Title: A Fickle Thing
Author: Valentine Nolan
Pairing: Spencer and Ashley
Rating: NC17
Summary: Love is such a fickle thing. It can make people's heart flatter. It can cause heart break. It inspires one to make beautiful lyrics or paint masterpieces. It can make angels come from nowhere. It can make the blind see and the deaf hear. The universal language is spoken and that language is love.
Author's Note: Hey! Okay, this is my first fic and well…my first post on the Spashley board. I have always been a Spashley fan since that cool day in 2005, but I have never read any fanfiction. My good friend emailed me this site. So, here I am writing.
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Chapter One

Her mouth feels soft against mine. It was comforting me in a way that told me she felt the same.

This isn't one sided love.

She pushed me harder up against the wall, almost as if she was impatient. We both wanted this, and we both needed this right now.

She darted her tongue in a little deeper each time she slipped it in. She was letting herself slip inside me, sealing this state of passion.

She pulled her mouth away from mine and I let out a loud groan. Even seconds apart from her is seconds too many.

Surprisingly, she turned my body around, my nipples coming in contact with the cold surface of the wall. Her mouth made its way in contact with my body, moving its way on my shoulder.

Her hand began to crawl its way around my waste to dip between the small patch of blond hairs. Soft and long fingers combed its way through my small patch and slipped into the slit of my lips.

"Fuck you're wet," She moaned into my shoulder before being bold and biting.

From previous moments, she knew that this was a weakness of mine. She wanted to not only dominate this situation, but ensure that I was her's. I lower my head, letting my forehead rest on the wall. This motion telling her I am offering myself to her, making myself vulnerable.

She takes the invitation to heart and plunge two fingers deep inside my virgin center. The tightness was trying hard to push out the invasion but only bringing them in deeper.

"Ahhh," I try to say her name, but it only comes out in a deep moan.

"I know baby," She says as she slides her leg between mine, driving her fingers deeper and letting her clit rub against my ass.

The feel of her wetness dripping down my leg was the best feeling in the world.

The cool breeze from some unknown source sends shivers right through me. The overwhelming feeling was both amazing and nerve-wracking.

Then, she pulled away ever so slightly.

I don't want her to stop.

She possibly can't stop.

I visualize this moment over and over again. Wondering what she will do next. Sometimes the thought changes, but as she kisses the bite mark softly, she adds a third finger.

"Oh God," I scream at the overwhelming pleasure.

Her fingers begin to curl inside me.

The wall feels suddenly not enough to hold my body up, and I am unsure if my legs can hold me anymore. I know that the most fantastic moment is on its way. If I can just ignore the unsteadiness of my legs then I will reach it.

There is barely any silence, but that is alright. The mixture of moans, screams of pleasure, and promises made fills my welcoming ears.

I believe this is what I am hearing.

As her thrust become wilder and my hips become more erratic, your clit pushes even harder and faster against my ass.

My breathing is at an ungodly rate, but so is her's. Each breath that comes out makes both us realize the effect we have on each other.

Her free hand wraps under one of my arms and comes to great my breast. Her soft hand cupped it in her palm, twisting my nipples in between her fingers.

I try to remember when I have ever felt something this amazing, but the thought is lost to me. I don't think I have ever felt anything like this. I have not felt anything so good as her warmth, as her softness. Yet, as of right now it is becoming extremely hard to think.

I moan deeply as all these feelings well up inside of me, and in this moment as we both hit our peeks…she knows I am hers and she is mine.

"I got you," She whispers in my ear. The hand that was at my breast comes down to wrap around my waste. "I got you, baby."

This is what love is.

It's such a fickle thing.

It can make angels come from nowhere…even make the deaf hear.

I felt a push.

I shrugged off the offending hand.

I felt another push.

I shrugged it off again.

I refused to wake up.

I felt too good.

Then it happened again, except harder.

I opened my eyes. The light was bright and for a second I was absent minded and didn't know where I was. I brought my hand up to rub at my eyes before opening them again. I hoped that I would be met with beautiful whiskey colored eyes.


I was still in class.


I turned my head toward the culprit, a raven haired girl. She smiled sheepishly at me and nodded to the front of the class where the blond headed teacher was looking at me. I copied the smile that I had just received and mouthed 'Sorry.'

This was only my third day here and I was already making a bad example for myself. My mom will end up killing me if she found out that I feel asleep in class. Math class to say the least.

I turned my attention back to the girl who was hurryingly writing on a piece of paper before handing it to me.

"You really need to learn to go to sleep at night."

I wrote back, "I did."

Then I passed the note to her.

My mind was still hazy and tiny little snips from the previous dream was still lounged at the front of my head. A floppy smile made its way back on my lips.

It felt so fucking real.

I moved around uncomfortable in my seat.

Even the thought of her made me wet.

I could still feel her right against m…

The paper landed back on my desk. "You was up all night watching the Ashley Davies Concert Marathon. Don't even lie."

I chuckled and began to write back to her when the whole class stood up and began flooding out the door. My eyes went back to the girl. She smiled and motioned for me to come on.

Francesca Cree was the first person I met at King High. She was so welcoming and generally nice. She also knew how it felt to be the new girl. She had come here in the middle of her junior year from Nevada. She is from Reno, so the transition was a little easier for her, but she could sympathize. Our friendship is brand new, but so far she has been great.

I picked up my stuff, stuffing the note deep inside my pocket.

She was right. I was up all night watching the marathon of the girl in concert all over the world.

To me, Ashley Davies was like a younger version of Ani DiFranco. She was not only a good rock singer, but she was an even better folk singer. All her lyrics touched me. Sometimes I wish that it was to me she was talking about.

I followed Francesca out the door. I was still new to this school and I had no clue of where I was going.

This was my third day here.

My mother had moved us out here for a better job. We all quickly agreed due to the need to break away from the small Ohio town. My mother wanted the job. My father wanted to help people. One of my older brothers wanted the variety of different classes and the other brother wanted to be on a more known team to enhance his chances to be scouted.

Me…well I wanted to be free of the torture of a small minded catholic town. Ever since freshman year, my life had been hell. My mother has never looked at me the same way.

So, here I am in the city of angels…or something like that.

I followed Francesca to her car and stepped into the passenger seat. I threw my bag behind me into the back. She hopped in and started the car. I saw her reach for the volume and saw her turn it up.

She drove off with the car vibrating with the sounds of some song in the air.

Yet, all I could hear was the beautiful sound of Ashley Davies breathing in my ear.

My name is Spencer Carlin.

I am completely in love with Ashley Davies, a beautiful Rock Princess.

And I am deaf.