The next couple of months were busy ones for Sam and Madison. In addition to work, there was a wedding to plan. The couple decided that they wanted to get married in San Francisco at a small Methodist church not to far from where they lived. Madison had been raised Methodist and she knew it would mean a lot to her parents if she got married in the church.

A large wedding held no appeal for either Sam or Madison. They both liked the idea of small ceremony followed by dinner and dancing. They decided to have a small reception at Brubeck's. Being the site of their first date, the jazz club held a special meaning for them.


It was the day before the wedding and Sam and Madison were packing for their honeymoon. They were going to be spending a week in Napa Valley.

"What's in the box?" asked Sam as he saw his fiancée slip something into her suitcase.

"It's a surprise," she responded coyly.

"Do you have to stay at a hotel tonight?" Madison's cousin Molly was treating her to a night a four star hotel. Madison's mother was joining them.

"Sam, its just one night. Besides we're not supposed to see each other before the ceremony."

"I know. I'm just gonna miss having you next to me when I sleep."

Madison smiled. I'm the luckiest woman in the world to be marrying Sam. "I'm gonna miss you too."

Sam pulled Madison into his arms. Leaning down, he placed his lips upon hers in a breath-stealing kiss. After several minutes the need for air forced them to break apart.

"I love you Madison and I can't wait to see you at the altar tomorrow."

"I love you too Sam."


After manicures and pedicures at the hotel spa, Madison was relaxing in her suite with her mother and Molly.

"Are you nervous Madison?" asked Molly.

"Not really." Madison paused for a moment. "Well maybe a little."

"It's okay to be a little nervous before your wedding. I felt a little nervous before I married your father. Marriage is a big step, but I know you're ready for it."

"Once you are face to face with Sam at the altar everything will melt away," said Molly.

Madison thought back to her cousin's wedding. She could remember the look of complete happiness on Molly face that was mirrored on Jack's face. Madison couldn't wait to see Sam at the church the next day.


While Madison was having her fun at the hotel, Sam was enjoying a guys' night out with Dean, Fred and Jack. He had hoped that Bobby could join them, but the good family friend wasn't arriving until the next day.

Sam was not really the bachelor party, strip club kind of guy so hanging out at a nice bar, drinking beer and playing a little pool was right up his alley. Fred and Jack were regaling him with tales of married life.

"Sam, I'm going to give you the same advice my father gave me before my wedding. Remember to never go to bed angry." Fred purposely left out the part his father told him about the sofa being lumpy.

"Thanks Fred." While Sam was grateful for Fred's advice he wished his father was there to give him marriage advice and telling how he felt before he married Sam's mother. All the things a father would tell a son. Even when Sam wasn't speaking to his father he knew he would still have invited him to his wedding.

"I wish my parents were here to see you and Madison get married. They would have been so happy for the two of you," said Fred.

Sam picked up his glass and offered a toast. "Let's raise a glass to our loved ones who can't be here to celebrate with us." Everyone clinked their glasses. "I miss you Dad," whispered Sam.

"Okay, okay," said Dean. "It's my turn to offer Sammy some advice."

Considering Dean had never had a relationship that lasted more than a couple of months, Sam was curious to hear what his brother had to say.

"Love her Sam. Never hold back your love for her and make sure she knows it. As long as you love her, the rest will take care of itself," said Dean.

Sam was deeply touched by his brother's words. "Dean, thank you."


Too excited to sleep, Madison woke up early the day of her wedding. It was finally here, a day she once thought would never happen for her. Slipping out of bed she decided to call Sam. She wanted to hear his voice and she needed to tell him something. Figuring he was still sleeping she called his cell phone. Much to her surprise and delight he answered.

"Hey sweetie," said Sam.

"Sam, I hope I didn't wake you."

"No, I was already up."

"Do me a favor please. Look in the top drawer of my dresser. There should be a little gray box in there. I want you to open it."

"What is it?"

"It's my wedding present to you."

Sam opened the box to reveal a pair of gold cufflinks with his initials engraved on them. "Madison, I love them."

"I can't wait to see to you wearing them today."

"I can't wait to see you in your white dress walking down the aisle. I love you, Madison."

"I love you, Sam."


The wedding dress Madison chose was a white floor length gown with an empire waist and a scoop neckline. She wore her haired pulled pack on the sides with flowing loose curls down the back. Her veil was pinned at the crown of her head and trailed down to just below her waist. Around her neck was a choker length strand of pearls that had been a wedding gift from her father to her mother. Her ears were also adorned with pearls, an early wedding present from Sam.

