The team awoke the next day with no memory of ever being small except some weird hugs from Lee and Sarah which neither girl would ever explain. Madison disappeared and was soon forgotten.

It was then nine months later three day to Christmas as it had been predicted that Jen delivered a healthy baby boy and girl. The team smiled at them happily and as Gibbs looked up Tony was gone.

It was a year later though when Gibbs finally noticed his behavior as he carried in one year olds Michael Anthony and Madison Abigail. There was a letter on his desk.

"You and I were supposed to be father/son forever" was all it said no name or anything but Gibbs knew the sender. What he didn't know was where he had gone or if he would return.

To be continued in a sequel because this one's finally done hope you all enjoyed it sorry for the very short chapter but I made my point, said what I wanted to say now the question is do you want me to continue?