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Chapter Thirteen

Even though both Serenity and Malik seemed to be getting better they still were plagued by flashbacks. One night Serenity had a nightmare and she dreamed of being raped by Marik over and over and how he laughed as she screamed and screamed and begged for him to stop. She woke up screaming and Joey rushed to her side and as he held her in his arms he softy said "Sis it will be alright."

She looked into the eyes of her brother and she started crying as she said "He raped me, that bastard raped me and laughed as he did it. I screamed and screamed and begged for him to stop but all he did was laugh."

When Serenity started screaming everyone ran to find out what was wrong and they all heard what she said to her brother and tears fell down all their faces and they listened to how Marik had treated her and it made all of them sick knowing how cruel and terrifying it must have been for her.

Malik grabbed hold of his sister's hand as he too remembered raping her because he was under the control of that sick bastard and how he couldn't ever forgive himself for what he had done.

Bakura went over to where Malik was standing and he knelt down beside him and then he said "Malik, your sister knows that it wasn't you who raped her and she will always love you no matter what. I am so proud of how you came to and realized just how horrible Marik really was and it will soon begin to fade what he did to both you and Serenity."

Malik wanted to believe him but he still felt that it was his fault that he did what he did to his own sister even though she told him over and over again that she didn't blame him. It still is so very hard for him to get over what had happened. And that was killing him.

Joey then sitting on the bed holding his sister who was still crying and shaking from the nightmare of what happened to her, he then said "Listen to me and listen good, what that mad man did to both of you was a horrific thing and both of you will still have problems dealing with all of that but I will promise now that I will be here as well as everyone else will be here to help both of you both deal with all of this and that soon it will be easier for you two to deal with all of it and I love both of you as does your sister and everyone else."

It was another three days that both Serenity and Malik were both bothered by nightmares and flashbacks and as Joey had said everyone was there to either hold them or just be there to listen to what either of them had to say and it really helped both Serenity and Malik to get on with their lives.

After what has been four years since the first horrible thing that happened, both Serenity and Malik has moved on and taken back their lives with the help of their loved ones and of course their very special friends.

THE END………….

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