"Madison darling, you look beautiful." Betsy dabbed at the tears in her eyes with a lace hanky.

"Sam's jaw is going to hit the floor when he sees you," said Molly. "Now here put this on." She handed Madison a blue lace garter.

"A garter?" Madison took the item her cousin offered her.

"It's your something blue," said Molly. "Your earrings and dress are your something new and your necklace is your something old and something borrowed. Now you are ready to get married."

"Thank you Molly." Being careful not to mess her dress, Madison hugged her cousin.

"Madison it's time to get this show on the road. That was the front desk on the phone. The limo is here," said Betsy.


Sam stood at the altar his eyes glued to the doors at the back of the church. Any moment now his bride was going to be walking through those doors. His whole future was in front of him and he had never felt happier.

The sound of the wedding march started to fill the church and the doors opened up to revealed Molly looking lovely in her pale blue matron of honor dress. Behind her came Madison on the arm of her father. The moment he saw her Sam felt his breath leave his body. Never before had he seen a more radiant sight than his bride walking up the aisle.

Any nervousness Madison had been feeling disappeared the moment she laid eyes on Sam at the altar. He looked so handsome standing at the altar in his tuxedo. Becoming his wife, never had something felt so right before. Walking down the aisle with her father she kept her eyes locked with Sam.

Once Sam and Madison were standing side by side the minister began. "Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to witness the joining in holy matrimony of Samuel and Madison."


After reciting wedding vows that came from their hearts, Sam and Madison exchanged matching platinum wedding bands engraved with the words My Life, My Love, My Heart.

"With this ring, I pledge my life and love to you." Madison kissed the ring before she slipped it on Sam's finger.

"With this ring, I pledge my life and love to you." Never had Sam felt so in love as he did the moment he slipped the wedding band on Madison's finger.

"By the power vested in me by the Methodist Church and the state of California I now pronounce you husband and wife," said the minister. "You may now kiss the bride."

Leaning down Sam placed his lips on Madison's as he pulled her into his arms. The kiss was so full of love and she eagerly responded. After a few moments they broke apart.

"I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Winchester," said the minister.

Everyone on the church stood up and clapped as Sam and Madison walked down the aisle hand and hand. The love they felt for each other was evident on their faces.


The reception was held at Brubeck's jazz club where Sam and Madison had their first date.

Sam led Madison out onto the dance floor and the band began to play My One and Only Love. It was a song they had heard the first time they were at Brubeck's.

While you're in my arms. I feel your lips, so warm and tender, my one and only love.

"I love you," Sam whispered in Madison's ear.

"I love you," replied Madison.


Cottage Grove Inn was where was Sam and Madison decided to stay during their honeymoon. Located in Napa Valley, the inn consisted of private cottages that contained jacuzzis and wood burning fireplaces. It had the kind of intimate setting one craves on their honeymoon. After checking in and being escorted to their cottage, Sam carried his bride across the threshold.

Depositing her gently on the bed, Sam leaned in and kissed Madison. Kissing him back eagerly, she pulled closer her husband closer. Could life get any better than this? Sam gave a small growl when Madison started to push way.

"Sam, let me change out of my wedding dress," said Madison with a small chuckle.

Grabbing a box out of her suitcase, Madison headed in to the bathroom. When she emerged she was no longer wearing her wedding dress. Instead she was dressed in a white silk negligee that accentuated the curves of her body.

"Wow, you look amazing," said Sam as he crossed the room and pulled his bride into his arms.

Against the back drop of a roaring fire and with the half moon shining through the window Sam and Madison expressed their love for each other in a rhythm as old as time.

"I love you Madison." Sam pressed a kiss to his wife's temple.

"I love you Sam." Madison snuggled closer to Sam relishing the warmth of his embrace.

Holding his wife in his arms, Sam never wanted to let go. All of his life he wanted a home and now he had one. He found his home in Madison.

The End

The very thought of you makes
My heart sing,
Like an April breeze
On the wings of spring
And you come to me all your splendor,
My one and only love

The shadow's fall and spread their
Mystique charms in the hush of night,
While you're in my arms.
I feel your lips, so warm and tender,
My one and only love

The touch of your hand is like heaven.
A heaven that I've never known
The blush on your cheek,
Whenever I speak,
Tells me that you are my own
You fill my eager heart with
Such desire,
Every kiss you give
Sets my soul on fire
I give myself in sweet surrender,
My one and only love

Lyrics by Robert Mellin

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