyes and a single tear ran down her face and then she opened her eyes and she said "I'm so glad that Malik is in England with Ryou because if he were here he'd probably be a basket case by now.

You see when the duel on the blimp was going on and that bastard Marik had control of my brother's mind, I felt things that disturbed me terribly and when I questioned Odeon about it, he too was disturbed and for a good reason. You see he felt and knew everything that went on inside of my brothers mind and there was a time when Marik wanted to own Serenity and after you sent that monster to the Shadow Realm and saved my brother we he still possessed some of the memories.

It took Shadi two years to undo what that bastard did to him and now, well he doesn't remember much but at times he is still plagued with the horrible things that monster wanted to do to the innocent young child and I will not allow anyone to ever approach him about it not even you Yami."

Yami stood there in front of the her and he said "I understand how you feel, but if there is any reason that Serenity is being plagued with nightmares all of a sudden then it could be because of one reason and that reason is Marik and if your brother can be of any help to us then I will move heaven and earth to bring him here to talk to Joey and help him keep his sister safe and Ishizu not even you or Shadi can stop me." Then he was gone and Ishizu contacted Shadi because she too was worried about the same thing that Yami was.

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