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This fanfic is all about the ever-loving couple Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee from the anime/manga series D. Gray Man. Each chapter stands on its own but stresses the importance and cuteness for Allen and Lenalee. So I hope you all enjoy and that you'll read and review.

From Now Until Forever

Chapter 1 - Cooking Lessons

Lenalee didn't know why or when but she started having a craving to learn how to cook.

The first place to go was Jerry's kitchen and the man was delighted to take on an apprentice. And no other than Lenalee would be perfect. They started out with the basics, such as scrambling eggs, baking cookies, cooking rice and making mashed potatoes. When Lenalee felt confident enough and Jerry was satisifed with her degree of cooking, they would move on to the next level and the next and so on.

Of course, Lenalee found many guinea pigs for her tests. Komui was a regular subject and anyone who refused to try his precious sister's cooking was met with the wrath of the latest verison of Komurin.

Miranda didn't mind trying her dumplings and Shepherd's pie. Lavi was always there if Lenalee made some of her apple pies or her eclairs. Even Kanda was somehow convinced to try Lenalee's own miso soup and bento.

Soon, she became a typical sight at the kitchen and cafertia. If she had free time, she would immediately go straight there and learn how to make a tiramisu cake, lasagna, curry or a souvlaki. Even when she went on missions in other countries, she didn't let the chance escape. She gathered recipes and learned more exquisite foods around the world.

Her most frequent and favourite guinea pig was Allen. No matter how or how burnt her food can sometimes get, he would eat it and sometimes give a comment or suggestion (if he was conscious at the time). And whenever she did succeed, he would be the first to try and the first to congradulate her.

Leanlee might have discovered why she wanted to take cooking lessons so badly.