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Goldenfeather gazed happily at all of her clan mates, proud to be a new warrior. She probably would have to start her vigil soon. However, nobody mentioned it, and Goldenfeather wasn't anxious to be silent when she had so much to say.

Every single cat in the clan, even Moonkit and Blackface, had congratulated her. Except for Honeystar. The leader hadn't even looked at her since she had become Goldenfeather.

Goldenfeather padded over to Rainfoot and Mossclaw. Rainfoot looked as if she was trying to keep a stony face. "Are you planning on staying in the nursery to help the queens?"

"I think so. It's what I'm best at, being with kits." Mossclaw replied somewhat sadly, "But it means I don't get to spend time with you."

Rainfoot looked mischievously at her sister. "Yes you will. I'm expecting kits!"

Mossclaw let out a squeal of delight. Goldenpaw purred again. There seemed to be nothing that could possibly go wrong in her day.

The sun was still casting last rays of sunlight over the camp, bathing it in gold light. Some cats took extra fresh-kill, because there was enough.

Goldenfeather let out a cry of shock. The camp! She had to warn Honeystar, warn the Clan! She sprinted to Honeystar's den underneath the Highrock like the distance was only a mouse tail. Brushing past the curtain of lichen, she yowled, "Honeystar!"

The leader turned her head to the new warrior, Honeystar narrowed her eyes. "Yes, Goldenfeather?"

Goldenfeather felt like this wasn't the right time to get angry, "Honeystar, I know you don't trust me, and I know you think that I'm going to kill you because of the prophecy." She pleaded.

Honeystar let out a gap of shock. Goldenfeather didn't let her speak a word before she continued, "I know about the prophecy. I think I know what it means. On the Golden day, that means me, the day I become a warrior. But also, the camp outside is gold because of the sun. When was the last time you saw a gold sunset?"

Honeystar nodded in agreement, proving she was listening to what Goldenfeather said. She sighed in relief. Before she could finish her theory, a howl split across the clearing.

Goldenfeather barely had time to leave the leader's den before Honeystar nearly ran her over. In one mouse tail, Honeystar had located the wailing cat. It was Brightleaf. The ginger cat was at the entrance to the camp, her ginger body trembling. "What has happened?" Honeystar demanded.

"I was going to catch some more fresh-kill. I realized I had eaten three mice, and I was embarrassed. But I saw, this…" Brightleaf stuttered before swaying on her paws,

"Feathersong! Come quickly!" Goldenfeather yowled.

The silver she-cat darted out of her den and nimbly poked Brightleaf. She muttered something before lifting the warrior onto her small shoulders and carrying her to the medicine den.

The clan was alert and talking nervously now. No cat knew what had just happened, or what was lying in wait.

After the sun had completely sunken in the sky, and night was gripping the camp, Honeystar had told every cat to go back to their dens. Goldenfeather, Russetpelt, and Leopardheart were sitting vigil. The night was cloudy and cold and Goldenfeather tried her best not to curl up into a tiny ball and sleep. She couldn't sleep, not with whatever was in the forest. She didn't believe that Brightleaf was exaggerating or just getting over-exited, as Brightleaf was known to do. The fear that had blazed in her amber eyes, made Goldenfeather want to run to Mossclaw and wail.

Goldenfeather could only imagine what was about to happen. She could almost feel the stinking scent of ShadowClan rustling her fur.

A yowl sliced through the silent night. There was a crunch as something broke through the patches of the bushes, something she had only heard about in elder's tales.

The thing was three times the size of any cat, even Wildfur. It's small black eyes were burning with bloodlust, and its pelt rippled with muscles. Goldenfeather felt every single warrior flow out of their den, awoken by the blood-curdling howl. Honeystar sprinted out of her den as well.

Once the thing processed so many cats, it charged toward the center of the camp, forcing the warriors to scatter. Rainfoot and Tigerfur were standing in front of the nursery, growling and looking as ferocious as TigerClan. Duskwind and Iceclaw leapt towards the beast, letting out a battle cry. Iceclaw managed to claw its paw, but Duskwind leapt over its gleaming teeth and onto its back. The thing tried to shake him off, giving Leopardheart time to bite its tail.

It howled in rage, but it was joined by Honeystar's caterwaul of fury. She had been hiding in the shadow of the Highrock, and almost flew onto the creature. The thing's jolt of surprise sent Duskwind flying off its back. He landed with a sickening thud on the camp floor.

Goldenfeather turned her gaze to Honeystar. The leader was heading straight for the monster's massive jaws. Goldenfeather screamed, but it was too late. The teeth tore her fur, shaking her like a piece of fresh-kill before spitting her out at the foot of the Highrock.

Ravenwing and Nightstorm slipped beneath the mighty paws of it, blending in with the night, and clawed its flank. The colossal beast yowled in rage. Blood was pouring from the wounds, covering the two cats' fur. It turned and fled, trampling the bushes as it went.

Ravenwing yelled, "Tigerfur, Mousetail and Wildfur! Make sure it leaves ThunderClan territory!"

The three toms nodded, and then sprinted away in the same direction as the terrible creature. Goldenfeather rushed to Duskwind, who wasn't moving. Goldenfeather let out a gasp of terror, before noticing the gentle rising and falling of his chest. She purred in relief. The dark grey tom opened his amber eyes and purred. "What's your problem?" He mewed weakly.

Goldenfeather laughed. Suddenly, she remembered Honeystar. She ran to the base of the Highrock. The ThunderClan leader was gasping with pain, blood flowing freely from a gash in her back.

"Golden…forgive…me… was… wrong." She gasped. "Going…StarClan…last…life… mother… Amber… needed…tell…"

Goldenfeather didn't understand what Honeystar was talking about, but she licked her leader's trembling head. "I forgive you." She whispered.

The leader lowered her head, her flank unmoving. She looked as peaceful as a moonlit night, and she could sense that her leader was with StarClan.

Pinewhisker padded over, then yowled with grief. She darted into the leader's den, before quickly emerging. "Just as I knew. The nest is filled with her blood."

Goldenfeather finally understood the prophecy,"On the golden day, its star will be crushed, and its place will be filled with blood." She whispered.

Goldenfeather rushed to her sisters. They seemed shocked and terrified, but unhurt physically. Iceclaw limped over to them, supporting Duskwind with his shoulder. Mossclaw emerged from the nursery, Rainfoot behind her. Ravenwing almost flew towards his mate, making sure she was fine. Rainfoot began to lick the blood from his fur. Nightstorm brushed her flank against her best friend, Rainfoot. Feathersong was darting back and forth from the medicine den, bringing herbs to treat the wounds of her clanmates. Goldenfeather was surrounded by those she loved, and could believe any wound she might receive would be healed just by being around them.

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