Strange things have happened in NCIS that was true but when magic is involved things go beyond that. A package had arrived and addressed to Tony who stared at it like it would eat him. Of course considering he almost died opening a letter McGee decided he had enough of the staring contest since Gibbs was up in Jenny's.

Opening the box McGee picked up a baby's teething ring, Tony looked at it surprised and picked up a baby bottle from the box and Ziva took the last item a pacifier. Two more boxes had been delivered in the same time to Jimmy and Abby who got a rattle and a fake ring of keys. Puzzled the two joined the other three and only then did the objects glow.

Luckily it was ten pm and the office was completely empty except for the five but unluckily they were the ones turned into small two year olds.

Gibbs and Jen saw a bright flash of light fade as they came to the stairs and as they climbed down couldn't find a word to describe looking at five small toddlers in adult clothes. "Da Da" Abby squealed seeing the two as she looked around scared.

She turned and wavered trying to figure out how to walk but a few minutes later found her balance and toddled to Gibbs and hugged a leg tightly. Tony had followed and grabbed the other leg and Gibbs tried to walk and the two babies squealed in delight on their ride.

Soon it became even more tiresome and Jen called Ducky up who picked up his now baby assistant who started to cry and tried to calm him down. "Hush Jimmy its okay, Uncle Ducky will tell you a story" he said but Jimmy didn't seem to care. "No" he yelled and hit Ducky with the now normal rattle

"Ouch" Ducky yelled and gave Jimmy a stern look which scared him and so he cried harder. Gibbs gave him a sympathetic look who now had his two passengers in his arms. Abby played with his hair while Tony tried to shove a pen up Gibbs nose. Tony then got bored and squirmed in Gibbs arms.

"Down yucky Tony want down" he yelled and Gibbs just wanted to smack him but knew it was unsafe to hit a baby and instead sighed. Tim had meanwhile ran away to hide under his desk and Tony who finally was put down ran under there and smacked him.

"Stinky Timmy" he said and shoved the pacifier in Tim's mouth as he started to cry. Ziva squirmed in Jens's arms and finally all five babies were let loose. Abby went and kissed Timmy on the head as tears still ran down his cheek.

Ziva took the baby bottle and then grabbed Gibbs coffee and ran after jimmy trying to soak him with the hot substance. Gibbs tried to grab her and as he did she spilled the coffee all over him. She then gave him a sweet smile which he glared at. Gibbs put the small child over one arm and gave her bottom a small swat which made Ziva cry though he didn't hit her too hard.

Gibbs felt bad and put her to his shoulder and rocked the youngster and Ziva threw up all over his back. He pulled her back making a face which Ziva laughed at. "Funny Gib" she squealed and he gave her an amused smirk.

Gibbs placed her back on the ground and removed his shirt and took one out of Tony's desk. He then sat in his chair and laid his head down hoping it was all a nightmare and he would have all grown ups in the room

Gibbs opened his eyes a minute later and then down at the small who stood their with Ziva. Gibbs screamed and the girls clapped their hands. "Funny Gib right Abby" Ziva said and Abby nodded happily.

Jens went over to Gibbs and knelt by him. 'Jethro looks like we get to be parents for a while" she muttered and Gibbs nodded scared at how long it would last and unsure how to watch five babies and find answers at how to turn them into adults at the same time.

But he didn't have to worry so much anymore that night as all five yawned. Ducky took a seat in Tony's chair and jimmy scrambled on top of him. Ziva sat with Jen on her chair while Abby laid on Gibbs. Tony laid in Tim's chair while Tim slept under his desk and for a few hours all was quiet.