Hidan has plans for Kakuzu.

Jashin is based on salvation, he would tell him. They are all creatures of sin and the Lord Jashin grants no second chances, no clemency to those who do not offer themselves to his bloody embrace. These are the facts.

The words do not truly register in his conscious until a year into their partnership. A mission goes bad and Kakuzu is wounded, and abruptly, he realizes that Kakuzu's immortality comes with a loophole and the thought leaves his mouth dry. Hidan's strange fixation on the other man twists into something desperate and dark and unmanageable as it suddenly seems blatant that prayer is not enough for Kakuzu—no no, he needs conversion. It has nothing to do with the heavy ache in his chest when he considers his partner's fate, he assures himself, and everything with mercy. How could he, a servant of Jashin, stand by and watch Kakuzu teeter closer to hell?

Hidan lectures him endlessly on different rites and threatens him with damnation and leaves him prayer books, but Kakuzu pays no heed and nothing seems to work, and Hidan's desolation only seems to grow and grow as each of his attempts seem to wither and die.

And suddenly his one choice becomes apparent and Hidan almost laughs because it is so, so perfect.

The dual nature of Hidan's ritual does not only cleanse his soul, but that of his sacrifice's. It is a desperate solution, Hidan accepts this even as he sharpens the blades of his scythe and ignores his breaking heart, but he knows it is better for Kakuzu to die by his own hand than by another's.

They are both sinners of the worst kind and he knows that Kakuzu may never understand, but it is the closest thing to an act of love Hidan can manage.

Author's note:I'll probably delete this and rewrite it within a few months xD;