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"If it's all the same to you Booth I really don't think that he had the intelligence or skills to pull off that delicate of a theft and escape unnoticed." Brennan said as she and Booth exited the FBI interrogation room and entered the observation room next door. Looking through the one-way mirror at the rotund inmate and sighing she added "It would take a lot to convince me that he knew much about art at all, much less how to steal it."

"You've got it right there Bones. Somebody would definitely have noticed him walking around with a painting or two under his arm."

They headed back to his office and found the background check on Florence Elison Coman that Booth had requested.

"Booth, it says our thesis advisor with the messy office has had some run-ins with museum security on several occasions, in college and grad school she was escorted from several exhibits for disruption and lack of general decorum, along with an official reprimand from the National Gallery in 1975 for destruction of property."

"Bones, that's probably nothing. She was in college, being a college kid; this Dr. Flendsten guy probably just doesn't like her on principle. She is a mess after all."

Taking the offered folder and skimming it he sighed wearily, "I was right. There's nothing here Bones, we're right back at square one."

Brennan's phone beeped and she took a quick look at the message that filled the screen. "Maybe not Booth, Zach just messaged me that he made a significant discovery."

"Alright squints! Let's roll Bones."

They arrived at the Jeffersonian ten minutes later, where an excited Jack and Zack practically leapt at them through the glass doors, with Cam following a few steps behind.

"I cleaned the bones, and there wasn't any evidence of foul play on the surface of the bones. The severity of the fractures still weren't explained, but it looked for a minute as if he really did just drive off the hill. Even though logically that conclusion makes no sense."

"Why not?"

Hodgins answered for the lanky anthropologist "Because I have confirmed that there was only one painting in the back of that van. Two paintings were stolen, leaving us with the question of where that other painting is."

"And?" Booth's patience with the squints method of relating evidence was wearing thin.

Cam "And this is where I come in. I did a full tox screen on our victim and found; along with some commercial alcohol levels consistent with whiskey, that he was dosed with Baclofen shortly before his death. Baclofen is a muscle relaxant that inhibits neural function presynaptically and thereby reducing the release of excitatory neurotransmitters in both the brain and spinal cord."

Brennan's face lit up with insight as Booth's contorted in confusion. "English people, speak English!"

"Booth, that drug explains why Wren's neck fractured so severely; the drug causes the muscles to relax so that upon impact there was no resistance in the neck and it snapped nearly in half."

"Dr. Brennan, this also means that our killer wasn't in it to cause pain to Wren, because Baclofen also reduces pain, it's basically a paralytic." added Cam.

Booth was satisfied enough with the explanation to move on. "Ok, so who would have access to that drug?"

"Patients diagnosed with spastic diplegia, multiple sclerosis, ALS or trigeminal neuralgia; or anyone who has access to a hospital pharmacy"

"Ok Bones, you get a list of all the people with those diseases and people who work in area hospitals, and I'll get an employment list for the museum. Hopefully we'll get a match."


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